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Nine articles on employee resignation reports

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Employee Resignation Report 1

xx real estate leader :

Hello everyone!

Facing the haze of the ice age of real estate, in order to save costs and manpower expenses, and to eliminate the "7-year itch" caused by the dullness of the workplace, I had to regret and euphemism just after the first legal Dragon Boat Festival was overFormally resigned to Tiangong Real Estate. In the past 6 years, Tiangong Real Estate has given me a lot, especially training me from a real estate layman into a professional in the industry. To this end, I will alwaysI am full of gratitude, and this feeling will always accompany my future life journey. April 17, xx is an unforgettable day for me, because this day is the day I report to Tiangong Real Estate, and it will always be fixed inDeep in my memory. June 10, 20xx will also be a day I will not forget, because on this day I formally submitted my resignation to Tiangong Real Estate, and it will also be engraved in my mind. Except for my parents and myselfof Birthday Besides, I will always remember the aforementioned two days. Because these days, either give me life, or change my life, or make me understand the basic principle of human beings-filial piety. However, there is nothing in the worldAt the banquet, there are no flowers in the world. For the sake of my self-righteous future, I must also submit my resignation to Tiangong Real Estate and handle the resignation procedures in accordance with the regulations of the construction site.

The above resignations, please approve. Thank you!

resigned :

Time: xx month xx day, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 2

Dear distinguished leaders :

It has been five years since I came to work in Yuanda Textile Factory. During these five years, I deeply felt that Yuanda Textile Factory is a powerful factory with broad market and development prospects. Here, I getThanks to the help and guidance of leaders and colleagues, I have learned a lot. However, over time, I gradually felt that due to personal reasons, I could not really integrate into the big textile factory of Yuanda. Family Medium. I myself have no enthusiasm for the work assigned to me by the factory, nor do I adapt to the factory's working environment and atmosphere. In this case, if I continue to work in the factory, neither the factory nor my development will beA good thing. Therefore, after careful consideration, I decided to offer my resignation, please approve it.

Although I ca n’t continue to serve the Broad Textile Factory, I still wish that the Fy Textile Factory will grow stronger and achieve greater success in the future. I would like to express my special thanks to the leaders such as Zhang Moumou and Wang Moumou.They have all given me cordial care and guidance. I apologize for the adverse impact the resignation may have on the factory. In addition, since we have not continued to sign labor contracts, we hope to negotiate with the factory to resolve issues such as wages.



Resignation applicant: ***

XX / XX / XX

Employee Resignation Report 3

Speaking of the reasons for my resignation, they can be roughly summarized into the following two points :

First, my health is deteriorating, so it is really necessary to go home to recuperate.

The second point is that today's work is long before now, the workload is too large, and the company's requirements are too high. I am deeply disturbed and misrepresented in this position, and it is difficult to complete the work tasks delivered by the company and leaders, and live up toIt has high expectations of the party and the country.

Detailed explanation below.

On the morning of October 18th, the manager asked if the negative gross profit had been hit. I said that the export had not been hit yet. Then I asked if the fresh price had been adjusted, and I said it had been adjusted. The manager said that since the price had been adjustedYou can hit the negative gross profit, how long does it take? The manager also said that the negative inventory has not been followed up for a few days, asked us to follow up, and then asked the departments what the difficulties are. I asked a lot of orders have not been enteredTreasury, do you need to follow up negative inventory? The manager asked why there are so many documents not stored in the warehouse? I said that too many things can't be done, and the cashier's long and short paragraphs have never been done. He said you have so many thingsDo you want to do it? The work efficiency is too low. If you want to work leisurely, it ’s better to change your job early. He also emphasized this point. The same is true for other departments.Is to die.

I ca n’t help asking: Dear shopkeeper, do you want us to ask questions just to find a reason to criticize us? Since you opened the mouth, I ca n’t help but leave.

