[Popular] Collection of 7 Personal Self-Identification Templates for Teachers

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Self-identification It is an individual's self-summary of one's study or work life at a stage. By writing self-assessment, we can make less detours in the future, so we must make a good summary and write a self-assessment. But we found thatKnowing what to write, here are 7 articles about teachers' self-assessment, for reference only, everyone is welcome to read.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 1

Since I worked, I have carefully studied education and teaching methods, learned new curriculum concepts, studied classrooms and students, and have paid for them in the end. I won the second prize in the fourth round of Puyang Education and Teaching Basic Skills Competition.Teacher skills competition won second prize.

In addition to teaching, I also think about teaching and scientific research, and try to write teaching papers. The thesis "How to say a good physics course" written by myself won the second prize of the vocational education thesis of Puyang City. After careful modification, the paper"How to Say a Good Physics Course" won the first prize of Changzhou Vocational Education Thesis in 20xx. After that, I successively wrote the ethics exchange thesis "The Red Specialist Advances and Becomes a Model" and "On the Problem-Centred Teaching Innovation"Mode "and other university-level exchange papers.

In terms of class teacher work, learn from experienced old class teachers, study the class teacher's working methods, and successively serve as class teacher of class xx01 and class teacher of class 0116. Both classes have been rated as school civilized classes. In 20xx, I was evaluated by the school.He is an excellent apprentice class teacher. From September 20xx to the present, I have been the class teacher of the xx19 e-commerce professional full-time class. In the first half of the 20xx school year, the class was named "advanced collective for property protection" and "advanced class for weekly work"At the Games, the class won the "Civilized Civilization Award"

Through learning I have basically mastered advanced teaching methods and multimedia production technology, and can flexibly use Flash, PPT, and Authorware to produce teaching courseware and webpage production technology. The courseware "Newton's First Law of Motion" produced by myself won the schoolThird-class award for courseware evaluation. The website "Into E-commerce" designed by myself won the third-class award in the special page evaluation of Puyang City in 20xx. In March 20xx, the personal homepage "Communication of Teaching and Courseware Resources" School Homepage →Seven-Color Rainbow → Teacher Space → Qu Changli Personal Homepage As a platform for communicating with teachers and students.

I actively participated in various continuing education trainings. In September 20xx, I participated in information technology and curriculum integration training and was selected as the backbone teacher of information technology and curriculum integration in Puyang City.

in Graduation In class teaching, class 0116 and class xx01 passed the high school physics experiment examination and comprehensive science test at one time. Class xx17 passed the provincial single-stroke skills assessment at one time.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 2

I graduated from the education major of the Normal University, and it has been almost a year since I started working in xx month last year. Through this year's hard work and continuous learning in the teaching of the First Affiliated School, the harvest can be described as full. Only veryA good review of the past can make you better see the future, and here I talk about my achievements and shortcomings this year.

I have heard our then dean talk about "professional professional development" in universities, and today we heard that our new principal gave a special lecture on "professional professional development." Teachers are not just a profession, they are also aProfessional, that is, not everyone can do a good job as a teacher. The key to the professional development of teachers is to improve the teachers' own quality. Therefore, I have always participated in teacher moral training and class teacher training in school districts, and schools.The teacher ’s special report activity, read many books on educational theory, and wrote Reading notes , in order to improve my consciousness and form my own correct outlook on life. I usually learn from the old school teachers with an open mind about teaching experience, work together, learn together, and progress together.Be a fan. ”As a new teacher, my own knowledge is very important. Since my work, I have continued to learn and did not dare to relax. I have subscribed to educational journals such as“ Primary School Mathematics Teacher ”and“ Primary School Mathematics Reference ”to learn instructional design and cases.And writing of essays, continuing to study has become an important part of my work and study. At the same time, pay attention to changing some of my bad behavior habits and strive to be a model for students. Actively communicate with students outside of class to understand what they think and think. IBe prepared carefully before class and write reflection after class to improve your teaching ability.

