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5 total collections of year-end work for procurement

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Life is like a gap in the white horse. Inadvertently, the work of the year is about to end. Looking back at the work of the year, there are gains and losses. Let us summarize the efforts of the past year and set out to become a better one! But you knowHow can I write it well? The following is the year-end purchase Work Summary 5 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Year-end Work Summary for Procurement 1

The footsteps of 20xx are about to move behind. Looking back on the footprints you have gone through, one year deep, with laughter, tears, small successes, and a slight loss. 20xx is a good year.Valuable and rewarding. Diligent in work, hard work and grievances, honest and honest in style, pragmatic and realistic. In order to better guide your future work, you should calm down and deal with your pastGains and losses during the year, look to the future.

I will work in the past year心得体会 To summarize as follows :

I. In the past year, give full play to subjective initiative, dedicate myself to fulfilling my duties, fulfill my duties, and cooperate with the needs of the business department to complete the work, and complete the tasks assigned by the company and department leaders in a timely manner.Disgraceful mission, did not affect work because of pregnancy.

II. Establish and maintain good relationships with suppliers and customers to ensure smooth drug supply. To cope with the threat of menacing influenza in this year some drugs have been used for more than six weeks in a week, and there are no major onesOut of stock, thank you very much.

Third, in accordance with the gsp quality standards, timely listen to and feedback the opinions of the quality control department, communicate and coordinate with various suppliers, and make every effort to ensure the quality of drugs.

Fourth, implement the thought of leadership, and do the bidding work of the marketing department.

V. Do a good job of filing prices of new varieties and do a good job of adjusting prices in a timely manner.

Six, do a good job of sales back-office work, do a good job of logistics support for sales staff, and solve the worries of sales staff.

Insufficient :

1. Insufficient predictive power for epidemic diseases, which has caused a lot of confusion over the current pandemic incident.

Second, because the information is not well informed, the drug bidding and follow-up work are not timely enough.

20xx year Work plan

The Purchasing Department is the leader of the company's business and is the most important link that affects the company's entire sales interests, so I am grateful to the company and leaders for the trust they have always given me, and transferred me to such an important position. I will also be unremitting.Strive to live up to the leadership's love. With gratitude, the following deployment of the work for the following year :

1. Under the premise of quality, compare goods with three companies and directly reduce the price of medicines. Adhere to the working principle of "equal quality to price, equal price to quality, and maximum cost savings for the company."

II. Follow the principle of a small number of times for non-cash supply units to make full use of the credit period of the supplier.

III. The delivery method should be based on home delivery as much as possible, and minimize logistics costs.

IV. Reduce cash supply and find new sources of supply.

V. Stabilize existing suppliers, develop and train potential suppliers, and make good preparations for the company to grow bigger and stronger.

VI. To comply with gsp as the standard, and strive to better bridge between the quality management department and suppliers.

VII. Do a good job in price and collect news from multiple parties to improve the market's olfactory potential.

VIII. Implement the company's purpose, do a good job in bidding and work hard to occupy more market share.

IX. Be more prepared for periodic and epidemic diseases.

X. Continue to do a good job in sales back office and still firmly believe that an excellent back office is a strong backing for ten or more outstanding sales staff.

The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities, new challenges, and the future has always made us passionate because of its uncertainty. I seem to have seen that our department has become powerful,I will keep the essence, discard the dross, and work purely to complete the task. I will increase my own value by creating more profits. I will devote myself to all kinds of work with fuller enthusiasm, and learn together with all employeesBuild harmony and create brilliant!

Year-end Work Summary for Procurement 2

The government procurement work of our bureau is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Administrative Measures on Government Procurement of the State Taxation Bureau System of XX City”, and continuously improves the government procurement management system, operating mechanism and supervision system, adheres to the principles of openness, fairness, justice and efficiency, and increasesThe government procurement efforts have initially formed an operating mechanism of “legitimate procedures, standardized operations, and adequate supervision”, which provides important guarantees for taxation. The total budget of the government procurement in 20xx of the bureau is 2.878 million yuan. The actual purchase amount this year2.167 million yuan, saving 602,300 yuan over the budget, and a saving rate of 22.25%, achieving a breakthrough in government procurement and improving efficiency, and played a positive role in strengthening fiscal expenditure management.

I. Implement the spirit of the superior document and the establishment and establishment of the unit

Further improve and perfect government procurement, standardize government procurement work. Improve the government procurement supervision and restraint mechanism, improve procurement transparency. Realize the principle of "openness, fairness, and justice" in government procurement, and gradually improve the government procurement system.

Government procurement supervision is not only the supervision of "money", but also the supervision of "things" and "persons". To improve the supervision mechanism of government procurement supervision, it is necessary to give full play to the functions of the departments of finance, supervision and auditing.The barriers of entry have moved forward, further strengthening "prevention" and "blocking" to ensure effective supervision is reflected in the entire process of procurement activities.

