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Eight Collection of Practical Staff Resignation Reports

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Employee Resignation Report 1

Dear xxx leaders :

Hello! For my own reasons, after careful consideration, I hereby submit an application: I voluntarily apply to resign from all positions at xxx company, please seek approval.

In the past x years of xxx company, I was fortunate to have received the guidance and enthusiastic help of company leaders and colleagues, and my ability has been improved in all aspects. I cherish this experience in the company very much.I am honored to be part of the Water Cup.

Finally, I would like to thank the leaders and colleagues who helped me again. I apologize for the many inconveniences caused by my resignation. I hope the leaders will assist with the relevant resignation procedures. I will continue to do well before I officially leave.Every current job. I wish good health and good career. And I wish the company a flourishing business.



Resignation: xxx

xxxxxx, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 2

First of all, thank the leaders and colleagues for their support and help in my work during this year. I have learned a lot and got a lot during this year. This time in xx company will be my whole life.Unforgettable precious wealth. At the same time, I have found many shortcomings and many areas for improvement.

I regret to formally resign to the company at this time.

It ’s been almost two years since I came to the company. In the past two years, I have received many help from colleagues in the company. I am very grateful to everyone in the company. It is here that I have laughed, I have also tears, and moreHarvest. The company's equal interpersonal relationship and enlightened work style once gave me the feeling of finding a dependency. I can work happily and study happily here. Maybe this is really right, so I started to think and earnestly.Thinking.

But recently I felt that I was not suitable for this job, and at the same time I wanted to change the environment. I also know very well that resigning from the company to the company at this time is a test for myself. The company is just at the time of employment, the company's newThe start of the project, all the follow-up work attaches great importance to the next step in the company. It is also in consideration of the rationality of the company's future arrangements in this project.I made a bad decision and I solemnly resign to the company.

Continuing, I am afraid I will lose my original passion and responsibility, which is not good for the company and my personal development. Therefore, I decided to leave, although I still miss the team. But I firmly believe that there is no moreI will be supplemented by better talents, this team is still full of energy and hard work.

In the days of the technical department, because of work, I got along with my colleagues day and night and established a deep friendship. I sincerely hope that this friendship will continue and be maintained forever.

I leave here because I think I feel like an idler here. I live under unnecessary pressure all day, and I feel deeply blamed for your entrustment, and for my own professionKnowledge is useless and terrified, and I deeply hate my limited ability. Now, I no longer adapt to the company's requirements, and mental pressure and external interference have completely collapsed me. So, as I said before,When I think that I am no longer competent and suitable, I cannot tolerate myself in this sacred post. I will not be in public or private. Hai Tao is a towering tree, and I onlyIt's just a leaf on the tree. Some leaves fall every year when the autumn wind rises, but the big tree is always so tall and strong.

Recently, especially in the last one or two months, due to the increasing pressure of work, depression can not be resolved, coupled with my physical condition is already in an unhealthy state, the dual factors lead to continuous weight gain, the speed is almost peopleI was horrified. This has no doubt alarmed me. If I don't pay attention, I will seek medical advice. Although I am not a greedy person, but my health is the foundation of all social activities.

I consider leaving the company within 2 to 4 weeks after the submission of this resignation, so that you will have time to find suitable candidates to fill the vacancies caused by my departure. At the same time, I can also assist you in orientation training for newcomers.Make him familiar with work as soon as possible.

First of all, it ’s the busy season of farming. I need to go home to do farm work for nearly two months, so I will recruit students from the company Work plan There is a big conflict, and I am also very disturbed for this.

There are not many days to be able to work for the company. I will definitely take my last shift, do a good job of handover work, and try my best to make the project a balanced transition. Leaving this company, leaving these colleagues who have shared the same hardships, veryReluctant to be respectful of the leaders' respectful teachings, and to be sincere and friendly among colleagues.

Hello! First of all, thank you leaders and colleagues for your supervision and care. I learned a lot of experience during your work, and I felt the team cohesion of mutual encouragement and the team fighting ability of mutual assistance. I am very honored.I can be one of them. The old man is fuxi and ambitious. I still have the desire to learn. I deeply believe in the power of knowledge. With the encouragement of my family, I decided to integrate into the society and continue my studies to better serve the society.Contribute to society. I hope the company leaders will support it, and hereby propose to resign, and hope that the leader will approve it!

In just two years, our company has undergone huge and gratifying changes. I regret that I cannot contribute to the company's brilliant tomorrow. I only sincerely wish the company's performance soared all the way! The company leaders and colleagues work smoothly!

Employee Resignation Report 3

Dear Leader :

Hello! First of all, I would like to thank the leader for more than a month to train me and my colleagues for their selfless help. The trust and help you have from me has allowed me to continue to grow. I am particularly moved and memorable.The leader gave me a chance to exercise and made me a qualified catering waiter. This newly discovered work experience is a very fulfilling period in my life. Here I understand the principle of "low-profile and high-profile."These will benefit me for life.

I have learned a lot of knowledge and gained a lot of insights under the patient guidance of my leaders. Whether I am doing something or a person, these valuable wealth will make me useful for life. Thanks to the leadership for the job opportunities and the training I have given me,I have digged a little deeper into my own potential! Since this time, I have been making a restaurant as my home and doing my best to do everything. I have developed feelings for the catering industry, and my gratitude is always inspiringI.

