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[Essence] Four Annual Summary of Cashier Work

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This year has gone by. Looking back on the work of the past year, I have gained not only years but also growth. Writing a year-end summary will not let us forget the effort of the year. But when we pick up the penI found out that I do n’t know what to write, here is the year of the cashier Work Summary 4 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Cashier's Annual Work Summary 1

As a cashier, I am responsible for the financial work related to the receipt and payment of cash and the receipt and payment of bank deposits. The specifics include daily various reimbursement businesses, cash payments to various suppliers and transfer payments to pay for goods, and daily sales of gold storesOf accounts and sales volume, accounting for cash and bank deposits Diary Accounts, salary issuance, handling-managing bank bill purchase, collection, account opening, etc.

I. Daily Reimbursement Business

The daily reimbursement part of this work is a link that requires the cashier to take serious and strict control, and conduct capital control according to the company's management system to prevent waste and abnormal expenses. Birthday Often reimbursement matters should be confirmed by the corresponding department leader first, then the financial inspection and review of the bill, and finally the general manager signed the review. The reimbursement document must be signed by the handler, department leader, general manager, and reviewer. In addition,Tickets for taxis must be signed and approved by the general manager in advance, and taxis cannot be used without special circumstances.

II. Pay the supplier now

When purchasing goods in a gold store, first of all, you must fill in a loan application form. Whether it is cash payment or transfer payment, the general manager must sign and approve it. Second, the financial check the purchase quantity, product material, product specifications, etc. Finally, calculate whether the payment amountThe amount is the same as the fa vote, and payment can be made after the finance minister signs it.

III. Sales settlement and sales accounting of gold stores

The sales settlement of the gold store is basically a daily work. They have a special person to count the sales receipts of that day and give them to the finance. First, I classified the sales products, some of which were recorded in Company A and some were recorded in Company B.Secondly, check whether the fa ticket is issued correctly and whether the total amount of the sales statistics table is consistent with the amount of the receipt and the statement of receipt; once again, after checking, I will issue a receipt to the gold store to settle the sales amount on the day;Finally, the electronic version of the gold store sales statistics is registered in accordance with the sales list. This work is mainly to provide the data required by leaders in a timely manner. It can be listed separately by suppliers, borrowing methods, periods, etc., so that leaders of different departments needLearn about various sales situations.

When the shop has no internal accounting staff, the finance department has been doing the sales accounting on behalf of it. Under the guidance of xx, the finance department has established a complete set of gold shop accounting docking system, which is convenient for the gold shop accountants toA series of data statistics such as purchase, sales and inventory.

IV. Journal of cash and bank deposits

Recording the occurrence of cash and each business of the bank is a task that the cashier must do every day. Strictly implement the cash and bank deposit management and settlement system. Regularly check the cash and accounts with the accountant and find out that the amounts do not match., Handle in a timely manner; Strictly keep company secrets and provide data to leaders in a timely manner.

V. Payment of Wages

Regarding the calculation and payment of wages, at the middle of each month, I will divide the cash and bank cards according to the total wages provided by the company, because there are new employees this month who do not apply for payroll cards.I will ask the leader to give him a cash deposit. As soon as the salary is paid, the workload will be heavy a few days ago. I have made mistakes during this period, which almost prevented all employees from receiving the salary on time. Later, I summarized the bank transfer payment.Salary management-management process, next time when the salary is paid next month, I will strictly follow the management-management process to avoid the same error happening again.

Six, handle banking

Because the previous job was mainly to run a bank, there is no problem in filling in the bills, and I am more familiar with the bank's window clerk. Once my company has an urgent remittance or other emergency situations, the bank clerk will also actively cooperate. In myAfter coming to the company, I found that the finance department went to the bank to buy a bank statement at the beginning of each month. At 10 yuan / month, the leaders agreed with me and xx that the leader agreed to install a free enquiry version of online banking, which saved the company 120 yuan /Year, a small unnecessary fee.

Seven, others

Liaise and communicate with the external departments national tax, local tax, etc. related to financial work, and cooperate with xx to carry out the work smoothly. After the summary, I reviewed the problems existing in my inspection :

I think my business level needs to be improved, and I lack the sense of urgency and consciousness. I can't flexibly adapt the professional knowledge learned in textbooks and do things more rigidly. When I am busy and tired, I am not serious enough about work, You have made mistakes, and you cannot make mistakes in financial work.

In addition, I would like to especially thank the company leaders, xx and colleagues for their support and care in my work. This is an encouragement to my work. I sincerely thank you. I will work hard for the company in future work.Contribute to development.

Annual Summary of Cashier Work 2

According to the center's focus and overall arrangements and ideas, under the guidance of the leadership and the strong support of various financial personnel, completed various financial tasks, ensured the orderly and better performance of the accounting functions, and ensured the centerThe smooth progress of the financial work played a positive role. I simply made a personal summary.