The manager asked us to speak out if we have difficulties, but when you raise difficulties, his solution is either to scold you. Although he often smiles when he scolds people, the expression of hiding a knife in this laugh is really peopleShivering. Either let you do this first and then do another thing, but you ca n’t finish the other one after you finish it, you can only stay until the next day, and the second dayThe day's work has to be done, and the one that can't be done must be left to the third day, so the cycle goes on and on for a day that never finishes.

Maybe when the manager sees the above sentence, you will not agree with it, but it doesn't matter, I didn't write it for you.

In the last newsletter, the store manager asked me to finish all promotional logos the day before the newsletter started. This was supposed to be done. It was my fault that I did n’t finish it, and I admit it. But only blamed the problem on me.It ’s unfair to people. Because the department store gave me the alert form in the afternoon before the newsletter started, and there are some flaws in the form, I must check the accuracy of the form before adjusting the price..When the price adjustment is almost finished, and there are other piecemeal things to deal with, there was no time for the promotion logo at the time. The next morning I said that none of the logos were hit, and the store manager was furious.Why did n’t you call me? I called you yesterday. Why have n’t you hit me yet? Do n’t you know that you have to do it all the day before the newsletter starts? If you ask, I can arrange for other colleagues to do it, butYou did n’t mention it at the time, and you just told me I did n’t accept it. Okay, it ’s my fault again. I did n’t ask the question in the first time, so I tried to raise it as much as possible.Problem, but the problem has not been resolved.

For example: I proposed that the cashier has no time to make short and long payment. The store manager just came to see what I was doing and left. So far, I have not given any solution to the problem. I just blindly asked to do this every day.Do that every day.

On the one hand, the store manager said that he must discuss the matter, and on the other hand, the arrangement is based on the so-called "just in case." What to do in case of emergencies, what to do if there is a supplier to order, in caseWhat to do with price adjustments, just in case ... what to do? His theory is based on fantasy and speculation, and there is no actual direction. If things happen to him, he will say that special circumstances will be special in time.solve.

Example: October 6th and 7th are Saturday and Sunday. I want to take two consecutive days off, but the manager wants me to switch to Sunday and Monday. The reason is that if the supplier wants to place an order, pleaseNote that this is "in case". As a result, no supplier came on Saturday, but there were a lot of documents on Monday.

The contradiction in the manager ’s words also made me and many employees feel unacceptable. At a morning meeting, the participants really heard him say that he would clean up the warehouse that day, but until the next dayI did n’t see the organization, and a colleague raised a question. He did n’t admit that he had said this, which was incredible. His manager did not organize the warehouse and it was not directly related to me.An example, trying to illustrate his contradictions.

Regarding the adjustment of working hours, I personally didn't have any opinions, but the manager said that if I go to work at 8:10, it will take 10 minutes less than other colleagues in the administrative class, so I need to add 10 minutes, okayIndeed, I have no objection to this point. But should I take the extra ten minutes after work off into the salary? Should the labor paid by employees during non-working hours also be included in the work time? I said thisThe thing is to express that if you have to be clear on one thing, you should also be clear on other things. If you only need your left hand and not your right hand, it is not a disability.

If the company has special requirements for the information department, I would like to know why? The information department should be fired if it does not support the cash register. But to be fair, who has been supported when the information department needs support? If you insistI was irrefutable by the superior department to support me. Some colleagues argued that the confiscation of the silver would not be accepted, and the superior refuted it. Who would collect it once? How many times will it take it? Since this is the caseIt should n’t be that the information department does n’t have the ability to support other departments. Who will do it once? On the other hand, why so many colleagues at work at that time did not call anyone, you must call someone in the information department.Go? Regarding this issue, the manager and I have already discussed it at this time, and I will not discuss it here. I just want to explain that suppressing the contradiction does not mean resolving the contradiction, but only deepens the contradiction.The more you accumulate, the others won't say much, it's not helpful to say more.

