Compilation of 5 templates about teachers' self-identification

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Self-identification It is an individual's self-summary of his studies or work and life in a period of time. Self-identification can improve our ability to express in writing. Therefore, we must do a good summary and write a self-assessment. But we do n’t know what to write.The following are five articles about teachers' self-assessment for reference only. Welcome to read.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 1

Time flies, and I have been to school for a year in a blink of an eye. I went to school to work in the month of 20xx, with the care and support of school leaders and colleagues, especially under the guidance of my instructor xxx teacherThe role has been successfully changed, the work has been practiced, and the ideological understanding has been greatly improved.

I realized the importance of teacher morality and ethics, understood the teachers' responsibilities, and at the same time, they have significantly improved their learning ability, teaching ability, and professional level. The following is the report of my participation in the work over the past year :

I. Political Thought

As a teacher, shouldering the burden of the times and the trust of the motherland, I deeply realize that improving political ideology is the basic prerequisite for good education. I will always be loyal to the party's education, seek truth from facts, and work hard to promote itThe spirit of effectiveness of "being public, pragmatic, innovative, and pioneering." In normal times, I actively participate in the whole school faculty conference and the study of political theory organized by the school, always strict with myself, and strive to play an exemplary role for students.We strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school, unite our colleagues, and complete the tasks assigned by the school in time.

Second, teaching work

After I came to school, I quickly became familiar with the conventional teaching methods and methods, and carefully practiced the routine tasks such as preparing lessons, attending classes, and correcting homework assignments.I actively sought advice from my colleagues, and worked hard to be prepared before class, thoroughly explained during the class, and urged strict inspection after class. For one year, I worked as a history teacher in the first seven grades of the first semester.I adjusted for each class. I took the task of teaching four liberal arts classes and two science classes. Although the tasks are relatively heavy and the number of class hours is large, I have not lowered the requirements for teaching quality, and strive to make each classLively and interesting, students can learn something.

In the classroom, we strive to be close to the student's life, limit the use of our knowledge, stimulate students 'interest in learning, and cultivate students' practical ability. After class, actively discuss the problems encountered in teaching with colleagues, and work hard to find solutions.To make continuous progress and improvement of my teaching ability. I think teachers need to read more and listen to lessons, and master the teaching design, teaching evaluation, speaking and writing teaching reflection. At the same time, I also use reflection to accelerate my own growth,Self-reflection in self-evaluation, other-person evaluation, and student evaluation, and constantly summarize and accumulate the gains, thoughts, and feelings in the teaching process, so that I continue to grow. At the same time, the teaching work of several classes I served have achievedHave achieved certain results, especially the 13th class has made great progress in the final exam compared with the half-term exam.

III. Personal Literacy

In addition to teaching, I consciously learn education-related knowledge, reading books to broaden my knowledge and improve my cultural knowledge. As a teacher, shouldering the burden of the times, I deeply understand thatPolitical and ideological awareness is the basic prerequisite for good education. During work, strictly abide by the school's rules and regulations, unite colleagues, and complete the tasks assigned by the school in a timely manner; new teachers must study hard, consciously cultivate, and work hard to achieveGoal.

IV. Life :

In daily life, you are strictly required to meet high standards, and you are obliged to follow the ancient motto of "Being Right, Be Yourself," and always remind yourself to pay attention to the professional image of "being a good teacher", do what you can do, and try not to cause trouble for the school., Strive to maintain a decent work style, live in harmony with school leaders and colleagues. Love education, love school, love students, and make unremitting efforts to cultivate themselves as an outstanding teacher.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 2

Over the past year, I have loved the cause of education, loved the party, and loved the people, conscientiously implemented the Party's educational principles and policies, consciously abide by the Teacher Law, and worked hard to learn the theory of education and teaching, combined with the current social development and the situation of education reformAs well as the actual situation of students, and strive to improve their ability in teaching, research, education, and teaching. To form a good teacher ethics, establish a good image, correct thinking, decent work style, obey leadership, unite comrades, and care about students.

