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Three articles on personal work plan for elementary school

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Time advances by the annual cycle, we will be exposed to new knowledge, learn new skills, accumulate new experiences, and act immediately to write a copy Work plan Well. But what should be written in the work plan to be correct? Here are 3 personal work plans for elementary schools, for reference only, everyone is welcome to read.

Personal work plan for elementary school 1

Continue to carry out the "Classroom Teaching Benefit Year" activity. Determine the key words of this year's teaching work: "Promote effective teaching, create high-quality classrooms, and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching."

1. Each teacher first clarifies the goals and objectives of the classroom year: create a high-quality and efficient classroom suitable for student development. To achieve the goal of "low time-consuming, high efficiency, light burden, high quality". To achieve the above goals, we must achieve"Three transformations": changes in teacher teaching methods to inspiration and induction; changes in student learning methods to active participation; and changes in teaching goals to equal emphasis on knowledge, ability, and morality.

2. Strengthening conventional teaching management. Innovate and improve the conventional teaching management system, make every detail of conventional teaching management, and improve management efficiency. In March and September, "Daily Open ------ School Listing"Listening activities" and try the "corridor-style impromptu casual assessment" method. That is, after the teacher ’s morning exercises are completed, a list of open teachers will be drawn in public by the teacher's representative. Teachers in the same discipline will listen to the open teachers' lectures and evaluate the lectures on the spot.It is a habit of teachers to treat each lesson as an open class. From the effect of this year's class, this kind of teaching has been effective since the beginning of the school.

3. Grasp the effective collective lesson preparation and carry out the "effective lesson display lesson activities". Based on collective lesson preparation this year, how to make teachers not only reduce the burden in the lesson preparation, but also effective, that is, each teacherThree lessons are prepared in the semester, with courseware, teaching goals, teaching process and homework assignments, which are enriched in the school's resource library, plus past resources to form the "Jia Xiaozhuang Elementary School Doctrine", and next year, the teachers of the class will go toAdding or deleting changes is just fine. It can effectively reduce the teacher's burden and allow each teacher to get a high-quality lesson plan. At the same time, the teaching and research group can achieve the purpose of preparing through collective teaching, grinding, and discussion.

4. Do a good job of monitoring and managing the assignments of teachers; the school is in each grade Family Assignment requirements for homework books, random check the homework settings at any time, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of a large number of mechanical repetitive homework assignments. Teachers must carefully select exercises; arrange homework assignments in layers according to student learning. Improve the relevance and effectiveness of homework assignments.To reduce students' heavy academic burden.

5. To further improve the evaluation plan of teacher education and teaching, and carry out the selection activity of “good teachers in my mind”. In the new semester, the school proposes a “four one” method for quality control: strengthen classroom training, one lesson per practice;Unit test, one unit and one test; strengthen assignment assessment and reform, one batch of one review; strengthen classroom follow-up, listen and discuss, and strengthen the construction of quality control system from "four levels".

In short, we fully realize that "the life of education is not 'replication' but innovation", and we seriously consider the deep connotation of "only once in childhood, growth cannot be repeated". We will further strengthen the internal quality and build the image to create "Vitality xx, strength xx, and charm xx ".

Personal Work Plan for Elementary Schools 2

I. Guiding ideology :

Our school's school-based training work is guided by county and school district research and training work, with "focusing on curriculum reform, focusing on teams, focusing on classrooms, focusing on quality" as the main line of work, and using curriculum reform as the driving force to improve the professional quality of teachers' groups andThe level of classroom teaching promotes the comprehensive, sustainable and harmonious development of students.

II. Work goals

Take "effective learning" as the goal, take the form of inter-campus senior group interlocking teaching and research, expert-led entry into the campus, and special training to promote the further improvement of teachers' professional quality and the quality of school education and teaching.

Three, work points :

I Improve scientific research management

1. Continue to strengthen scientific research management. Strengthen the research value of teachers, promote curriculum reform with topics, enhance curriculum reform with topics, and bring into play the role of scientific research in teaching, so that "problems are issues, teaching is research, and growth is results."Each teacher must establish a new concept of" each teacher is a researcher "and" learning is research ". Efforts should be made to improve teachers' scientific research consciousness and theoretical level, and to be scientific research teachers.