The reason why the manager insists that I go to work alone seems to me to be a manifestation of the inhuman nature of the exploiting class. Why do you say that? Because the manager thinks that if you work for a few hours, you must do several hours, every minuteYou have to work for one second, and you ca n’t breathe a bit. When there were two people in the information department before, you could rest for a while after lunch, but this situation is definitely not allowed by the managerHe believes that it is a complete waste of human resources, there is not so much work to do, and a person can do it. In the work, sometimes the workload will be very large, other times the workload will be relatively small, when there are few thingsWe also have to pretend to be busy and busy? Why can the information department have time to be "lazy", because we want to finish things as soon as possible, and then we can rest afterwards. If the company wants to see employees every hourWe are doing things every moment, and we can also imitate some departments slowly, so that we can not only leave a good impression on the superior department, but also reduce our ownOperating pressure, why not, but how to please superiors problem is not that I think about this.

Furthermore, prolonged use of a computer can easily cause various occupational diseases. Prolonged eye contact with the screen can cause visual fatigue and decreased vision. Holding a posture for a long time can cause periarthritis and cervical spondylosis. Many people believe this.Deep experience. Sedentary will greatly increase the risk of varicose veins in the lower limbs, and prolonged exposure to computer radiation may even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Since the company wants to learn Wal-Mart, then I ask, is it that Wal-Mart is so inhuman? How did an inhuman enterprise develop into the world's largest retailer? This is puzzling.

As we all know, there were three people in the information department two months ago. After Xiao Wei left, Xiao Zhu once talked with personnel because he couldn't bear the work pressure. Later, the information department did not have to work late, and the pressure was eased. Now the information department has only one person.In the case of only one person, it is impossible to complete the day-to-day work at all, and also to solve other occasional work and some unexpected situations. The manager proposed that as a management, he should know that his employees are doingWhat, then, as a superior department, should we also understand the pressure of these subordinates, instead of blindly requiring employees to have the so-called self-serving spirit. Since the company is not a charity, then employees are not charitable workers. Everyone works to earn money.Money. If a person bears the entire workload, not only can he not be understood and encouraged, but also bear an extra psychological burden every day. Under the combined effect of external pressure and internal pressure, I can no longer hold this position.

I can only think of it now, something a little far away can no longer be remembered. In short, the contradiction between myself and the people I work with has reached an irreconcilable level, and the only thing I can do is resign to ease tension and avoid bilateralThe problem gets worse.

If I have any other opinions and suggestions about the company, I can't speak at this moment, because in the past two years and almost three years, I have finished all that I should say. Everyone's eyes are clear,孰 Yes or no.

The above are objective factors, let's talk about subjective reasons below.

I have been in the company for more than two years since I started, although I ca n’t say that I ’ve tried my best, but I ’ve done my best, and sometimes I ca n’t complete the job so satisfactorily, but I still have professional qualities as a whole. However, over timeOver time, the work pressure continued to increase, and I started to have nightmares every night. I often dreamed about work-related people and things. I woke up every night and struggled to fall asleep, which caused my sleep quality to be severely affected. I was debilitated the next day., Work efficiency is greatly reduced, day after day, year after year, in the long run, my spirit has been on the verge of collapse.

Recently, especially in the last one or two months, due to the increasing pressure of work, depression can not be resolved, coupled with my physical condition is already in an unhealthy state, the dual factors lead to continuous weight gain, the speed is almost peopleI was horrified. This has no doubt alarmed me. If I don't pay attention, I will seek medical advice. Although I am not a greedy person, but my health is the foundation of all social activities.

To sum up, I'm exhausted physically and mentally, I have no intention of fighting, I hope to return to my hometown and find another way.

Employee Resignation Report 4

Director :

Hello! Because of my physical condition, I am nursing for a month, the hospital still feels that I still need to rest, can't bear the pressure and maintain a pleasant living atmosphere, I can't work for the company for the time being, in order not to delay the company's work, II regret to formally submit my resignation to the company at this time. I will go to the company for job handover procedures when I am slightly comfortable in the near future.