I. Dedicate myself to my job and fulfill my duties.

In teaching positions, I earnestly implement the professional ethics of teachers. I love my job and dedication, love students, and obey the work arrangements of school leaders. All work is based on collective interests, and I will perform my due diligence and uphold the position in order to do a good job in education and teaching.Insist on arriving early to school, not being late, not leaving early, not missing classes, asking for leave without reason, and seriously implementing the school's work and rest system and various rules and regulations.

Second, live in harmony with students and be close friends of students.

If you want to achieve good results in your teaching, you must find ways to make students like yourself and get close to them. So teachers and students are completely equal in personality. Teacher love is a kind of selfless love, deep and lasting,Students' love for the teacher is always hard-working and unforgettable. I found a cure for "the right medicine" in practice: students who manage the class must make students like themselves. The first is to go deep into the actual situation and start with each studentWhenever I have time, I often go to the class. In addition to knowing the names of students as soon as possible to avoid mistaken students, it is more important to understand the actual situation of each student through communication with students. Such as theirInterest, character, learning situation, Family Situations, etc., at the same time, I know which students 'personality is introverted, and which students' personality is active and naughty. Find out ways to help students to improve, so that there is a way to rely on it. Indeed, communication and exchange becomeAn important bridge between teachers and students. Since I often talk to students and live in harmony, I have a closer relationship with students, and I have found some effective assistants to help me carry out teaching.

III. Customize the goals of learning and enhance your confidence in learning.

Students' academic performance is very different. It ’s impossible to unify standards and requirements. It ’s even more difficult for teachers to rely on hard measures. What should I do? I changed the previous education method and took the role of students as the mainstay.Students are self-managed, self-restrained, and assisted by parents. Let students set their own target scores for each unit test, and everyone uses the first unit test scores as the standard. When guiding students to set target scores, they must combine their own actual conditions.The target scores set must be clear, and you must study closely around your own target scores. Each set of target scores is first reviewed and signed by the parents. Every time you achieve the target scores, you will be praised, encouraged, and sent to the class.Parents are happy. Those who fail to achieve their goals are encouraged to continue their efforts until they reach the target. In implementing the learning goals, I also adopted the "one-gang-one" method to create a mutual learning, mutual help and mutual assistance.You follow the excellent style of study. Instruct them to clarify their learning goals and understand that their personal achievements are related to the honor of the class as a whole.When I enter a class, the academic performance of the class is the most important. Therefore, through various channels, I encourage students to work together for the honor of the class collective, and strive to achieve their own goals. Through the development of this activity, students'With a stronger sense of competition and improved academic performance, academic performance can finally reach the school's performance indicators.

Fourth, learn from teachers and reform classroom teaching.

In order to improve the art of classroom teaching and explore new ways of teaching, during the one-year study period, I spared no effort and took the initiative to listen to classes and discuss teaching methods. I also often communicate with experienced colleagues through blogs in the evening.Explore and learn from lessons, gradually remove your old teaching methods, realize that to stimulate students 'learning interest, to cultivate students' learning ability, we must pay attention to the art of classroom teaching, and we must teach students to master the learning methods, so that students can relax and enjoy themselves.Learning. So I no longer copy the previous teaching methods, re-examine and position. First understand the students' learning situation, learning attitude, and dig deeper into the teaching materials, carefully study the teaching materials in accordance with the actual situation of students, design teaching links, teaching methods, closely follow teaching and researchSpecial topics to teach students according to their aptitude. Cherish the forty minutes of the classroom. In the classroom, the teaching should be natural and friendly, to create a harmonious and equal atmosphere for students. Take a variety of teaching methods to mobilize students' desire to learn. Each class, ITry to praise and encourage students to learn in a relaxed and happy way. IFeeling: The students in both classes are relatively smart, they have a lot of positive speeches, and the classroom atmosphere is very active. At the same time, I pay attention to the combination of good students and poor students, and the design problems are not easy and moderate.They feel the joy of success. In the teaching process, they pay attention to the guidance of learning methods. Teach them the method of self-learning, preview the text, boldly question the main content of the text, and use the "cooperative learning" method to answer questions. Induced themHow to understand each text, inspire them to read the text aloud with different reading methods, read expressions, and read comprehension. Stimulate students' sense of competition in autonomous learning. Students in the class formed a "you chase me, rush to each other,"Promote" learning atmosphere, learning enthusiasm has greatly improved. At the same time, I have also paid attention to the knowledge test of each unit. Therefore, students have achieved gratifying results, reaching the school's performance indicators. Teaching effect is better.