In addition to participating in the new teacher training at Ruian Teachers' Training School, I also participated in the excellent report class of the backbone teacher training class in the school district, listened to the lectures of many outstanding backbone teacher class teachers, and experienced many of our outstanding teachers in Anyang School District.Teachers have learned a lot of style and teaching skills. They have also participated in a series of teaching activities in the Shangwang area, listened to the classes of several excellent teachers in the brother school, and issued a "double-digit division" in their own school.And "Planting Trees" two public classes. Although I have had the opportunity to exercise, my teaching method is not very mature, because many old teachers have mentioned a lot, I have learned a lot and continue to work hard. In class management, I servedMathematics teaching tasks for two classes in grade four and deputy head teachers in class four 1, help the head teacher to carry out class management. Organize the class cadres to manage the class well, share the work, and let the class cadres be small assistants and give full play to theirManagement skills. In normal times, I also actively care about students 'learning and life, and communicate well with students' parents.

The teacher is a human engineer, and I am proud of my profession. I will work harder to improve my teaching design ability in the future; the improvement is insufficient, the advantages are carried forward, and the better and better on the road to education!

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 3

It has been nearly one year since August 20xx came to work at Huaixin Institute. After working hard and studying continuously for a year, I have benefited a lot. I feel it necessary to summarize it here, which will facilitate the development of the advantages in the future., Improve the disadvantages.

First of all, one year of teaching is itself a learning process.

Before coming to Huaixin, I always thought that I was okay and better. When necessary, I could secretly reconcile myself in the back. But in Huaixin, I saw more clearly and understood myselfWhere you are, there is no way to be happy. All the people here make you stressed. Among them, I can't even see myself, too small. They are all very good. The charm of each person's personality isI will never finish learning. The whole year of teaching is a modest learning process, and strive to expand my knowledge and continue to study, I feel that I have learned a lot. In addition, I also worked hard to study Maya, and did not dare to relax.As a computer science teacher, I do n’t know computers, so I feel a little bit unrecognizable. I feel dull, so I want to grow up as soon as possible.

Secondly, try to improve teaching methods and improve teaching ability in an all-round way

I always feel that conducting teaching research is far superior to improving my own learning. Teaching is a meticulous job. Therefore, students with different levels of education must have a set of skilled teaching skills. Methods can be flexible and diverse.Teach students according to their aptitude, fully and deeply explore the potential of students.

Third, hold exhibitions to motivate students to learn

I have organized three exhibitions in a year. I have done my due diligence, used my conscience to support them, and demonstrated the learning results through the exhibition to better promote their active learning. They are 320710.Exhibition of modeling design training works; 320810 Huangshan training sketching works report exhibition and welcome new students exhibition. From them I saw the necessity of the exhibition. The students on display had a sense of pride, complacent, and even blowing everybodyA sense of superiority. Students who did not exhibit a sense of loss or even regret.

Fourth, interact with companies, visit and learn

I took 320710, 320720, 320810 and other classes to Nanjing Great Red Eagle Animation Company to visit and study. I was shocked by the students, my vision was not limited to a small area in the school, and I also had a clear learning direction to promote themBetter study. 320710 Visit Huai'an Museum to collect the style and select the picture materials they need.

Fifth, always pay attention to the employment information of students.

Using the beginning of the summer school, I followed Lu's job as a student, and I also learned a good way to communicate with the company and his experience.