2. Improving institutional guarantees. Using the “Reward Scheme for Educational Research in the North District” and “Incentive Performance Wages of Huangtian Elementary School in Yongjia County” as incentives to motivate teachers to teach, study, practice, summarize, and participate activelyAnnual educational teaching thesis, case lessons and books, educational equipment information application papers and teacher multimedia software evaluation.

II Grasp school-based teaching and research work

1. Improve teachers' teaching skills

Give full play to the leading role of the school's famous teachers, and establish a pairing and assistance mechanism for excellent teachers and new teachers. Through the open classes in the group, the open classes of the school, the open classes of the famous teachers, grasp the new teachers, backbone teachers, middle-aged and senior teachers' quality improvementWork. At the same time, help young teachers grow up as quickly as possible by listening, evaluating, and demonstrating

2. Carry out multi-form thematic teaching and research activities

1 Carry out "experts leading into campus" activities. Hire famous teachers above the county level to enter the campus, enter the classroom, diagnose the current status of classroom teaching and teaching routines, and take the lead to promote the reform of classroom teaching in the campus.

2 Carry out the "Famous Teachers' Demonstration Class" activity. Require famous teachers at or above the county level to teach at least one demonstration class at or above the school level for the directional guidance of classroom teaching reform.

3 Carry out the "Cross-Campus Senior Group Theme Teaching and Research" activity. With the theme of "effective learning", the senior group consisting of the four campuses of the Headquarters, Misaki, Fengbu, and Baiyan will be the active staff to conduct class discussions., Collective lesson preparation and experience exchange activities to promote resource sharing in the four campuses.

4 Carry out "Linked Teaching and Research with Private Schools" activities. Make full use of "Huicai Elementary School", a practical position for teachers 'professional development and students' ideological education, and give full play to the radiation and leading role of our school's educational resources, and carry out linked teaching and researchPairing activities with teachers and apprentices, with "model lessons", "diagnostics lessons", "exchange papers", "thematic guidance", to promote the common development of teachers of the two universities, and improve the quality of teaching.

3 Strengthening school-based training

1. Combination of elective training and school-based training

In order to encourage teachers to participate in continuing learning and training, the school arranges teachers 'out-of-town training work. To meet the personalized needs of teacher professional development and lead teachers' professional growth. Experiment with various forms of school-based training, carry out targeted training, and effectively improve trainingEffective results. Continue to use the school's online teaching and research platform to carry out collective lesson preparation, intra-school observation and after-class interactive assessment activities, teaching reflection exchanges and other activities.

2. Combination of autonomous learning and common learning

Leading the study According to the needs of their professional development, determine the annual personal reading plan, update the concepts through the study of education and teaching theory, and promote all teachers to continuously improve their understanding of modern educational ideas, and require each teacher to read the education frequentlyMagazine, carefully study an educational monograph every semester, study a teaching problem with concentration, and perceive a teaching method to achieve experience and gain. Read at least one professional book each semester, do Reading notes , Write a reading essay.

At the same time, the school launched a school-based characteristic training activity-palm reading, recommended two masterpieces each semester, and read together. After "intake", we also designed a "output" link for characteristic training: post one on the school-based training blogSimilar to " Celebrity Quotes "Fanshihuiyu" requires teachers to condense the feelings after reading the monograph into a quotation or opinion similar to "Celebrity Famous Quotes" and post it on the school-based training blog.

Personal Work Plan for Elementary Schools 3

In order to maximize the role and resource advantages of modern distance education equipment, strive to reduce the imbalance in the development of urban and rural education, and eliminate the digital education gap. In order to further improve the utilization of classrooms and classrooms in schools, and strengthen the use of modern information technology education and teachingResearch and promotion, so that teachers and students in our school can more fully enjoy a better and better education, and our school's education and teaching performance have been greatly improved. This plan is specially formulated.

I. Basic information and institutional settings :

There are 10 teachers in our school, one preschool teacher is hired, and 103 are students. The preschool class is 13. There are 6 classrooms in the school, and the second-grade classroom equipment is currently under maintenance. The school has established a distance education leaderThe head of the group is the head of the group and is responsible for making overall arrangements for the school's distance education. The director of the teaching mainly focuses on the formulation and implementation of the teaching work plan.

two, guiding ideology

According to the county, township and higher authorities in charge of modern information technology education, distance education spirit and school work plans, work plan of the teaching office as the work guidance, based on school-based training, subject-based e-learning, computer-assisted teaching as the main body, do a good job of remoteThe research and promotion of educational resources, conventional e-learning and modern technology teaching go hand in hand, and promote the comprehensive modernization of our school's teaching work.