Five, home visit work.

I deeply appreciate that a student's good grades are inseparable from family education in addition to his own efforts and the teaching of his teacher. I attach great importance to home visits. In addition to using telephones to communicate with parents and communicate with each other, educationIn addition to the children, I also go to the students ’homes to discuss with parents in the evening on holidays. I think that doing a good home visit is the way to educate students.

The above is my ideological, work, and study efforts this academic year, and I have achieved certain results. The quality of classroom teaching has improved. I need to recognize the situation, update my concepts, constantly challenge myself, work hard, and strive for more.Great progress.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 3

I am honored to have been teaching in Guangzhou No. X Middle School for a year. As a people's teacher, this makes me feel very honored and feels a great responsibility, so I always strictly ask myself during teaching, hoping to be able to deal with itThe future of students, the hope of parents, and the honor of the school. Below, I will make an objective new self-appraisal of the performance of teaching in this year :

Ancient philosophers warned me that if you want to teach people well, you must be a good person first, "being a model for others, showing good morals", which has become my motto that I always warn myself that human abilities may be large and small, and talents may be different, but,I always believe that giving is better than paying. Therefore, I love education, I love every student, and I always pay attention to showing the image of a knowledgeable and qualified teacher to the students.

In the usual teaching, carefully prepare lessons, write reflections, and serve the students wholeheartedly, they can also win the students' love. Although the computer class is a sub-class, it can affect the future of the students. Students often like games, how to properly guide and become meWork in a direction that allows knowledge and joy to be shared.

In terms of teaching and research, I ask other teachers seriously and humbly, pay attention to the lessons, especially the teacher Ouyang's lessons, take less than three lessons a week, carefully write notes, and analyze the teaching highlights of this lesson. Tao Xingzhi saidOnly when education theory is combined with practice is real knowledge, so that teaching and research can grow together, and theory and practice can be internalized together.

For the sake of life, treat each colleague in good faith, when the colleague has difficulties, help in time, especially changing classes, at the same time obey the arrangements of the leader, complete the task seriously, and treat the advice given by the colleague with an open mind. In terms of attendance, not lateDo n’t use cellphones in class, and do nothing related to teaching in school.

I think it is not easy to find a job with a sense of accomplishment. I should cherish it. I still have a lot of shortcomings in my heart. I remember an old Chinese saying that you are not afraid of being slow, but you are afraid of standing.Even if the gap from an outstanding teacher still exists, every day's small progress may become a big progress. The road is long, and I will go up and down, as long as I keep working hard, strengthen business learning, improve my teaching level, and improve my work efficiency, Improve one's self-cultivation, do more people, do more good things, you will be successful.

Finally, thank you to the school leaders for their support and affirmation of my education work this year. Please believe that I will redouble my efforts in the coming days and strive to become an excellent soul engineer to strive for more for Guangzhou No. x Middle School.Many honors!

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 4

One month's internship was short-lived. Through the one-month internship, I got a more comprehensive and systematic exercise, and I also learned a lot of knowledge and skills that I could not learn from books. During the study period, I worked as a class teacher.Teachers and teachers learned a lot of experience in class management, and learned how to use the knowledge learned in school to improve the work of preschool education with class practice. They also learned how to communicate boldly with children and build their prestige in the eyes of young children.