In addition, there are also some shortcomings, such as verbally hitting students unintentionally, and they are nervous when they listen to the class, and they ca n’t let go; students who hate students who do n’t want to learn, leave them alone, do n’t care enough, etc.All need me to improve. Be a clean and clean people teacher without impurities.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 4

The Chinese teaching work of this semester is coming to an end. In the practice of Chinese teaching in this half semester, for a new teacher who has just graduated—for me, whether it is the formation and acceptance of teaching ideas and teaching concepts, or teachingThe accumulation and improvement of methods and teaching ability, as well as the enrichment and expansion of teaching content and teaching theory, have improved the teaching level. In a nutshell: I have grown from a prospective teacher who has just graduated to become a qualifiedChinese teachers in junior middle schools. Reflection can make progress, and you can learn something new by learning from the past-now we will summarize the gains and losses of this semester work in detail and in detail.

First, advanced teaching ideas, teaching ideas keep pace with the times

Consciousness reflects practice, and scientific ideology can guide practical activities. The pre-post training combined with the self-employed the day after tomorrow enabled me to grasp and appreciate the ideas of quality education; the new curriculum reform kept my educational philosophy in sync with the times. Therefore, in the teaching process, the three-dimensional teaching thought of "knowledge and ability, methods and processes, emotional attitudes and values," and the new teaching model of "autonomy, cooperation, and inquiry" are fully displayed.

Second, flexible and diversified teaching methods, comprehensive and deep teaching ability

Young people are our capital, on the other hand, young people are synonymous with naivety; enthusiasm is a necessary prerequisite for work, but if excessive enthusiasm is easy to form an arbitrary and reckless personality. However, the teacher-visiting activities and arrangements arranged by the school andActive and effective teaching practice, coupled with my personal acquired efforts, my teaching method and teaching ability have been greatly improved. The setting of scenarios, flexible interaction design, emotional teaching, teaching methods of spiritual dialogue, and other diverse teaching methodsMake the classroom atmosphere active, the teaching effect is good, and your own practical ability is also easy.

Third, the teaching content and teaching theory are becoming richer and deeper.

Experience can promote the pace of human development to a certain extent, and sometimes it can also hinder the exploration of human potential. I am indeed young when I graduate, but it also means that I do not have the stickiness and influence of the old model, especially the treatmentIn a period of transition from traditional education to quality education, it is in a new period of new curriculum reform: new people, new things, new looks; time, place, and harmony. Just as zero means no, it also means there is moreThere is a large space for acceptance and development. Therefore, I can freely and fully implement my teaching plan. First, I will focus on accumulation, build a foundation, and carry out activities such as three-word, one-word, and famous-word accumulation. Second, I will re-write and practice.Speech, writing Experience The method of homework and exercise is to cultivate students' ability to speak and write. Finally, it is important to use and expand the horizon. It is cultivated through conjunctions, sentence examples, and modern text reading training.

At the same time, I also used the method of reading famous masterpieces to provide students with emotional infiltration and aesthetic education and certain writing training in a timely manner. In addition, I also paid attention to the cultivation of student learning interests. We all know that "interest is the best"Teacher", so I usually add some knowledge and fun exercises, so that students are instilled with knowledge and influence in the jokes.

Practice is the only source of knowledge. It is during the process of teaching practice that I have accumulated a wealth of theoretical knowledge and materials, which has laid a solid foundation for future teaching, teaching and research work.

The results are gratifying, and the harvest is rich. At the same time I summarized the harvest, I also saw my shortcomings.

First, when dealing with existing knowledge and imparted knowledge, sometimes the relationship between the two cannot be coordinated.

Second, the content of some textbooks is not comprehensive, and sometimes only seeks form, ignoring the substance of the content.

Third, in the specific teaching process, there are sometimes deviations that are difficult to handle in teaching.

Summarizing experience can enrich oneself, and inadequate reflection can improve oneself. I believe that in repeated summaries and reflections, I will continuously improve and improve myself.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 5

I. Political thought :

Seriously learn new educational theories and update education concepts in a timely manner. Actively participate in various types of education and training in schools, and make reflections and conclusions in a timely manner. In order to adapt to the long-term development of education and teaching, I continue to research, explore, and learn political theories.I draw nutrition from my extra-curricular reading books to keep growing. I work hard, work hard, make a good example, and set an example among students.

