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[Practical] Five Collections of Employee Resignation Reports

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Employee Resignation Report 1

Dear Leader :


I regret to formally resign to the company at this time.

First of all, thank you very much xx for giving me a good internship opportunity, thank the company for the trust and care that I have always given me, and the company for giving me a platform to play my personal advantage. During the x months of the company's work, the company gaveI have learnt a lot, and I have improved a lot. At the same time, I have seen the cruelty of social competition. But because I ca n’t get what I want in the company, whether it is spiritual or material life,For this reason, I regret to submit my resignation to the company here. It has been xx months since xx. Although a little bit reluctant, after many considerations, I still intend to resign.

In the past few days, I seriously reviewed the work situation in the past x months. In my work, I focused on working to promote the development of the company. I have always centered on the interests of the company., I have learned a lot, both in terms of professional skills and being a person. Thanks to the company leaders for their care and cultivation.

In the company, I don't get the treatment I think should be valuable, but I deeply feel that my ability is limited, I can't meet the requirements of the company, and I am not enough in all aspects of the company's needs.Therefore, I am resigning to the company, and I hope the company will understand.

Thanks again to the company for giving me a good chance to work and study in the environment. I promise that I will never do anything harmful to the company ’s interests after I leave the company or disclose the internal situation of the company. I sincerely wish the company in the futureWinning and flourishing every step of the way! The company leaders and colleagues work smoothly!



Resignation: xxx

20xx x month x day

Employee Resignation Report 2

Dear leaders :

Since I joined the company at the end of the year, I have always enjoyed this job. I thank the leaders for their trust, cultivation and tolerance, and also for the kindness, help and care given by my colleagues. In the past two years, I have used the companyGive good study time, learn something new to enrich myself, and increase some of my knowledge and practical experience. I sincerely thank the company for more than two years of care !!! Of course, I also think I am in theseI made my best efforts during the year of work.

But for some personal reasons, I finally chose to submit a resignation application to the company, and hope to formally resign on September 30 this year. I hope that the leadership can find the right person to take over my job as soon as possible, and I will try my best to cooperate.Good handover work, to ensure the normal operation of the business, to the company, to the customer as the final responsibility.

I hope the company will consider and approve my application.



Applicant :

Application time :

Employee Resignation Report 3

Dear company leaders :


I regret to submit my resignation report to the company at this time. It may not be a surprise to me to leave the company, but in the eyes of others, they will definitely think that I am crazy, so no good job, this is notAre you sick? But they do n’t know my pain. I leave the company for many reasons. Here I want to explain to the company leaders.

The company already has a good reputation, and it ’s so lucky to be able to sum up the work in the eyes of others. I joined the company in the year and changed from a student to a worker. I cherish this hard-won job very much. At work, colleaguesThe monitor, supervisor and supervisor are very concerned about me. Although my working age is short, the cultural atmosphere outlined has deeply infected me and taught me a lot. During my stay at home, I won an opportunity to go abroad., Now in a foreign country, work has long been settled.

The company is a starting point for me. Only by abandoning it can there be a way out. Going on will only waste my youth. The company's salary is actually not high, and in the end it can only be regarded as food and clothing.Tasteless, it's a pity to give up. Some old employees have worked hard for the company for more than ten years, and have been working hard. What are the results? Or ordinary front-line employees, the salary is not significantly increased, and the salary of managers is straightRise, why is this? The overhang is too great, is it because they have no management talent, they do not have good treatment. The company attaches importance to the management type of people, and it is indifferent to our front-line employees. Such an environment is notFor me, I decided to resign and hope that leaders at all levels will reply as soon as possible!

Leaving the company was actually not what I wanted, but I had to leave. I didn't regret my decision. Just leaving the company was a little bit reluctant to me. I miss the time when I was in the company!

Later I wish the company's development is getting better and better! Business is booming! Everything goes well!



Applicant :


Employee Resignation Report 4

Dear Leader :

As an employee who has worked in the hotel for more than half a year, I have a very kind feeling for the hotel. Everyone has many firsts when he was young, and of course I am no exception.

My first job was in a hotel, and my youngest three years were also spent in a hotel. Here, I learned a lot and was able to work with colleagues. I feel very happy.One is my elder brother and sister, and my uncle and aunt, they taught me what I ca n’t learn in school, how to be a person, how to deal with things, how to work? In the hotel, the leaders are very kind to me.Concerned, from the moment I entered the hotel, I felt the warmth from top to bottom. Because I was in the hotel, I was of average age, not too young, and had never lived in such a large group, naturally, in my heartThe face will have a feeling of being cared for. This is a feeling that has never been in a group before, very warm and proud, and it stays with me until I leave.

But this feeling will not go away with my departure. I think I will never forget it. After all, I used to live in a warm and warm collective. President Han, I remember the first time with youThe close contact and understanding is on the 20xx.3.16. With the passage of time, the stars move, and the work experience and personal talent you have accumulated over the years have also been fully exerted. You are me

Hotel manager. Before I went to work, I formulated a series of policies and guidelines, repositioned the hotel's business strategy, and constantly tried new mechanisms and rewards and distribution methods, in an effort to make the hotel's economic benefits continue to riseThe new high also makes the benefits of hotel employees as sesame flowers bloom. This is a move for the benefit of employees. This is a manager recognized by employees.

As a member of this collective, I feel more that you care about and train your employees. You must think that if hotels want to be invincible in a highly competitive society, the training and development of talents cannot be ignored.One of the links. Due to the lack of my own ability, the recent work made me feel inadequate, so I thought the company offered to resign and forgot the leadership approval.



Resignation: xxx

August 11, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 5

Dear superior supervisor :

Hello! I have decided to leave, so I will submit this resignation report to you half a month in advance. Please also pay attention to whether there are candidates in my resume suitable for taking over my job. Thank you for your care and help in recent years, verythank!

I've recently sorted out my resume, and suddenly I realized that I have done too many types of work in the company in the past few years. Let's take a closer look. There are no less than ten types. First started from the front desk in September 20xx, and then personnel.Administration, market development, weddings, skin care brand information collection, and later foreign trade. There are also part-time copywriting, proofreading, delivery, and a variety of handicrafts. And most of the time I am doing several things at the same time, although II have never complained that I have too much work, but this does not mean that my workload is small. And the day when all my work is done, or the day when someone takes over, it also means a new jobComing soon. Sometimes I feel that I am a senior handyman. It is really too complicated. I am so confused now that I can't figure out what I can do and what I want to do. I am also confused about my own professional positioning and future. So,I want to take a break now, plan for my future, and re-plan my career and life.

Remember that I talked to you once a year ago and talked about my thoughts, so presumably my resignation should not be too surprising to you. I am here since the company started to help you start a business. So far it has beenI have been doing it for more than 3 years, and I am very happy to watch the company grow and grow day by day. I am quite happy to be on the right track. To be honest, I still feel a little bit reluctant to leave the company. I know that you have a lot of ideas.Once you have a new idea, I am very supportive of you, and I will do my wholeheartedly to do what you think. If there is any problem in the company, I will do my best to help you deal with it. Because I am very committed and I promiseIt will definitely be done. Now that the company is on the right track and fresh blood is constantly being supplied, I think I can retreat in torrents and please give me a chance and a chance for me to realize my ideas.

Resignation applicant: ____________