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【Practical】 Three nursing annual work plans

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Time rushes, never comes to rest, and will start a new journey, we have to plan well in the future. But Work plan What should be written to be correct? The following are three articles about the annual nursing work plan, which are for reference only. Welcome to read.

Nursing annual work plan 1

In the new year, with the improvement of the conditions of the department, we have put forward higher requirements for nursing work. We must use this as an opportunity to pay close attention to the quality of nursing services, strictly implement rules and regulations, and strengthen business and technical training.To build a high-quality nursing team. Focusing on the overall goals of the nursing department, the orthopaedic work plan is as follows :

1. Highlight the specialty features and create a nursing brand.

Nursing, as a professional technology industry, should find a suitable position among opportunities and challenges. Taking the road of professional construction is the top priority of orthopedic nursing work. The department focuses on training 2 responsible nurses to provide functional exercise guidance to patients。Further perfect the means and methods of functional exercise guidance, adopt various forms of missionary education, in order to achieve results. Prepare to formulate functional exercises for orthopedics common diseases in XX years, complete with color drawings, and make them into a booklet to let patients better understand the functional exerciseMeaning and method.

Second, pay attention to quality management.

1. In view of the difficulties and focus problems in nursing work, set the focus of work and insist on integrating the humanistic nursing concept of "patients into the center" into more practical and specific work details.

2. Make the standardized nursing quality standards implemented, penetrate, penetrate and implement into each nurse's whole process, so that the nursing quality management has rules to follow and form a virtuous circle.

Evaluating the quality of nursing from the perspective of the patient, using patient satisfaction as an important indicator to evaluate the quality of nursing, so that patients can really benefit from quality management.

3. Conduct standardized training.

1. Cooperate with the nursing department to establish standardized training for nurses. Nurses with different years and abilities carry out different trainings so that everyone can develop the habit of active learning.

2. Continuously grasp the training of specialist knowledge, improve the professional quality of nurses, adopt effective learning methods such as: nursing business rounds, bedside presentations, and perfect the form of business rounds. Let experienced old nurses lecture for new nurses, Impart nursing experience. In case of vague concepts, everyone discuss together and solve problems together.

3. Carry out bedside nursing business rounds every day, conduct two business studies per month, conduct nursing operation demonstration and assessment once a month, and conduct teaching rounds once a month.

4. Encourage all nurses to participate in training inside and outside the hospital, exchange experiences, and learn new technologies and knowledge.

Four, organize the nursing process and inform.

1. Reasonable nursing work flow is the basis for the smooth implementation of daily work. We must have a reasonable work flow in basic nursing, specialty nursing, health education, and guide nurses to carry out daily work. The current work flow of the undergraduate is plannedOn the basis of this, each link will be refined to truly meet the practical and practical feasibility of clinical work.

2. Effective nursing notification is a necessary work for patient cooperation. We will improve the notification of admission, posture, treatment, special precautions and specialist rehabilitation.

Five, effectively implement the "patient-centric" service.

1. Complete the change in the concept of nurses, and change the past "I want to serve" to "I want to serve." Improve nurses' etiquette and literacy, and create their own nursing brand.

2. The "patient-centered" service is specific to every detail of nursing behavior.

Establish the standard of every work link from admission to discharge.

Six, cultivate an excellent team.

1. The advantages of nursing staff in hair department, use their advantages to guide their work, and exert their personal expertise.

2. To build a team spirit, let them achieve results in collaborative work and give full play to their personal strength.

Let everyone participate in management to enhance their sense of responsibility and ownership.

Seven, do a good job of conveying information and sorting documents.

Each time I participate in the second morning meeting of the hospital meeting, the content will be communicated in the original text, and the staff of the department will communicate and check in. Store the classified documents for easy reference. It is planned to appoint a special person to manage the documents. Try to be thought andThe hospital is synchronized and actively integrated into the hospital's cultural construction.

Eight, carry out research on cost-effectiveness of nursing.

Avoid idle and waste of resources, improve resource utilization, and rationally allocate nursing resources.

Quantitative analysis, with as little labor and material cost as possible, provide more health services that meet the needs of society, and achieve better economic and social benefits.

Nursing Annual Work Plan 2

In order to further improve the quality of nursing in our hospital, in conjunction with the implementation of the work of "Thirteen Advantages of Chinese Medicine Nursing Program" issued by the Chinese Medicine Administration in 20xx, we have planned to improve the professional skills of nursing staff in our hospital and standardize the nursing in our hospitalThe medical care behaviors of the personnel, to ensure the safety of medical care, and to create a medical environment with a strong learning atmosphere, now a 20xx year nursing business training and learning plan is formulated :

1. Purpose of study

1. Standardize clinical basic technical operation procedures, strengthen clinical basic operation skills, and improve the basic theory and basic knowledge of clinical nursing.