Three, target tasks

The goal of this issue is to focus on modern distance education technology, supplemented by conventional e-learning methods, make full use of distance education resources, and use modern education methods to further improve the quality of education and teaching in our school.

The school-based teacher training content this semester is mainly :

①Further learn to use modern distance education equipment and be familiar with Banbantong operation methods;

② Selection, utilization and secondary development of learning distance education resources;

③ Learn how to download and modify common courseware.

4.Receiving, sorting and publicizing teaching resources for distance education

1. The distance education management staff must do a good job of receiving and organizing the distance education teaching resources in time, and make a registration.

2.Every Monday, forecast the education and teaching resources that will be received this week, make a resource catalog, so that teachers can grasp the education and teaching information, adjust the courses, and take distance education courses.

3. For the fragmented education and teaching resources received, we must do a good job of finishing, and for education and teaching resources with long-term use value, we need to burn CDs and register.

4. If the resource reception is not normal due to other reasons, after maintenance, copy the unreceived teaching resources from other primary schools as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of educational and teaching resources.

5. Develop a variety of plans and systems, and work hard according to the plan, fill out the relevant records and forms.

6. Pay attention to the business learning of managers and improve their management level. Work hard to learn the website and courseware production and management knowledge.

four, specific measures

1. In this semester, our school's distance education e-learning lesson plan is no less than 358 lessons per semester. In addition, teachers are encouraged to use e-media to hold class meetings, theme squadron meetings, and provide students with various forms of education, so that all students canAccess to distance education enables students to receive comprehensive distance education.

2. Combine the activities of “one teacher, one excellent class, one teacher per class” in Enshi to improve the taste of teaching and research in the school, urge teachers to learn from each other, promote the integration of e-learning resources and courses, and improve the level of teacher education and teaching. Teachers are encouraged to useDistance education resources prepare lessons, so that schools form a strong atmosphere of scientific research and education.

3. Actively promote the advantages, significance and teaching ideas of modern educational technology to the whole school teachers, publicize new educational thoughts, contents, concepts and methods in the information age, and strengthen teachers' awareness of survival crisis and professionalism. PromoteThey changed teaching concepts and methods in a timely manner, and comprehensively promoted modern distance information technology education in our school.

4. To provide corresponding teaching convenience, help, demonstration and guidance for the school's teachers 'multimedia teaching courses. Provide strong technical support. Help them do a good job of collecting, developing, and using courseware. To participate in higher-level organizations' modern information technology education andComputer-trained teachers provide services and assistance.

5. Do a good job of school-based training, strengthen the training of teachers' distance education facilities and equipment, so that teachers can operate distance education facilities and equipment correctly and proficiently, especially computers. Teachers must be required to operate correctly and reduce damage to equipment..Efforts to make all teachers learn relevant knowledge as soon as possible, and like to use multimedia resources for class

6. Do a good job of conventional audio-visual education. Manage and use conventional audio-visual equipment. Make them continue to play a role in teaching to make up for the lack of modern distance education resources. Assist the school administration and teaching department, and do a good job of audio-visual education for the whole school teachers., Assessment and registration of teacher training work.

Five main work arrangements

March :

1. Basic knowledge training for teachers' classes.

2. Use distance education equipment and resources to carry out post training training and teaching activities.

3. Prepare teachers for lessons on the intranet and find resources for training.

April :

1. Organize teachers to use distance education technology equipment and resources to conduct skill lesson evaluation activities.

2, teacher courseware production training.

May :

1. Organize the backbone teachers in the previous section to use distance education equipment and resources for classroom teaching seminars to improve teachers' use of distance education for teaching.

June :

1. Organize young teachers of language, mathematics and English as a section to use distance education resources to conduct high-quality classroom teaching and evaluate.

2, watch the content received by the computer and use it to guide the review of students.

3. Continue to carry out distance education teaching and research activities, requiring teachers to write a dissertation or Experience .

4, the teacher's courseware production exhibition evaluation summary.

Seven :工作总结