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9 collections of teacher resignation report templates

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Teacher Resignation Report 1

Dear Dean

I am a xxx professional counselor xxx, I chose to resign due to personal reasons. Although there are thousands of reluctant, after all, I have been in YJBYS University undergraduate and graduate courses, including working for a total of 8 years in recent years.Deep feelings, the relationship with the younger brother and the younger sister in the work process is also very harmonious. For dealing with students' life, study, and ideological matters, I have already been handy, and resigning is really a helpless move. The reason for resigning lies in Family The request, the family asked me to go back to my hometown to develop, and my boyfriend is also in his hometown, I have also arrived Marriage The age, and there are some other trivial reasons, I will not list them one by one. Although I will resign, but I will not forget the alma mater, the training of the alma mater, the teachings of the teachers, the alma mater is the pride of my life.



Resigned applicant: xxx

March 4, 20xx

Teacher resignation report 2

Dear school leader :

For personal reasons, I regret that I formally applied to the school for resignation at this time.

For students who do not know how to correct the wrong questions in their homework, I ask the students to conduct self-examination after writing each scientific assignment, and to grade themselves in terms of handwriting, correctness, homework attitude, etc. The purpose is to train students to learn wellHabit, this measure has achieved good results and the quality of the work has been improved. Through the practice of reforming the homework evaluation, I have tasted the joy of success and experienced the fruitful results brought about by the creative work of teachers.

since xx university Graduation I have been working in the xx school for nearly x years. During this period, the school ’s equal interpersonal relationship and enlightened work style, as well as the tolerance of the principal x and the care of the director x, made me feel a united and harmonious office environment.At one time, it made me feel like I was relying on it. I work and study happily here. However, this comfortable environment has hindered the improvement of personal abilities, although it has passed the assessment of senior teacher titles.But I always feel that I haven't made much progress in teaching, so I want to take advantage of my current youth and change my environment when I am still fighting and energetic. I hope to make a breakthrough.

I also know that resigning to the school at this time is a test for myself. The school is at the time of employment. There is a sudden departure of teachers in the middle of the semester, which has a very serious impact on the normal progress of the teaching work., All preparations are in full swing, the preparation of test questions, the preparation of the review of small chapters, also considering the rationality of the school arrangement, in a responsible attitude to the school, in order not to let the school treat students because of my departureAs a result of more delays, I solemnly applied to the school for resignation. I will work until the end of the semester. All the work will be handed over to the successor teacher before the beginning of the next semester. I urge leaders to approve.

Think about the days when I can work for the school, and I am very reluctant, but I will definitely take care of my last job, do all the teaching work of my own, carefully correct the homework, tutor students, and try my best.Reduce the negative impact on my classmates due to my departure. I will also remember the JJ teachings of the leaders, cherish the friendship between my colleagues, and come back to the school to visit the leaders if I have the opportunity.

Finally, I would like to thank again the school leaders and colleagues for their care and support for me in the work over the years, and wish xx school a prosperous future, standing in the forest of famous schools in xx city, and cultivate more outstanding talents for the society.

Finally, I would like to thank again the school leaders and colleagues for their care and support for me in the work over the years, and wish xx school a prosperous future, standing in the forest of famous schools in xx city, and cultivate more outstanding talents for the society.

Resigned: XXX

xxxx year x month x day

Teacher Resignation Report 3

Dear school leader :


First of all, thank you very much for your trust and care for me in the past few months.

During this time, I seriously reviewed the work situation in these days. I feel that I am lucky to come to work in XX. I have always cherished this job. The leaders of the school have cared and taught me for these two months, colleaguesI am very grateful for my help. During this period of school work, I have learned a lot, both in terms of professional skills and life. I have greatly improved. Thank you for your care and training.I can only express my deep apologies for my departure at this moment. I am very grateful that the school has given me such work and exercise opportunities. But at the same time, I found that my interest in training school teachers has also declined, and I do not want to take this with me.I'm sorry for your emotional work, and I'm sorry for myself. It's really time to quit. It's just a chance during the probation period, so I decided to resign and ask for your support.

Please forgive me for the decision I made and forgive me for this parting way. In just a few months, our school has recruited many students. I regret that I cannot contribute to the school's brilliant tomorrow.I can only sincerely wish that the school will become bigger and bigger! School leaders and colleagues will work smoothly!