2. Tightly focus on "patient-centered", meet the needs of patients, simplify the work process, facilitate the people, and eliminate all kinds of unhealthy phenomena in medical services. Through training, educate medical staff to be beautiful, beautiful,The beauty of language, behavior, enthusiasm and thoughtful service, work unity and cooperation, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of harmonious doctor-patient relationship.

Second, "Three basics and four strict" training content and training methods :

1. The nurses in the hospital self-taught the basic nursing operation process.

2. The Nursing Department regularly organizes various standardized training courses, and carries out theoretical and skill training for the hospital staff at different levels.

3. The department organizes business rounds once a month and business study once a month including small lectures, special lectures, various norms and system learning, etc..

4. Implement the "three basics" assessment two-level responsibility system, the hospital is responsible for the nursing department, and the department is mainly responsible for the head nurse.

Learning content: 1 Study the "13 Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Programs of Superior Diseases" issued by the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and implement them carefully.

2 According to the different majors of various subjects, carry out various forms of business technology learning activities, based on the study of "three basics", and at the same time master the new progress of this major at home and abroad, and apply it to clinical work.

3 Learn relevant laws and regulations such as Infectious Disease Prevention Law, Disinfection Law, Emergency Regulations for Public Health Emergencies, Drug Management Law, Maternal and Child Health Law, etc. You must master basic knowledge, and be proficient in practical operation, and regularly assess.

4 Start with health and hygiene, and combine disease prevention, infectious diseases and common diseases, prevention of frequent diseases and medication knowledge to learn.

Assessment method :

1. The nursing department organizes a hospital-wide basic theory assessment and legal knowledge assessment every quarter.

2. The Nursing Department evaluates the basic operation skills of nurses in the hospital twice a year.

3. Commonly used techniques of first aid are assessed by on-site operation drills, and first aid simulation drills are held regularly.

Three, training and learning requirements

1. Each department formulates and implements the undergraduate training program based on the training requirements and plans of the three bases and three strict hospitals. The nursing department monitors and inspects from time to time, and effectively plays the role of training to ensure the learning effect.

2. Each department requires a study plan and examination papers.

Nursing Annual Work Plan 3

First, 20xx years came, and the neurosurgery nursing work and the nursing department work plan were also launched one after another. The new year nursing work is mainly implemented from the following work plans.

Second, center on high-quality nursing demonstration work, move the service, deepen the details of the nurse

III. Nurses ’basic theoretical training plan: once a week to learn in the department ’s business, and invite professors and department directors to give lectures on neurophysiological anatomy, pathophysiology of increased intracranial pressure, diagnosis and first aid, simple intracranial hematomaCT and MRI imaging diagnosis, nutritional support for critically ill patients, water electrolytes, acid-base balance disorders, strong young nurses basic theory training program.

Effective communication skills to improve patient satisfaction

Four. Strengthen the communication between patients and accompanying staff, learn communication skills, can really solve the shortcomings between patients and nursing, establish an effective communication bridge, and more importantly, the ability of non-verbal communication to adapt to tracheotomy and languageCommunication of patients with disabilities. The ability to regulate and control emotions, learn relaxation techniques, and maintain a healthy attitude.

Strengthen the training of nosocomial infection knowledge.

V. Knowledge of in-hospital infections is applied and used clinically, special personnel for allegation of infections are established, and continuous improvement measures are established.

Training and implementation of clinical emergency plan

Six. Outstanding contingency and independent work ability and prudent morality, strengthen the study of emergency plans, and organize drills to improve the emergency ability of nurses.

Training of nursing safety precautions.

VII. According to the division of responsibilities in the responsibility system, clarify responsibilities and strictly investigate hidden safety hazards. Discuss and analyze nursing defects.

Cultivate the moral values ​​of young nursing staff.

8. Use daily 10 minutes after the morning meeting to learn inspirational books, cultivate the sense of ownership, establish a correct outlook on life, and inspire the enthusiasm of nurses for professional work. Update the combination of new nurse roles, highlight the characteristics of specialties, and find flash points.

Building intensive care with special features.

Our department attaches great importance to the training and training of neurosurgery nurses 'ability, and with the help of modern monitoring and rescue equipment, comprehensive and comprehensive monitoring, treatment and nursing of neurosurgical patients' rapidly changing conditions have greatly reduced complications and improved rescue success.Rate, reduce the rate of disability. Personnel selection: first choose a good nursing staff with good physical fitness, quick thinking, sense of responsibility, professionalism, professionalism, hard work, hard work, and young and powerful.

With the development of social economy, traffic accidents continue to increase, so that neurosurgery often treats patients with severe and extremely severe craniocerebral injury, focusing on neurosurgical emergency, critical, and severe patients. It also poses new challenges to neurosurgery nursing staffIn recent years, the satisfaction of doctors with nurses and patients with nursing services has been significantly improved. In the future, we will continue to strengthen business learning, strengthen training and training, and constantly master new nursing techniques and scientific management methods in neurosurgeryTo make neurosurgery more mature and more modern, and develop in a direction that is conducive to the development of hospitals and meets the needs of patients.