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Three articles for teachers' reading experience

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When we have a different perspective on the problem, let's summarize it and write an article Experience We can continue to enrich our thinking through summaries. But what are the requirements for experience? The following is about teachers Reading experience Experience 3 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Teacher's Reading Experience 1

The gift of Teacher's Day is the book "My Teacher's Dream", and I'm glad that I have access to "My Teacher's Dream".

Revisiting this book carefully, what impressed me most were Professor Qian's views :

"I'm now retired. Looking back on my life as a teacher, I really want to cry, and many times make you cry, think about and laugh, and many things make you laugh. This is the truth of life, teacher lifeTrue .... "

It ’s a real feeling, I feel the same. From the years I ’ve taught, I remember that the teacher ’s life is really “want to cry, want to laugh”. Remember when I first started working, I always smiled.In the face of students, students who are tolerant of mistakes never criticize sternly. As a result, some students said to me, "Teacher, you are so nice, classmates are not afraid of you, and you do small moves in class." After hearing this,I really felt like I was failing and I wanted to cry. Was my heart in exchange for this result? I really regretted choosing this profession.

And Qian Lao's experience changed my thinking. The child who had been with him during the Cultural Revolution took his kindness and care as injuries and set boundaries with him ... The environment at the time was really fatalHowever, he insisted on his dream, "I will be a teacher anyway", and always tolerated the naivety of students, and insisted on his dreams. Indeed, life is beautiful with dreams, and a life without dreamsThere is no meaning and value. You will gain something when you give it, and you will be happy when you work. When I see the students leave a message to me: I like your class, because you teach us a lot of knowledge ... reallyI smile when I am asleep. The value of teacher life is here. We want to cry, we want to laugh, we face it, we ca n’t get rid of it, and form a kind of entanglement of life, and the true meaning of life isIn this winding.

"The essence of education is to excite the most beautiful human factors, such as kindness, wisdom, and so on, in the students, to cultivate and sublimate them, so as to suppress the internal evil factors. The process of learning is that students discover themselvesThe process is also the process by which teachers discover themselves. "

The essence of education is not scores, not grades, nor comparisons between students and students, but awakening. Awaken the truth, kindness, and beauty in the minds of students, awaken students 'motivation to move forward, and awaken students' subjective self-improvement.Motivation. In this process, students are moving forward, and teachers are also moving forward. Maybe there are many, many beautiful scenery along the way. When you approach the students, you will approach them, awaken the students, and awaken.To his own heart.

The so-called "teaching merits" is not an empty word. Teaching is such a mutually reinforcing process. Not only does the teacher influence the growth of the students, but the students also have an influence on the teacher ’s mental state and mental development. Teachers and students are indeed common.Growing up. "Teaching goodness" is a very high and very beautiful educational realm.

We are facing innocent children, the most active life, and the innocent faces who are hungry for knowledge. We can continue to draw vitality from these children, learn goodness from their pure heart, and from their naive eyesKeep refining youth. In this way, we can always be childlike and youthful. Children, they learn to mature from us, learn from us, and learn to walk independently from us. We must protect the beauty of children's growth, Safeguard their right to grow, cultivate the spirit of going forward. In the process, enjoy the special happiness that children give us.

The primary responsibility of primary and secondary schools is to protect the beauty of growth and protect the right to growth. The biggest task of primary and secondary education is to create all conditions so that children can enjoy the "beauty of growth". The first is "the right to be curious, explore, and discover."Secondly, there is the right to "grow freely." Third, there is the right to joy .... But our current education is consciously and unconsciously depriving elementary and middle school students of the joy they deserve. Our problem now is to take the examGenerations of young people who have grown up in education have not enjoyed the joys of childhood, and some even "lost childhood."