II. Work performance :

1.Class teacher work

I am the class teacher of the first grade 2 of the junior high school this semester. I take "mindfulness, knowledge, good study, and trustworthiness" as the long-term goal of cultivating students. I will create "creating learning classes, creating cultural classes, and creating autonomous management types.""Class" as the long-term goal of class construction, training students to self-improve in learning, and strive to upstream; civilized and polite, independent and autonomous in style; concerted effort and expertise in class management; cheerful and versatile in extracurricular activities. Strengthen student self-improvement through student cadre trainingManagement ability, promoting the growth of a group of key student cadres through the development of squadron organization life and self-criticism among student cadres, and solving problems in class, class, study, health, etc. through student cadres' congress. Step by step through a series of measuresThe "class management, squadron evaluation, and co-management assistance" class autonomy management system has been improved to further achieve the class management goal of "everyone on duty and everyone can manage."

I undertake one session of the public class of the school class this year planning and planning of the mid-term parent conference, 20 individual home visits before and after the mid-term exam, planning and hosting the parent-teacher conference of the whole class once, and have been well received by students, parents, and teachers. Organizing and planning classesFeatures such as "Youth Flying" concert, class film art festival, "I have a date with books" class reading festival, "I love my family" parent-child activities, etc., with obvious effects.

Since entering the school, this class has created a new style and new pattern of team management. This class has won the "Excellent Class for School Military Training", "School Civilization Class", "Prize for Junior Middle School Poetry Competition", "School Games"Honorary titles such as "ethics and style award", "Dongguan Outstanding Young Pioneer Squadron", etc. The five dormitories in this class have been rated as outstanding dormitories of the month 12 times this semester.1 junior high school host, 3 school broadcasters, 2 school flag guards 1 captain, 1 flag player, 3 school literature clubs 1 host, 1 school dance team,There are 2 school choir teams, 2 school volunteer service teams, 3 school brass bands, 1 school track and field team, and 1 school badminton team. They have given full play to students' hobbies and personality characteristics and cultivated their comprehensive qualities..

2. Teaching work

In order to take each lesson well, I prepared well before the lesson, carefully studied and explored the basic knowledge, basic skills, and basic ideas of the textbook, fully understood the chapter structure, key points, and difficulties of the textbook, and mastered the knowledgeConsidering the logic of the students, consider the teaching methods of each lesson, including how to organize teaching materials, how to arrange the activities of each lesson, etc. Participate in listening to and evaluating lessons in subject and group preparation activities, and learn from colleagues with an open mindTeaching methods, and express your own opinions and views.

In class teaching, organize student teaching well, pay attention to all students, and at the same time, stimulate students' emotions, make them have a pleasant mood, and create a good classroom atmosphere. After class counseling, do a good job of love, fun, lack of self-controlStudents 'ideological education and study and counseling work such as ability. When talking with poor students, they should ask students' questions and make suggestions for improvement. Before criticizing the students, first understand the current situation of the students in detail, so far.Every student is treated equally after class, so that they all feel the teacher's concern and establish a good teacher-student relationship.

Undertook a section of open class outside school Lunling Middle School in Shanwei City this school year, won the praise of the teacher, took the math competition class work in the first half of the year, won the title of Dongguan outstanding competition tutor, six students participated in the national mathematics competition, five studentsWinners, including 1 national second prize in Dongguan, 1 national second prize in Dongguan, 1 second, and 3 third prize in Dongguan.

In the second half of the teaching work, class 101 in the math test ranked first 3, and class 102 rose from 14th to 8th, making significant progress.

I love my career and never delay work due to personal affairs. I actively use effective working hours to do my job.