I consciously obey the arrangements of the organization and leadership, and strive to do a good job and complete various tasks well. Because the accounting and accounting work is cumbersome and cumbersome, its work has transactional and unexpected characteristics.Therefore, combined with the specific circumstances, the work of the year is summarized as follows :

I. Main work completed :

1. Complete the monthly billing, closing, and account processing in a timely and accurate manner, fill in various monthly, quarterly, and year-end statistical statements of the city in a timely and accurate manner and submit to various departments on time. Tax declaration and payment have been completed, And inter-bank business and payment of various daily expenses.

2. Actively participate in the Xi'an Municipal Finance Bureau's centralized income tax training with a serious attitude, and do a good job of accounting software accounting and system maintenance.

3. Classified, bound and archived various accounting files.

II. Strengthen learning and focus on improving personal cultivation and comprehensive quality

1. Strengthen political ideology and moral cultivation through newspapers and magazines, computer networks and TV news.

2. Seriously study various financial and economic regulations and consciously act in accordance with national financial and economic policies and procedures.

3. Work hard to study business knowledge, actively participate in training of various business skills organized by relevant departments, and always regard enhancing service awareness as the basis of all work; always put work on rigorous, meticulous, solid, realistic and down-to-earth work.

4. Continuous improvement, focusing on learning effects, “learning at work, working in learning”, insist on applying what you have learned, focus on integration and integration of theory with practice, and use new knowledge, new thinking and new inspiration to consolidate andEnrich comprehensive knowledge, and continuously improve your comprehensive ability.

III. Existing deficiencies

Although we have successfully completed the tasks of this year, we must see the shortcomings of the work :

1. The level of theory is not high. The current social accounting knowledge and business updates are relatively fast. The lack of systematic learning of new business knowledge and accounting regulations has led to a lack of basic accounting knowledge and basic accounting work, which has affected the improvement of working standards..

2. Busy with coping with business affairs, in-depth discussion, reflection, serious research conditions and financial management methods, less work system, work with breadth, no depth.

3. Only work, not good at summing up, so some work is laborious, but it is disproportionate to the effect, and often results in less success, and in the future, we must gradually learn to use scientific methods, sum up and think hard, and gradually achieve more results.Effect.

four, strictly perform the duties of accounting positions, do a good job of their own duties

1. Constantly learn, update knowledge, change concepts, improve oneself, and keep up with the development pace of the times.

2. Good at summarizing, put forward their own opinions and suggestions, provide accurate basis for leadership decision-making, and constantly improve the unit's management level and economic benefits. Summarize experiences and establish a sound and good working mechanism.

Treasurer's Annual Work Summary 3

Over the past year, with the help and guidance of leaders and colleagues, through my own efforts, I personally have further improved both in professionalism, ideological realm, business quality, and work ability, and have achieved certain work.Results, I will now report my work and studies since one year :

I. Strengthen learning and focus on improving personal cultivation

First, through magazines, newspapers, computer networks, television news and other media, carefully study and implement the party's line, principles, and policies, and deeply study and understand the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress and the 5th Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee.

The second is to conscientiously study the various regulations on finance and integrity, to consciously act in accordance with national financial policies and procedures, and the third is to study business knowledge, actively participate in the training of various business skills organized by relevant departments, and strictly follow ***The comrade's requirements of "study hard, creative, and dedication" insist on "learning, politics, and righteousness", and always regard flatness, willingness to pay, and obscurity as his own criteria; always take enhancing service awareness asThe basis of all work; always put work on rigorous, meticulous, solid, realistic, and down-to-earth work; fourthly, continuously improve learning methods, pay attention to learning results, "learn in work, work in learning", insist on learning and applying,Focus on integration and integration of theory with practice. Use new knowledge, new thinking, and new inspiration to consolidate and enrich comprehensive knowledge, and allow knowledge to grow with age, so as to continuously improve its comprehensive ability.

II. Strictly perform post duties and do a good job of the job

Over the past year, with a high sense of responsibility and dedication, I have consciously obeyed the arrangements of the organization and leadership, and strived to do a good job to complete various tasks. Due to the complicated and complicated work of financial and accounting work, his workBoth have transactional and unexpected characteristics. Therefore, according to the specific circumstances, according to the timeliness, we work in the first quarter of the year to complete the closing of the annual financial accounts, handle related matters, and handle the annual inspection of the business. We carefully summarized the financial work of last year,The financial work assumptions were set for the year. Various types of accounting files were classified, bound, and archived. The financial special software was cleaned up, disinfected, and backed up. The annual addition of fixed assets, the establishment of accounts, card construction, and annual inspections were completed.Work; in the second quarter, establish new annual accounts in accordance with the financial system and budget revenue and expenditure subjects to handle daily economic transactions. Establish wage statistical accounts in accordance with the requirements of the wage statement to facilitate sub-item statistics and report financial and statistical months to the competent department on timeReport quarterly; give full play to accounting and supervision functions. Provide relevant information and materials to relevant units and station leaders in a timely mannerSo that the right decision. Initiative to keep in touch with the Department of Finance and Administration Branch, the proposed use of funds application plan to achieve normal working capital.