It has been almost two years since I came to xx. I have laughed, I have harvested, I have also had tears and pain. The company's equal interpersonal relationship and enlightened work style once gave me a feeling of dependence. Here I canHappy work and happy learning. I feel extremely honored and proud to have worked in xx, I will miss every moment here, thank the company for giving me such a chance. In the company for more than a yearThe company leaders and surrounding colleagues gave me unparalleled care and care, and made me deeply feel the kindness and warmth brought by the humane management advocated by the company.

I am convinced that the company will quickly advance along the high-speed track leading to the other side of the victory, and will continue to lead the sap consulting industry as always! I sincerely ask the company leaders to approve my resignation application, and I express my heartfelt thanks here, meanwhile,I wish the company continued to grow and develop!

Finally, I wish the company to flourish and achieve more outstanding results this year; I wish all the leaders and employees of the company as well as good health and good luck!


Salute!> Resignation:> Date :

Employee Resignation Report 5

Dear company leaders :

I have been with the xxxx group for more than a year, and the group is in its infancy. Currently, under the wise leadership of the senior management, the group is step by step to glory and open a new chapter.

However, I feel that I am not suitable for working in a group. In this year, I did not make any outstanding performance and did not satisfy the leaders of related departments. My personal work behavior and group behavior are even more incompatible, althoughI have tried to fit the company's overall environment and have improved, but I have not made any breakthrough progress.

The family manager of the group's boss is only suitable for the dissonant young man like me. Although the group has not yet reached the peak and is moving towards larger scale, all valuable key positions within the company are managed byA group of seven aunts, eight aunts, nine aunts, and ten nieces of the old Dong are full. In this gap, I can see that in the future, I will be excluded from working with this group of selfish guys.I can't feel that the group can really move towards the so-called "group". If this guise is not to stop the tumors inside it, the building will collapse sooner or later.

And my personality is more suitable for independent leadership. However, in the short term, the company cannot achieve true success, at least in the company of relatives and friends.

So I wrote this resignation report.



Employee Resignation Report 6

Dear Leader :

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for your care and care for me over the past year. I learned a lot and learned a lot. Due to my limited ability, you can tolerate many negligence and defects in my work and teach me from time to time.I move forward, and I really appreciate it.

I acted at the front desk service, every move I do represents the hotel, but in this year, I did not fulfill this responsibility in thinking and real work. Through careful reflection, resignation letter The main reasons are as follows :

I. Mechanize your own job operation without seeking innovation.

Second, working slowly and enthusiastically at work. Lack of flexibility and initiative in service.

III. Poor self-regulation and serious emotion.

Fourth, the lack of sales awareness and sales skills, the room rental rate is low.

5. The service consciousness is weak, and the needs of customers are not really put first.

VI. Lack of communication and communication, untimely information feedback, resulting in uncoordinated work.

7. After the microcomputer reform, there was no sense of responsibility and no timely data statistics and management.

I make such an application at this time, I know that it is very difficult for the leaders, and I want to express my deep apologies. For the image and interests of the hotel, I chose to leave and hope that the leaders can approve it!



Resignation: xxx

xx year x month x day

Employee Resignation Report 7

Dear Leader :


In the past two years, I have been very happy working in the company. I feel that the atmosphere of the company is the same as that of a big family. Everyone is harmonious and harmonious. At the same time, I also learned how to get along with colleagues in the company.Establish good relationships with customers, etc. In the past two years of the company, I have used the company to give good study time, learned some new things to enrich myself, and increased some of my knowledge and practical experience.Thank you for your care for more than two years!

During these two years of work, the company has given me a good opportunity to learn how to do marketing operations, but due to the lack of relevant market experience, I have not been able to do a good job for the company.Market development, I feel ashamed of the company's training.