I also have my own shortcomings in teaching, for example, the language is not vivid enough, the test results are unstable, and the students are not teaching at different levels. In the future, I will continue to carry forward the spirit of open-minded learning, the spirit of innovation, and strive to makeBecome a "good teacher" who pleases students, parents, and leaders. I believe that with my efforts, we will definitely have a colorful tomorrow.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 6

In a stressful and busy life, I spent the first year of work to the fullest. I say that fullness is because I have experienced a lot, learned a lot, experienced more, and I want to say too much. Too muchThe most experienced one is the experience of being a class teacher. I have really experienced it before, and I know that the hardship of being a class teacher is not only responsible for teaching, but also the burden of managing the whole class. Think about your own at the end of the school yearPast, while looking to the future.

I. Thoughts :

I can actively participate in political studies, care about national affairs, unite comrades, and help comrades enthusiastically; clear educational goals, good attitude, deliberate business, diligent and hard work; class teacher work seriously and caring, caring for students, caring for students, being a teacher, and dedication.

II. Teaching

1.Lesson Preparation

Able to actively participate in teaching and research activities, listen carefully, memorize carefully, understand the essence of the spirit. Then prepare the lessons and write the lesson plans in advance according to the requirements, carefully study the teaching materials and teaching staff during the preparation of the lessons, and openly learn from the experienced teachers.Strive to thoroughly understand the textbooks to find the key points and difficult points.

In order to take a good lesson, I check the information online and concentrate on the advantages of others to determine my teaching ideas. In order for students to feel the content of the knowledge learned more intuitively, I actively look for courseware, make courseware, prepare and make teaching aids.

2 Class

The premise of a good class is to be prepared before the class, not to fight unprepared battles. During the class, lecture carefully, strive to grasp the key points, break through difficult points, and concisely. Use a variety of teaching methods, starting from the actual situation of students,Pay attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm and creative thinking of students, so that students have the ability to learn from each other.

Cultivate the learning interest of students with learning difficulties, find top students with difficult questions; find general students with general questions; simpler always find answers for students with learning difficulties. Pay attention to face-to-face counseling for students with learning difficulties during inspections in class.Take notes after class in time to find out the shortcomings.

3, Coaching

I use my spare time to tutor the students. I do n’t understand the patient explanations in time, check the gaps in time, and contact the parents to communicate the situation in a timely manner so that the parents understand the situation so that the children can be counseled at home.I often shorten my lunch break and give them a small stove.

4, homework

According to the requirements of reducing the burden, I carefully selected homework every day, and appropriately left some homework that is conducive to students' memorization and flexible use of language.

5. Scientific research :

I carefully listen to the various trainings organized by the school, take notes, and often work through the Internet to learn advanced theoretical knowledge, learn new curriculum standards, arm myself with advanced concepts, and constantly add living water to myself.

III. Work of the head teacher :

The teacher's natural duty is to teach and educate people. Educating people is a very complicated job with emotional color. As a class teacher, it is more about teacher love. It is a noble emotion and condenses teachers.The spirit of selfless dedication. This kind of love has no blood, no affection, no self-interest and purpose, but this kind of love has a great power.

1. Love is understanding.

Beginner teacher, everything has to start from scratch, as a class teacher, you must start with understanding students Family Begin. Parents ’age, occupation, home address, and living conditions are well known. Then they need to understand the children's interests, hobbies, and characteristics, and what is wrong with them. No need to take care of them. There are very few English classes.There are not many opportunities for students to communicate, so I use them to talk to them during the break and at noon, to understand their basic situation during the chat. After a period of understanding, I know a lot.

2, love is caring.

Teacher's love is the "lubricant" of education and a necessary condition for education. I love every student in my work. Learning good love, learning general love, and poor learning also; lively love, quiet and practicalLove is more introverted; "Golden Phoenix" loves, "Ugly Duckling" also loves.