In terms of external payments, strict control, strict implementation and compliance with the national financial and economic system, the accounts have been cleared daily, the accounts are consistent, and the accounts are consistent. For the annual review of administrative fees, in order to implement the Administrative Licensing Law,Submit "charge items, standards, basis, amount" and other self-inspection and clear-up information in a timely manner, submit the medical insurance floppy disk in the first half of the year, pay the premium for the first half of the year in accordance with the medical insurance regulations, and the third quarter.In the past month, the self-examination of the annual accounts in accordance with the "Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Regulations on the Accounting Management of a Province" has been completed, the financial procedures have been improved, and the self-inspection, experience and internal control system have been written.The situation and the implementation of the accounting system further standardized the accounting behavior. Handled capital increase for employees. In the fourth quarter, the labor tax form, disability certificate, and payroll receipts were submitted for review and verification of disability disability payments. Declaration and payment of contract workers' endowment insurance, unemployment insurance,Medical insurance and housing provident fund in the second half of the year. Information on financial support personnel will be recorded as required. Personnel salary review will be conducted.

III. Diligently do logistics services

As a financial worker, I can seriously perform my job duties in my work, adhere to the job position, abide by the work system and professional ethics, and be willing to accept scheduled and temporary tasks, such as registering for law enforcement officers and preparing for the exam, Completing the writing of reports on self-examination and self-correction of the special governance of integrity and the summary of party style and integrity government workers.

In this series of work, I know that as a qualified financial worker, not only must have relevant knowledge and skills, but also a rigorous and meticulous work style. At the same time, I realize that no matter what position I am in, Even if it is a humble job, you should do your best with your heart. Even if it is a boring job in the eyes of others, you must be good at finding fun, changing with each passing day, and finding innovation from change.

Annual Summary of Cashier Work 4

Our hospital is to strengthen economic management. It implements full cost accounting. It is still the latest business model in the medical system. At present. There is no way to shape it in the country. We are based on relevant theoretical knowledge and the actual situation of our hospital. In practice, we keep onExplore. Explore. Developed a full-cost accounting method and operating procedures. Implemented since January 1 this year. Through full-cost accounting. Increased the cost awareness of the majority of employees. Eliminated waste. Received significant results.% Increase. However, the related costs have been relatively reduced. For example: the consumption of other materials is 160,000 yuan in 0x years. 120,000 yuan in 0x years. Savings of 40,000 yuan, the consumption of health materials accounts for 21.19% of medical income.15.85% in 0x. 0x is 5.34% lower than 0x. Drug expenses account for 77.12% of drug revenue. 0x75.57%. 0x is 1.65% lower than xx. It is expected that annual business income will increase by 32 compared to last year.%. Business expenses increased by 12% compared with last year. Compared with last year, the advertising costs increased by 280,000 yuan. The hospital report cost was 40,000 yuan. The technical cooperation fee was 200,000 yuan. The bonus increased by 650,000 yuan.Spending increased by only 8%.

To meet the needs of a socialist market economy. Standardize financial behavior. Improve financial management. After research and decision by the office of the academy. We have formulated adjustment plans and competition methods. Leaders in the academy. Trade unions. Discipline inspection committee. Personnel section. Audit section support and helpThe financial institutions and personnel have been adjusted. The financial staff of the hospital has been centrally managed. The Finance Section is divided into four groups. The team leader conducts competitive positions. Two-way selection of employees. Through fairness, fair competition and two-way selection. Mobility.This shows the enthusiasm of the general staff. In particular, the team leaders are responsible and responsible. They open up ideas and play a leading role.

Our hospital's current financial resources are very difficult. Insufficient funds. Aging equipment. Seriously restricts the business development of our hospital. The leadership of the hospital varies. Do not rely on. Actively raise funds. Take the path of debt management for development. Apply for preferential loans from the Israeli governmentPurchase of large-scale medical equipment. The total loan amount is 2 million US dollars. The Finance Section actively runs the Health Department. The Finance, Planning Commission, Bank, Economic Commission and other departments have handled the loan project approval. Approval. Feasibility study. Guarantee.Great effort.

Actively participated in the development of this year's bonus distribution plan. It follows the principle of distribution according to work. Efficiency is prioritized. Revenue, cost, target, quality assessment and other indicators are used. They are linked together. This allows us to generate revenue at the same time.. Pay attention to economy, pay attention to medical care, quality of care, pay attention to income, cost, quality, and work towards goals while considering economic benefits. This program has been implemented since April. It has greatly inspired the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.From January to March this year, business income was 4.86 million yuan. It was an increase of 2.7% over the same period of last year at 4.73 million yuan. From April to October this year, business income was 16.09 million yuan. Compared with the same period last year, business revenue was 11.91 million yuan. It was an increase of 35%.

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