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Employee Resignation Report 1

Dear x total :


First of all, thank you very much for your trust and care over the past six months.

During this time, I seriously reviewed the work situation in the past six months, and felt that I was lucky to work at xx restaurant. I have always cherished this job very much. The care and teaching of my boss over the past six months has made meI am grateful. In the more than half a year of working at the xx restaurant, I have learned a lot, both in communication and in terms of being a person. I have greatly improved. I thank the boss for his care and cultivation, and for leaving me at this moment.I can only express my deep apologies. I am very grateful that this job has given me a good opportunity to exercise, but at the same time, I find that I have more than enough energy to engage in this job. Long hours of work have made me a bit overwhelmed and my bodyThe situation is no longer the same as before, and it is difficult for me to adapt to the current intensity of work. If I stay this way, it will be irresponsible to the hotel and myself. So after thinking about it again and again, I decided to resign, and I hope you can support it.

Please understand my decision. I will leave the hotel after the end of the year in order to complete the transfer of work. I regret that I cannot contribute to the glorious tomorrow of hotel xx. I only sincerely wish that the performance of the hotel will skyrocket.! x and my colleagues work smoothly!



Resignation: xxx

x year x month x day

Employee Resignation Report 2

Dear President Wang :


Time is running out, I have been working in the company for more than half a year.

During this time, I learned a lot of new equipment, and therefore paid a small price, and even made a loss to the company. For this, I feel deeply guilty.

Escape is not a good way to dare to take responsibility. Because of the lack of business knowledge, I have encountered many troubles in my work. There are many small problems with the help of colleagues and guidance.Big problems. For this I really should be fortunate, of course, there are problems that are not easy to deal with. For example, due to the limited information on the suppliers of auxiliary materials, there is very little room for purchasing auxiliary stock.

I took over the German casual pants so far, the company's three-month operation period has not ushered in the expected good results. I have an inescapable responsibility for this. I have done things beyond my ability in inappropriate positions.So when things happened, I couldn't help it. Like the zipper problem this time, it was out of my ignorance, which might have been avoided.

I really do n’t know if I have the courage to go back to my current job. I ’m trapped in deep self-blame, and I believe that it also caused a lot of trouble for the leader. Perhaps my statement is not helpful, but my heart willIt's a lot better. No matter what the leader does, I can accept it.

I hope the leader will approve my application soon, thank you very much!




xx xx xx xx

Employee Resignation Report 3

Dear XX :


During this time in the company, I am honored to be taken care of by leaders and colleagues. In work, I have learned many valuable experiences and practical skills; in life, I have been given leadership and colleagues at all levels.Care and help; I have received guidance and help from leaders and colleagues, and have a more mature and profound outlook on life. This period of work will be my most precious asset.

Over time, I feel more and more weak about my professional knowledge, so I think I need to learn more about this professional, and I ask the company leaders to give support and understanding, and grant my resignation application!

Here, I would like to especially thank the company leaders and colleagues for their strong support and help in the past work and life. In particular, I always feel X's care, guidance, trust in me, and guidance on my life path..Thank all my colleagues who have helped me.

eagerly looking forward to the approval of the leader resignation letter , and assist me in the relevant resignation procedures. Before leaving the company, I will still stick to the original job. I wish you good health, a smooth and prosperous career! I wish colleagues a happy work; I wish the companyGrand plans!



Applicant :

xxxxxx, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 4

Dear company leaders :

First of all, thank you very much for the trust and care you have given me over the past five years. During this time, I have carefully reviewed the work of the past five years, and feel that it is my luck to work in your company. I have always cherished this job very much.Over the past five years, the leaders of the company have cared for and taught me, and my colleagues have helped me greatly. In the more than five years I have worked in the company, I have learned a lot, whether from professional skills or lifeThere has been a great improvement in all aspects, thank the company leaders for their care and training, and I can only express my deep apologies for my departure at this moment.

I am very grateful that the company has given me such opportunities for work and exercise. But at the same time, I find that my interest in the exhibition industry has also diminished. I do n’t want to work with this emotion. I am sorry that you are sorry for myself.I changed my career. At this moment, I have a chance. I plan to give it a try, so I decided to resign, please support.

Please forgive me for the decision I made, and forgive me for taking the leave of absence. I hope we can have a chance to work together again. I will leave the company 1 week after submitting the resignation report in order to complete the job transfer.

In the past five years, our company has undergone tremendous and gratifying changes. I regret that I cannot contribute to the company's brilliant tomorrow. Sorry again.



Applicant: Resignation Report


Employee Resignation Report 5

Dear Leader :

I came to xx on x, xx, 20xx, and officially became a member of xx. Thank you for this opportunity.

As of today, more than four years have passed. During this time, it has benefited me to be a colleague with many excellent people, and I believe that it will definitely affect me deeply in the future. I sincerely thank youEveryone, thank you everyone in this business, because you let me grow.

I do n’t like to exaggerate facts and I do n’t like to be too modest. I will try my best to get close to the facts. Only in this way can it be objective.

In the past four years, I paid for my labor and got paid back. But I think that my dedication is not enough to get so much in return, thanks to xx and all my colleagues for their generosity. I do n’t dare to say,At least in xx, xx can be said to be generous and tolerant. I believe colleagues know me, and I will not make anyone's flatter, not to mention leaving now, it is not necessary. So please believe thisIt was from my heart.