The internship has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and accumulated a lot of experience. Remember that in the first week of starting the internship, living in a class made me feel very strange, and I knew that I should play with my children first so that I could interact with them faster.Only through communication can they get to know and accept me. But because of my timidity, I have not been able to take the first part enough to play with children, and I am also afraid of what to do in the future on the internship. Every time I hear the teacherAsking me to play with my children, I was scared, because I did n’t know how to surpass my own psychological barriers, so that I could communicate with the children and play together, let alone let me try it out. After that, the teacher, the teacher ’sAfter encouraging and adapting for a period of time, I gradually surpassed my psychological obstacles and gradually entered the role of teacher. I was able to play and communicate with my children and started class. At the beginning, I was very confident and thought: I am not afraidIt ’s so easy to go to class with children. But my idea was wrong. When it was time to go to class, I started to be afraid again.Help me to speak at the beginning, and the next class will be taught by myself. Because of fear, the speaking voice during the class will become less and less. At half the time, the children started to coax. It was only the class teacher who came to help me clean up.Endgame, after communicating with the class teacher ’s guidance teacher, I knew how to build my prestige in the minds of children. How to communicate with the children during class. In the next few weeks, I did not need to remind andI have helped to manage classroom discipline. After I gradually became familiar with the management methods of children, I learned how to attract children's attention and how to make children concentrate and listen carefully during class. However, in outdoor activities and music activities, I organized children.You need to work harder on pre-game team organization.

The kindergarten internship life has benefited me a lot. First, I learned how to communicate with teachers and young children, how to teach children and play games, and how to write lesson plans in class preparation. Second, I feel more and more with children.How happy it is to have class and play games. But I also deeply understand that if you want to be an excellent teacher, you must not only be knowledgeable, but also other aspects such as language, expression, mental state, and action demeanor.I also have to be particular about waiting. Here, I sincerely thank my supervisors. Teachers, teachers, and kindergarten leaders; I also want to thank other teachers and aunts who have cared for and helped me.

Unconsciously, the internship will be completed. This internship will be the most memorable day in my life. I must have been scared at the beginning, but now I want to come, the days have passed, no matter what difficulties I encounter in the future, I willI won't lose confidence in myself any more.

Personal Self-Assessment for Teachers 5

I am a middle school teacher. To further improve my comprehensive knowledge, I have been studying for three years. Graduation On the occasion, I will conduct a self-assessment of further studies on the learning results of three years,

Since participating in the Central China Normal University Professional College Self-study exam, I can correctly handle the contradictions of "work" and study, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school, I can study each course in my spare time, actively participate in intensive face-to-face lectures and series lectures, and complete all assignments on time.After three years of study, I have seriously completed the study of ** courses such as "Introduction to Socialist Thought", mastered the knowledge learned, and passed the relevant course assessment.

During the study period, I was able to consciously use what I learned to guide middle school teaching practice, which greatly improved my ability to organize classroom teaching and carry out teaching method innovation. The grades and qualities of the students in the class I have been at the forefront of the school. IIn combination with the actual work of the unit, he has written more than ten papers and teaching reform materials such as "Experiences in Learning New Curriculum Standards" and "Exploring Attempts to Innovate Teaching".It has been highly evaluated by schools and higher authorities. Although the conditions for studying in the spare time are difficult, it provides us with the opportunity to learn while practicing. In the study, I pay attention to integrating theory with practice, and often use the theoretical knowledge I have learned.Analyze the problems and contradictions encountered in the work, and find ways to resolve them.

As a teacher, after graduation, I will do my job as usual, apply the knowledge I have learned to work practice, and strive to be a person with both ideological and cultural knowledge, scientific and cultural knowledge, and practical experience.A qualified human soul engineer contributes his life to the country and the people.