Personal self-assessment during the internship

Time: 2020-01-27 Source : model text Recommended visit : Personal self-identification

Internship period Self-identification Fan Wen: In the blink of an eye, the two-month trial period is nearing its end. First of all, I would like to thank the company for showing me the opportunity to realize my own value. I became a trial employee of the company on November 3, xx, serving as a sales cashier.I will report on my work and study life as follows.

I. Work :

1. Assist department colleagues to carefully review the original documents of expenses reimbursed by each department.

The planning and finance department is the company's supervision and service window. In order to better serve company employees and make reasonable use of company funds, I have actively and seriously studied the company's management system. When reviewing reimbursement documents, I insisted onImplement the company's financial management system. Documents with incomplete procedures and unclear cost items shall be returned to the operator for refilling.

2. Assist department colleagues to apply for salary cards for company employees.

In order to protect the safe use of the company's funds, follow the arrangements of supervisors and leaders to assist colleagues in applying for salary cards for company employees, so that employees' wages can be paid in a timely manner.

3. Liquidation of physical assets transferred from Jiangsu project company and physical assets purchased by Hainan project company, and electronic documents are saved.

In order to prevent the possibility of the company's physical assets being falsely increased, the physical asset items involved in each expense reimbursement are strictly scrutinized, and all physical assets and assets listed in the reimbursement certificate are checked one by one. In order to avoidThe physical assets transferred by the project company were not lost, and a second inventory was carried out, and if there were changes, adjustments were made in a timely manner.

4.Strictly perform the duties of the post, strive to do its job well, and complete the task of the superior in a timely, meticulous and complete manner.

In the work of this department, I have always demanded that I be strict with myself, pick up and fill in leaks, constantly find problems, solve problems, summarize the reasons, and accumulate experience, so as to improve and improve the company's management mechanism and be able to seriously implement the confidentiality systemConscientiously and timely do every task assigned by the leader, and at the same time take the initiative to share the concerns of the leader and help colleagues do things within their ability.

II. Study life :

Since joining the company, I respect the leader, have a good relationship with colleagues, and have adapted to the company's working environment in a short period of time. In order to enter the work role as soon as possible, I consciously and carefully study the various systems of the company, the department, and the post, Rules, and work in strict accordance with the work system established in the company. I also use my spare time to self-learn theoretical knowledge, and my business level and theoretical literacy have improved. I always maintain a humble, cautious, and open-minded attitude in my work.Colleagues ask for advice, learn from practice, apply what they have learned to practical work, test what they have learned in practice, look for inadequacy, improve yourself, and prevent and overcome the tendency to try to understand and understand everything. In the past two months of work, trainingIt shows my optimistic, confident, honest and candid attitude towards life; serious, cautious, positive and proactive work style.

I cherish this job opportunity very much. In future work, I will do my job with modest attitude and full enthusiasm, create value for the company, and look forward to a better future with the company!