I have learned a lot here, and here I have a new understanding of the service industry. The ordinary and interesting scenes of work and life are my unforgettable memories. I am a colleague and a friend, a leader and a loved one.This is my heartfelt remarks. As a foreigner, I also thought about finding new jobs in new places, but due to my personal physical reasons, I had to leave this collective. I hope my departure will not cause any loss to the restaurantAfter all, my role in the restaurant is not great. After all, I am a little bit reluctant to leave. After all, everyone here is very kind to me! But I have reasons for having to leave, for the rest of the dayI will do my best to do my job. Please rest assured!

"There is no banquet in the world", I hope leaders forgive me! Finally, I wish everyone a happy work, and also wish that the new discoveries flourish and create greater glories!



Applicant: xxx

XX / XX / XX, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 4

**** :

Because I deeply feel that my ability, mentality, and other aspects do not meet the company's requirements, as far as my current working status is concerned, I cannot be qualified for the position of manager of the personnel department, and I cannot efficiently and timely complete the tasks assigned by the company. FromFrom my personal development perspective and from the perspective of company management, I am not suitable for continuing to serve the company, so I resign.

Thank you very much for the trust the company has given me. I apologize for the negative effects of unfinished or poorly completed work.

I formally submitted my resignation on August 30, XX, and hope to leave before September 30, 2020 before National Day. Thank you for your approval.

During the transition period from August 31, 20xx to September 31, 200xx, I still do my best to do my job. If the company needs to recruit outside, I will do my best to recruit an excellent one for the company within one month., Dedicated manager of the personnel department, and do a good job with him.



Applicant: XXX


Employee Resignation Report 5

Dear company leaders :

After repeated thinking, I formally submitted my resignation to the company. For many reasons, I now have to apply to the company, and I apologize for the inconvenience caused to the company. But at the same time, I also hope that the company will be considerate of my personal situation.Although there are many perseverances, I still made the above decision. I hope the company leaders will consider and approve my application. Thank you! In the meantime, I know the trust and cultivation of the leaders behind me, and the support and help of my colleagues..In a blink of an eye in the company for more than a year, whether it is work practice or job skills training has benefited me a lot, and my ability has been greatly improved in all aspects. I thank the company leaders for their skills training. Work in the companyI am very full and happy, and my colleagues are grateful for their support and help. In particular, President Du ’s usual teaching and cultivation, and the shortcomings in his usual work, I still hope to understand. I hope that it can be about 2-4 weeks after the submission of this resignationLeaving the company makes it easier for the company to find more suitable candidates to fill the vacancies in the period. In the next work, IWill definitely do my job seriously.

Hope to approve my resignation, sincere thanks.

I wish the company a prosperous day! I wish all leaders and colleagues happy work!



Resignation: xxx

xxxxxx, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 6

Dear x total :


With a few flicks, I have been here for almost a year. During this period, I am very grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to work and study in this good environment. Your care and cultivation of me make me unforgettable, xMy sister and other colleagues in the company are very grateful to me for caring for me. Company xx has given me an unforgettable lesson in my life, allowing me to grow faster.

I regret to submit my resignation to the company at this time. The reform of the company system after the year will transfer me from the general department to the network department and become a member of the network department. The position is not bad, but it is not suitable for me and I feel thatPersonality and communication are not suitable for business materials, and I feel that things are more complicated. I think that it is better to be more proficient. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to develop into a network worker, so I recently thoughtPrepare to take the exam and recharge yourself.

Also for some personal reasons, I finally chose to submit a resignation application to the company. I hope that the leadership can find the right person to take over my job as soon as possible. I will try my best to cooperate with the transfer to ensure the normal operation of the company network.Do your last responsibility to the company.

I hope the company will consider and approve my application.



Applicant: xxx

xx month in 2xxx

Employee Resignation Report 7

Dear Manager :


When you are so busy, it is not appropriate to write this application for you to resign, but I clearly remember my ideals and ambitions, and remember my commitments, so after careful consideration, I decided to resign.Leave your pharmacy. I hope you can review my application and approve it while you are busy.

I have been in the pharmacy for more than three months. I have learned a lot in these pharmacies and my colleagues have taken care of me. I have benefited a lot from both technical and human affairs. The overall strength of the pharmacyThis is especially good, which makes me admire it, especially the marketing department employees have a particularly strong business ability, so that the pharmacy has always been in a very good operating state. I am grateful that the pharmacy can give me such an opportunity to learn and practice!

My philosophy is to do all the impossible and use my strength to fulfill my dreams. The current work really prevents me from taking care of myself. I hope that the leader will allow me to change to a different working environment. It may take a while to transfer the work, butI hope that the transfer of work can be completed early in the month of 20xx. I hope leaders can understand.

I wish you good health and hope that the pharmacy business will flourish.

Employee Resignation Report 8

Dear Leader :


Hello! First of all, thank you very much for your care and trust in me these months.

During this time, I seriously reviewed the work of these months, thank the leaders for their care and care during these months, and my colleagues for their help and care. During this time in the company, I learnedI have reached a lot of things, both in terms of professional skills and being a person. I am very grateful to the company leaders for their care and training, and I can only express my deep apologies for my departure at the moment. Thank you very much for givingI have such work and exercise opportunities. But at the same time, I find that my interest in logistics industry has also diminished. I don't want to work with this emotion. I'm sorry you and I'm sorry myself. So I decided to resign and ask for your support.

Please forgive me for the decision I made, and forgive me for taking the leave. I will leave the company at the end of this month after submitting my resignation report in order to complete the job transfer.

In just a few months our company has undergone tremendous and gratifying changes. I regret that I cannot contribute to the company's brilliant tomorrow. I only sincerely wish the company's performance soared all the way, company leaders and colleagues.Work smoothly and be healthy.



Applicant :

September 11, XX