Nowadays, in the education process, the quality of our teaching has always been determined by a clear percentage. Although this is not the only criterion, it is an important criterion. How important is it? I know that it can determine our school.The reputation of a teacher can determine whether a teacher is a good teacher, and whether parents can trust this teacher ... It is so important that our teachers do not dare to relax at all, and even make students lack a lot of happiness.Insights, I am no longer confused, although I cannot change reality, but I can make my dreams more beautiful for my ideals, and I can work hard in directions. We must carefully observe and fully understand that the students in the process of growing upJoy, and the troubles of growth, even pain and struggle, we want them to enjoy the "feel of growth"; we also need to protect their "right to grow": curiosity, exploration, discovery, right to grow freely and joys right……

I hope our children can grow up healthy and happily, lay a good foundation in this starting place, and overcome obstacles and smooth sailing on the road to life.

Teacher Reading Experience 2

The student is the master of learning and the master of the subject classroom. The student is the master of the class and he should also be the master of class management. When the head teacher manages the class, what role should he play in class management? Just like a disciplineLike teaching, the head teacher should not be the main force of management, but should be the guide and supervisor of class management. From the perspective of class management practice, a primary school class with dozens of people cannot be managed by one or more teachers.The key is to educate and guide students to learn self-management, so that each student can be both the object of management and the main body of management, so as to achieve the purpose of "regardless of care".

This semester, I focused my class work on cultivating students' self-management ability. The first step in cultivating students' self-management ability is to start with cultivating students' ability to manage themselves. The book "Class Encyclopedia" states:The majority of students today are only children, and they are very dependent on adults.

Because of their parents' love, these "Little Suns" are here Family In the loss of opportunities to cultivate independence, they rely more on the help and care of adults. The cultivation of students' self-management ability mainly starts from three aspects: the first aspect, using morning meetings, class meetings, team meetings, etc.Positively publicize “do what you can do” to students to deepen their understanding of independence. Second, arrange a “responsibility system for everyone” in the class so that each student has their ownResponsible for your own post. In the third aspect, contact the parents of the students, get the cooperation of the parents, and cultivate students' self-management at home.

The second is to train a class cadre team. Use the opportunity of managing the class to cultivate students' self-management ability. The small cadre in the class is the right hand of the class teacher. Carefully select the small cadres and carefully train them.

First, help young cadres establish prestige. Students' class cadres elected by them should respect their rights. Every day on duty, the health committee will be responsible for the evaluation, and then I will express my opinions and suggestions for their reference..

Second, encourage young cadres to work boldly and point out their methods of work.

Third, small cadres are strictly required to make greater progress in knowledge and ability, set an example in discipline, and strive to give the class an exemplary role in all aspects, that is, "take the lead with points."

Fourth, to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation among cadres, we must be able to establish correct and sound public opinion through the small group of cadres, and drive the entire class to carry out criticism and self-criticism to form a collective organization, discipline, and aggressiveness."Be face to face." At the same time, we must pay attention to convening class cadre meetings in a timely manner, and teach them working methods for problems that arise in their work, so that they can clarify their responsibilities, point out their strengths and weaknesses, and work hard in the future.At the same time, they are also required to pay attention to the cooperation between class cadres, work together and twist a rope, try their best to establish their prestige among the students, create opportunities, exercise and cultivate their abilities. The method of cultivation, all adoptThe purpose of this measure is not that everyone can manage people, but that everyone can manage themselves, and cultivate students' sense of responsibility for themselves, their classes, and their families.

Indeed, the book "Class Encyclopedia" gave me great inspiration in class management, and gave me a new understanding of class management.

Teacher's Reading Experience 3

Reading is sweet. A good book is a book that is enough for you to "get away for Iraq", or under a tree, or on a rattan chair; or sit or lie, or walk or lie down;Or singing, or groaning; or a cup of tea, or a candle of moonlight; or a little shade, or a touch of the setting sun; or a few bananas, or a distant mountain. Freedom of mind, full of interest, repeated capricorn, giving general enthusiasm, Condensed into a trace of calm. The best place for reading is like Love Likewise, it is a two-hearted agreement, which is based on the promise of the body, is immersed in silence, is a quiet fusion, and can not be forced or persecuted at all.