There are many excellent colleagues who have given me a lot of help, thank you all.

Although I often seek self-improvement, I am ashamed of being foolish in nature, unable to effectively execute the work arrangements of leaders, and fail to complete sales tasks on schedule, which has failed the expectations of my leaders and colleagues. So I am now resigning.

Regarding the work at hand, I will process and complete the transfer as soon as possible, mainly because the batch of goods issued in xx in April has not yet received the payment. This customer and the customer of xx are very good, the payment is timely, and they are polite, fromI have learned something from them, and I want to thank them.

The four newly recruited colleagues are very good, and the most prominent one is Xie xx. Please believe that this is my sole judgment.

Although China ’s legal system is imperfect and the cost of law compliance is higher than the cost of breaking the law. I am still happy to be a law-abiding citizen. According to the contract between me and the company, resignation must be made in writing. Hope the leadership will soonApprove, thank you very much!



Applicant: xxx

XX / XX / XX, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 6

Dear Leader :


I regret to submit my application for resignation to the company at this time. First of all, thank you very much for always giving me the opportunity to work and study here, and to work with colleagues who share our hardships under excellent leadership.I am reluctant to lead every time I teach, and I am reluctant to be sincere and friendly among my colleagues. I have come to the company for almost half a year, and I have seen every time during this half year of work ----How busy you are, especially ---- the hard work of the month, as an employee is really uncomfortable, complaining that you do not have that ability, can not share the worry for you, I feel sad!

In this half-year job, I worked hard with the company's siblings and harvested together, and I also had anxiety and self-blame. In the company Family In the semi-military management system, I once changed some of my bad habits. Here I can comprehensively learn management work, and comprehensive and practical experience. However, the lack of maturity in work always makes myself very彷徨. There is a saying in the installation industry, "If you don't get better in four months, you should find the reason for yourself." I deeply understand that this is right. Maybe I am not suitable for comprehensive management of this job.It is painful to deny one aspect of my ability directly. However, we always have to face reality. I think I only have to return to the construction site and find my own position: do a good job.It ’s my choice. I have n’t felt this way from work to now. I used to think that I was very capable, but now I am deeply depressed and unable to extricate myself. Maybe I really have to learn slowly.growing up.

Resigning to the company at this stage is also a pressure on itself. The company is at the time of employment, the closing work of the shopping mall and the start of the Western District project.Considering the rationality of the company's work arrangements in the future, in a responsible manner to the company, in order to prevent the company from making mistakes in decision-making due to me, I solemnly resign to the company. I think before many projects have officially started,The company can do a more reasonable and proper project arrangement. Before the company's approval, I will definitely obey the leadership to arrange the work and do all my own work under the arrangement of the company's leader and the person in charge of the engineering department.

Employee Resignation Report 7

Dear Leader :

Hello, today I have a very complicated mood to ask you for my resignation. I will leave sometime in March when you find it convenient. I intend to pursue other hobbies, if this adds to yourFor any trouble, please accept my deep apologies. In the company's more than 2 years, maybe my ability is limited, maybe my potential has not been fully utilized, I have not contributed to the company, and for this I amDeeply guilty.

I am very grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to learn and gain valuable work experience. I hope that my resignation will not cause you much inconvenience. I hope that I can obtain a notice of resignation before I leave.

Recalling that in the past, in all aspects of work and life, I have received your thoughtful help and care. To tell you that you are a rare and good supervisor, I am very lucky. Graduation I just met you. When I do something wrong, you can always forgive me and give me the opportunity to correct it again and again. I will be grateful for this all my life. What do you need in the futureMy place, although speaking, as long as conditions permit, it is possible to do it, I will be happy to do my best. I also hope we can have a chance to work together again.

Before leaving the post, it is my job. Please assign it to me. I will definitely do my part and do what I should do. Finally, I would like to thank all the colleagues who have given me care and help. I sincerely thank you.Dear friends, I wish you good luck with the company, and it will be more prosperous in the future



Resignation :

Date :

Employee Resignation Report 8

Dear company leader :

First of all, I would like to express my deep apologies. I wrote this resignation letter with a very complicated and guilty mood. I regret that I suddenly offered to resign to the company at this time, purely for personal reasons.The company continues to grow!

The parents in the family are old and no one takes over the small business at home. They have been urged to go home for help many times. However, there is nothing to do in Guangzhou, and the monthly wages are not enough to spend on their own.. The opening of the Guangzhou-Foshan subway and the concept of Guangzhou-Foshan City have allowed me to see business opportunities. The government ’s relaxed policy to encourage college students to start businesses in order to solve the employment problem of college students has deeply touched me.

Leaving this unit and leaving those colleagues who had shared the hardships and hardships are really reluctant, sincere and friendly between the colleagues. But I still have to decide to leave, and I beg the unit to forgive me for leaving and approve my resignation.

At the same time, I am honored to have been a member of XXX company, I would be grateful to have the opportunity to work and study here! I sincerely wish all employees who work hard at XXX work smoothly and have a successful career!



Department XXX

Resignation: XXX

Time: June 15, 20xx