Because I personally feel that my performance in the past period of time cannot satisfy myself, I feel ashamed of taking care of the company in the past two years. I have not been able to make any contribution to the company in the past two years, and feel myselfThere is still a big gap between the company ’s capabilities and the company ’s requirements, and it cannot meet the company ’s future development needs.

So, after careful consideration, in order to consider the future development of myself and the company, I now resign to the company, and I hope the company leaders will give approval.

Resignation: xx

20xx x month x day

Employee Resignation Report 8

Dear Leader :

I'm sorry and sorry that I officially submitted my resignation to the company at this time. It was a bit sudden, but it was inevitable.

It ’s been almost a year and a half since I came to Sijixian. I have laughed, harvested, and had tears and pain. Originally, entering Sijixian was a beautiful accident. At that time, I was an undergraduate student and wanted to lead two here.The monthly salary is enough to pay for the return trip to Hainan, and then I ’ll be satisfied with a big meal! I feel like I can learn a lot when I come here, so I can still work until I have signed a contract!I haven't decided which industry I belong to, so I'm going to pursue it now.

Siji Xian is now a national leading enterprise in poverty alleviation, its strength has risen to the next level, and its human resources are relatively abundant; tests have shown that the production department director is not competent enough, and the company can soon recruit a professional to serve, The quality of the production of fresh seasons is really up!

Now the project at hand is basically completed, the green food litchi renewal, green food longan dried declaration, gap, qs, etc. are all clear. I think my task in this area is basically completed.You can also go with peace of mind.

Here, I hope the leader will approve my resignation request!

At this time, thank the three bosses Cai for their trust and love. In the fresh seasons, you have given me plenty of room for development, and I have grown and confident a lot. I also thank all my colleagues for giving meTolerance and sincerity, I will remember you! I love you!

Leaving Sijixian, leaving those colleagues who had shared the hardships and pains, I am very reluctant to accept the insults of the leaders and the sincerity and friendliness between my colleagues. However, there is no way I must leave.

Wish the four seasons are fresh, every day is fresh, fresh all the time, fresh all seasons!



Resignation: xxx

xxxxxx, 20xx

Employee Resignation Report 9

Dear company leader

Hello :

First of all, I want to express my joy to you, because I want to Married Yes! My boyfriend and I have ended for a few years Love After long distance running, we decided to get married this year.

But my boyfriend and I are not in the same city, his city is my hometown, and the house we bought together is also in his city. Now we are getting married, and I am going to live in my city.So I regret that I officially submitted my resignation to the company at this time, but this is something I have to do.

It has been almost three years since I came to the company. I have laughed, harvested, and had tears and pain here. The company is a growing family of companies, which once gave me the feeling of finding a place to rely on.I can work happily and study happily, and I can also use my meager light and heat. Thinking of leaving this company and leaving those colleagues who have shared the hardships, I am very reluctant to accept the teachings of leaders and the sincerity between colleaguesAnd friendly, just considering the elderly parents and their future life, after the persuasion of my family and my careful consideration, I chose to go back to my hometown for development. Therefore, I specially submitted an application for resignation, please leader En Zhun.

This time I return mainly to do the transfer work at hand, so that there are beginnings and ends in doing things! There are not many days to be able to work for the company, I will definitely do my last job, do all my own work, and expect leadersImplemented as soon as possible, I can do a good job in this week, thank you!

In my wedding day, I was not able to invite leaders and colleagues to attend my wedding. This is a matter of great regret. There is no way. My hometown spans several provinces from here and I can only spend it in regret.Already.

I hope that my departure will not bring any loss to the company and no regrets. I hope that the company can find the right person as soon as possible to make up for the vacancy after I leave. Now there are many talents, relying on the companyStrength, finding a good employee is easy.

At the same time, I sincerely hope that the company will take advantage of its future work, strengths and avoid weaknesses, and take it to another level, and wish the company prosperity and development!



Resignation applicant :

February 25, 20xx