Reading, let me go with Qu Yuan as a companion to Lisao. But there is nothing but the Luoluo River flowing water soup soup, chaos, flooding the green land on the shore, and washing away the fragrant grass on Tingzhou. Although "Spirituality is immense, and the people's hearts are not observed ", but you are still pursuing the most holy grass in the green field running in your heart.

Reading made me and Zhang Ye drink hot wine and talk about life in the snow scene of the lake center pavilion, "Sky and Clouds, Mountains and Water, Up and Down, White," but the two were silent. Although it is the winter season,But this beautiful scenery is enough to decorate the green space in my heart. Because of the innocence of snow, the green space in my heart has turned into a carpet without impurities, and warmed my soul. Unfortunately, the years have passed, and things are not human.non.

Reading is like letting me listen to the breeze and watching the catkins flutter ... I feel peaceful in my heart, as if in a dream, refuse to wake up, I dare not wake up. I am afraid of the siren of a car, the pollution of smoke and dust, both disturbing and destroyingThis quaint and quiet minute by minute.

Reading makes me leisurely, sorrowful, and anxious. When the wind of time blows through the grass on the banks of the Miluo River, the water waves of Su Shi swim in the Red Cliffs, blows off the yellow flower of Li Qingzhao, and flew to the lakeside pavilionField snow; when modern civilization gradually erodes the original purity and poetic beauty, like a cold autumn wind desolates the original greenness, the mind is withered and withered, people are thinner than yellow flowers, and the green space in their hearts is also thinNow, my ears are constantly calling for Holderlin's poetic habitation, and I am fascinated by a cool wind blowing across the fields and across the fields. However, sometimes, sometimes we ca n’t spend itGo, wandering alone in the green space of my heart, sulking again and again.

I read a Buddhist scripture story in junior high school. The old monk in the story insists on sweeping the ground every day, sweeping from the gate to the bottom of the mountain. When sweeping the floor, he often sings a slang: sweep the floor and sweep the heart, and sweep the floor without heart;Everyone swept away their hearts, and where life is not clean. At that time, I just read this story and thought it was fun. Later, as I grew older, I also had my own meditation on this story. In fact, in the noisy society, chooseReading is not the process of clearing your heart. "Only books are colored, and they are more beautiful than Xizi; Only texts are beautiful, and they are more beautiful."

"Closed doors are deep mountains, and reading is pure land." This famous saying is the historical insights learned by the scholars, and is also the cry of the readers ’hearts. Tao Yuanming, a poet from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, once said in his poems:But there is no car and horse noise. Ask Jun He Nenger? My heart is far away from me. As long as my heart is far away from the rivers and lakes, why should I care about the gates of the world's traffic and horses. After a long time, the peace in my heart is like heavenXiaoyu in the street slowly crumbles your once impetuous heart. However, if the sound of horseshoes in your heart is like a rainbow of swords, even if you are in the lonely deep mountains, you won't get the slightest quietness.Read a few pages, clean up your heart, and make it a clean place?

"Reading the world long Panasonic, reading the autumn tree roots". Of course, the book here is a good book that has been used to open books. Good books hide huge secrets! The book is silent, the text is obvious. Through reading, impetuousThe heart can open a window of the soul in the hustle and bustle of red dust, so that the cleanliness of the soul can be displayed under the blue-washed sky. Let the soul use the light of the "torch" to read the text, we can travel through that distant historySeeing the delicious and beautiful flowers of the grass and the bright yellow hair, the peach blossom source is happy and enters into another clean soul home.

At night, a lone lamp is on the record, a cup of tea is fragrant, and a cup of tea is sipped from the sea of ​​books, looking at those words of joy in the heart, you can feel the peace and tranquility in it, and a heart cup seems to be level.Brightness, fatigue gradually dissipated, the branches and hearts of the state of mind were combed clear and soft, peace of mind, calmness, calmness, and goodness! Closed doors are deep mountains, and reading is pure land.