Applicant: ×××

20xx year x month xx day

Teacher Resignation Report 4

Respected school leaders :


First of all, I would like to thank the school leaders for their trust and care during my work, and gave me a platform for development, which has made me a lot of progress. Now for personal reasons, I am now officially applying for resignation to the school, and will be on summer vacation in 20xxResignation, please make appropriate arrangements for the school, during this period I must stand the last shift and do my job. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to the school. Hope the leaders approve! Thank you! Zhu Guangming School YueThe better it is, the bigger the show!



June 23, 20xx

Resignation application staff: xxx

Teacher Resignation Report 5

Dear principal and school board :

I have been fortunate to sign a contract with the XX school since XX year XX month XX day, and have been a great member of the teaching and educating team. I have gained a lot and cherish this good time. Recently, I 1.Physical; 2. Family; 3. Personal interests; 4. Teaching ability; 5. Development needs; 6. Personal ambitions; 7. Private; 8. Other ... Reasons, after a long time of thinking, had to make thisDecision: Resign from the task of course professor and leave the school. I hope the principal and the school board can approve my request.



Resigned: xxx

xxxx year xx month xx day

Teacher Resignation Report 6

Respected school leaders :


First of all, thank you for your trust and support for letting me join XX Middle School. I have been working in the school for a month. I feel from my heart that I am completely unsuitable and competent for my current job. I have lived up to your hopes and made a deserter.Say here: I'm sorry. Anyway, I still want to leave early, which is the best choice for you and the company.

The first night I just went to work was a weekly meeting on Monday. From the meeting, I felt that my pressure was quite heavy. In the next few days, I was thinking about the problem carefully every day, to be honestYes, sleeping at night is not as stable as before. First of all, in terms of work, I must not only start from scratch, but also clean up the mess before.

Finally, it ’s my family. When I came to the interview, the company had a five-day system. Overtime work was voluntary at night. But since I joined, I feel that I work overtime every night until 9 or 10It is normal to order even later. It seems to be the same as working in the daytime. The most profound thing about overtime is that it will be open until 12:00 last Monday evening. My children and my mother will come to Guangdong next year, my husband isNaturally, I do n’t have much time to take care of my family while doing business. Obviously, my working hours are very inappropriate. The above points are my personal subjective views, just for reference, but they are all my inner feelings. Because I know a lotBeautiful clothes, but not all suitable for me. The best suits you, and so does the employer.

Today I have sent my resignation on oa, if there is any inconvenience, please Haihan!



Signature of resigner :

Date: xxx year xx month xx day

Teacher resignation report 7

Respected leader :


First of all, thank you for taking the time to read mine during your busy schedule Resignation Letter . As the saying goes: there is no banquet in the world. Due to personal career planning and some practical factors simply explain the reasons for leaving the history teacher position of the junior middle school, such as the age of the parents, the separation of the spouse, after careful consideration, I decided to resign from the juniorThe job of a middle school history teacher.

I regret that I formally resigned to you at this time, and I apologize for the inconvenience caused to the management of ××× changed to the name of the unit where the history teacher position of my junior high school is located! At this time I chose to leave the junior high schoolThe history teacher position, leaving colleagues and meticulous leaders, is not a whim, but a difficult decision that I made after a long period of consideration. I believe that in my current junior high school history teacher position, ××× changeName of the unit where the history teacher position of your own junior high school is located Many colleagues can do better, and I believe that you will definitely approve my application after reading my resignation report.

In a blink of an eye, I have been working in ××× changed to the name of the unit where my junior high school history teacher posts are located, and I look back at the work and life of the junior middle school history teacher posts. I have a lot of emotions and expectations., There have been confusion, laughter, and sorrow.

××× Change to the name of the unit where the history teacher position of my junior middle school is located The job of the junior middle school history teacher position is a precious and very meaningful start in my career. With the guidance and help of leaders and colleagues, theI became a qualified junior middle school history teacher job worker with certain practical working ability and ability to deal with daily affairs. I am very grateful.

Teacher resignation report 8

Respected leader :


Maybe everyone will be very surprised, why do I work well in the teacher's work, I want to write this resignation report, but I want to say, this is after I think for a very long time to makeDecision, I have n’t told anyone before. Only in this way can I do myself well. I know my abilities and I know I ’m going to leave the campus for many years.