3. Love is respect.

Respecting, understanding, and trusting students is the basis for eliminating blind spots in education. Respecting students must respect the personality of students. I deeply realize that teachers must love every student, especially treat the less advanced students with more warmth. Use "love"Words change them, understand respect and trust them. Respect and understanding are the nourishment to cultivate independent character. Use love to cultivate children's love for the collective and others. Once this love promotes the sense of responsibility to others and society, then the personality tree willStands up

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 7

1. Teaching work

In teaching, I have done careful preparation of lessons, corrected assignments in a timely manner, and reflected on scientific rigor. I also strictly follow the teaching model of "learn first, then teach, and test on the spot" required by the internship school. During the teaching process, I also continuedI am teaching methods and trying different teaching methods. For the classroom, I always report with a serious and responsible work attitude and a knowledgeable spirit of teaching. Of course, as a newcomer to the podium, there are indeed weak control abilities in the classroom and neglect.Student feedback, lack of experience and skills should be improved in the future.

Second, class teacher work

While teaching, I also conducted a class teacher work internship and did a lot of class teacher work, including conducting colorful theme class meetings, actively participating in students' running exercises, supervising students' self-study courses, and organizing students'Extra-curricular activities, etc. Through chatting and talking, I have a better understanding of students, so I also have a preliminary experience of how to manage a class. I also actively learn from the original class teacher class management experience, and strive to become a qualified class teacher.

3. Party and League activities

As a group, we have carried out many group day activities, including "multimedia courseware production competitions" to improve teaching skills, pen-and-character chalk competition talk lectures, and members of the group often listen to each other, evaluate and learn from each otherWe complement each other's weaknesses. We will also set Saturday as "Housekeeping Day". The team will organize housework, clean the dormitory, and maintain a good living environment and image of the university.

4. Education survey and research

Classroom teaching is the main form of current school teaching. In the foreseeable future, it will still be the main form of school teaching. However, the classroom teaching we are conducting now has many shortcomings. It is seriousIt affects the improvement of classroom teaching efficiency and the improvement of teaching quality. Therefore, our team actively responded to the school's arrangements and made in-depth, in-depth, and scientific research on the new classroom teaching of Guangping No. 3 Middle School. In order to make most teachers adapt to the new teaching as soon as possible.Curriculum standards, changing teaching concepts, improving classroom teaching efficiency, and better classroom teaching, so this survey is conducted in two aspects, one is to investigate the three middle school teachers, and the other is to investigate the students. Both methods have adopted questionnaires. SurveyThe content is mainly aimed at classroom teaching, including students' enthusiasm for learning, curriculum system arrangement, degree of teaching interaction, teaching methods, student restraint mechanism, and classroom teaching evaluation.

V. Service School

Whether it is a monthly or mid-term exam, our interns have participated in proctoring and scoring. In the first monthly exam, I also completed the task of publishing the geography test paper for the second grade of the junior high school. In order to welcomeProvincial inspection, we help the school organize the laboratory, clean the campus, wipe the railings, slogans, etc. We will take students to play games during the class to create a harmonious and healthy campus atmosphere for the school and students. This series of work for the school eachThe development of this project helped and was praised and appreciated by the local school.

VI.Ideological and Political Performance

During the internship, I strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school, do not be late, do not leave early, and take the initiative to take leave. In work, respect the leadership, unite colleagues, and can properly handle the relationship with the leadership colleagues. Usually, diligence and thrift, Responsibility for work, sincerity for others, love of students, and harmonious interpersonal relationships, standardize their words and deeds with the request of a people's teacher, and tirelessly cultivate their comprehensive qualities and abilities. Wuzhong Anxiang xx School is a boarding systemSchools and boarding students will study at school in the evening. I also use the time of the evening study to enhance my class management ability. I am actively involved in all the work of the school and fully use the opportunity of internship to participate in the school's activities..

The internship has bitterness and joy, laughter and tears, countless bittersweet bitterness; internship has enriched my knowledge and increased experience; internship brings invaluable life experience and is a valuable lesson in life. ThisAfter all, my post-training experience will have a profound impact on my future life.