500 words of self-identification essay for college students

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Since entering university, I have been devoting myself to study life with rigorous attitude and positive enthusiasm. Inadvertently, my college life is coming to an end. Here is a summary of my college life :

In school life, I strictly abide by the school rules and discipline, respect teachers, and unite classmates. Strictly discipline myself, treat others with kindness, live in harmony with others, cultivate my team spirit, comprehensively cultivate my own qualities, and let my morality,Intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor can be fully developed.

In thought, I love the motherland and have a strong spirit of patriotism and a high sense of collective honor. Pay attention to current events in the society, people's livelihood, and continuously improve my level of ideological awareness.

In the study work, I have continuously demanded myself, take study seriously, study professional knowledge and skills hard, and let the knowledge be put into practice in the course design, and have a solid grasp of professional knowledge. Through college life, I have improved my self-learning ability.

Life is a trip, selling only one-way tickets, not return tickets. And the university is a site for this trip, looking for wisdom in life during study. In the four years of college, facing the study lifeThe balance between the value of life and values ​​of life, I seriously thought about the value of life, deeply felt my pursuit of ideals, and also strengthened my desire to achieve the value of life I want. University is a reserve knowledgeA place to learn and experience, here I equip myself with knowledge and lay a solid foundation for future work and life and dreams.

The seed calls its dream in the land, wakes up from doze, and has accumulated the power of the whole winter, to break through the frozen soil layer, and continuously stretch to the sky under the sun to grow into a green forest.Like seeds, facing the future life and work, I will bravely go forward and pursue my sky.

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