Since I have been engaged in education since August 1998, I have been deeply affected by the spirit of "unity, pragmatism, pioneering and dedication". While trying my best to serve all students, I have also made great improvements in all aspects of myself, butBefore the reality of all-round development of all aspects of society, I deeply felt that I was no longer a complete teacher, so I specially sent a letter to the leader. I decided to resign and leave for the following reasons :

One, the actual situation of the family seriously affects my education.

My father is 79 years old, and my cerebral infarction in xx years has always required someone to take care of my life. My lover teaches at a township school 50 kilometers away from the city. The child is three years old and the head of the family, but I have not fulfilled any responsibilities. I have to take care of my father after schoolThe child had to be on the weekend, lover, a telephone greeting when he was tired. The father is not far away from the century. I ca n’t bear the name of filial piety. Hundred filial piety first, I resigned to take care of my father better, treat my children as best as I can, etc.When he grows up and knows that I will be a teacher, I will certainly forgive me, my lover, I ca n’t say more anymore. It ’s time to test our feelings and resign. I may also do my husband ’s responsibility.Looking forward, that is, looking forward, in order not to mistake more children, for the integrity of the family, resignation is my most appropriate choice.

Second, since I taught in XX years, I am getting fuzzy year by year and I cannot find my place.

Joining work in 1998, has experienced three educational reforms, one more profound. One more intense, each time, has created countless advanced, but each time, it has drowned countless experiences. One reform at a time makes me confused.I feel that I am lagging behind, although I am struggling to move forward, I still can't keep up with the pace of manufacturing reform. Now that I have realized that I am not a good educator, I decided to leave because I am confused and waiting for one day I can completely followWhen I was at the pace of education, I was still willing to enter this respectable industry. Whether such respect is in the discourse or in the government work report.

Three, pay is not proportional to income, and social status is not recognized.

What is the teacher, "Get up earlier than chickens, sleep later than ghosts, dry more tired than cows, eat worse than pigs," the earliest to work is not a teacher, the latest home is not a teacher. This everyoneIt is clear that teachers have no complaints, but when it comes to receiving wages, the taste is always there, for example, for me. The salary is about 1800, loan 1200, water and electricity 300, elderly monthly medicine and other expenses 400, child education 120, otherI do n’t need anything. Since I started working in 1998 and today, I owe more than 60,000. I have been waiting for the day when I can easily take classes, but after XX years, I ca n’t wait any longer: the status of the teacher in the society has beenIt hurts a lot of people. I ca n’t tell what I ’ve experienced. I ’m ashamed. Except for the title of a teacher who has been a child in his class for a few years, the teacher just writes on the paper and is scanned by the eyes of others.I do n’t want an equal life to be a little light after being a teacher, so I decided to leave.

Teacher Resignation Report 9

Dear principal :

Hello, I am xxx. First of all, I am very happy to work and live with you and other colleagues for a long period of time in the Little Doctor Kindergarten, and I am also very happy to meet a warm and wise man like you.Leadership. It ’s just a pity that I chose to leave again. I know that there may be some disappointments or disappointments for you, but this is also a leap in my life. I think you will also enjoy my growth..

I think you may also understand the reasons for my resignation. For me, the work pressure of our little doctor is still very large. Due to family reasons, I need to do a lot of things at home, but in the gardenThe arrangement will always conflict with the family. Although I have never mentioned it to you, and always focus on the work in the garden, I really need to consider the actual situation of the family now. I think I stillI hope to have more time to help my mother to do more things. I think that the people cultivated from your hands have better and greater development, and you will be very happy in your heart.

I used to dream of starting a small kindergarten, I also hope that I can be more independent and mature, because I like the job with my children, and I am glad that I have entered the field of preschool education. I especially hope that you canUnderstand. Maybe my idea is too sentimental, maybe it is a little empty talk, but I am very optimistic and working hard! Thank you very much for your attention and patience.The change is just that I will no longer be a member of the team you lead. As I always thought, I am very confident that you will be a good leader, but now our position is different, my personal manyThe reason made me choose to leave.

Please forgive me, because I really have to go back, I hope I will not cause you too much trouble, and hope that my resignation procedures will go smoothly. Your equal dialogue with me will always be appreciated, no matterAnyway, thank you sincerely!



Resigned applicant: xxx

20xx year xx month xx day