II. In my daily work, my unit's government procurement management

1 In the construction of government procurement informatization, the government procurement management system is used to implement online declaration and online approval. Government agencies use financial funds to purchase goods, projects, and services in the "Government Procurement List" that are included in government procurement.The budget is carried out in accordance with legal methods and procedures. The government procurement network is used to fully reflect the transparency of government procurement and the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality in government procurement;

The second is to establish a regular reporting system to timely inform the unit leaders, the person in charge of finance and relevant departments of the government procurement work;

The third is to establish a system of special supervisors and supervisors, and set up government procurement supervisors and supervisors. Special supervisors are responsible for the declaration, approval and execution of government procurement. Supervisors fully play their supervisory role and strengthen government procurement activitiesOrganization and operational supervision;

By establishing a government procurement supervision system with multiple subjects and methods, the overall effectiveness of government procurement supervision will be improved to ensure that government procurement activities operate in accordance with the law.

III.Policy implementation

I Strengthen the implementation of the government's centralized procurement catalog.

According to the general requirements of the General Administration of the Ministry of Finance for the issuance of the "Notice on the Implementation of the" Measures for the Implementation of Centralized Government Centralized Procurement Management Measures ", our Office strictly implements the requirements of the Centralized Central Government Procurement Catalogues and Standards and the" National Tax Administration SystemThe relevant provisions in the "Department Centralized Purchasing Catalog" are implemented. Among the main procurement items currently implemented, computers, printers, scanners, and automobiles are all subject to agreement to supply and purchase in accordance with the provisions of the General Administration. It is included in the "National Tax System Department Centralized Procurement Catalog"The projects implemented by the central procurement department are organized and implemented by the Central Procurement Center of the State Administration of Taxation. Except for projects that require centralized procurement by higher-level departments, the implementation of other decentralized procurement projects is conducted through local procurement centers.

II Strict preparation and implementation of government procurement budget and implementation plan

Our bureau combines government procurement implementation plans with actual needs, implements government procurement in a planned manner, continuously strengthens the implementation of government procurement implementation plans, strengthens supervision and inspection of government procurement implementation plans, and eliminates unplanned and unplanned procurement violations.happened.

3 Strictly follow the prescribed procedures

Our office operates strictly in accordance with the prescribed procedures in accordance with the "Trinity" steps of "Procurement Department-Procurement Working Group-Procurement Leading Group". In addition, in order to promote further standardization of procurement procedures, our Office strictlyThe following aspects: First, strict procurement application. All procurement projects included in government procurement are submitted by the application department according to the actual needs of their respective work. Second, strict procurement methods. Third, strict settlement. When payment is settled for procurement projects,Make sure that the procedures are complete and the information is complete. In addition, there is corresponding acceptance certification data, and the settlement method will be settled by check.

IV. Problems

Although our government procurement work has achieved certain results, our business knowledge and work experience are limited. There are still some problems with government procurement work, mainly reflected in: 1 the accuracy of government procurement plans needs to be improved.2 Lack of publicity on government procurement laws and regulations. 3 Individual members of the procurement team lacked relevant knowledge on government procurement, lacked knowledge of government procurement related documents, and failed to implement the Government Procurement Law and relevant superiorsSpirit, did not give enough understanding and support to government procurement.

V. Rectification Measures

According to the problems in government procurement, our bureau will take effective measures to find out the crux of the problem, and do a good job of the following points: First, scientifically compile government procurement implementation plans to improve accuracy, and second, further improve the government procurement operation mechanism, Clarify responsibilities, and standardize government procurement procedures. The third is to further strictly implement the government procurement catalog of the national tax system, the centralized procurement catalog of the General Administration Department and the prescribed government procurement standards and procurement methods, and gradually expand the scope of decentralized procurement according to the actual situation, and further strengthen the decentralized procurement.Management work. The third is to strengthen the learning and publicity of government procurement business knowledge; the fourth is to do a good job in the management of government procurement archives, so that archives management has a basis, and give full play to the role of archives.

In future government procurement, our bureau will strictly follow the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and relevant government procurement documents to carry out government procurement. Establish and improve the government procurement supervision mechanism, strengthen supervision of procurement activities, and ensure governmentOpenness, fairness and impartiality in procurement, improve the efficiency of the use of financial funds, and manage financial expenditures.

Year-end Work Summary for Procurement 3

Another year has passed, and time has always passed in silence. I really appreciate the company for giving me a chance to hone myself, and I also thank the company for its long-term trust and cultivation! Thankful heart,Thanks to Holiday Mansion Co., Ltd. for letting him accompany me throughout my life and make me a strong self. Gratitude and destiny for letting me know Holiday Mansion Co., Ltd. I will cherish the flowers and flowers! The new year has begunNow, I will make a report of my experience in the past year.

As we all know, the purchasing department is the leader of the company's business and is the most important link that affects the company's entire sales interests. So I am grateful to the company and leaders for the trust they have placed in me, transferred me to such an important position and gave me a learningOpportunity, let me know more people and things, know more new things, learn some new knowledge, and gain more insights from the ignorance of purchasing!With the direct attention and support of the leaders of the company, through more than 6 months of procurement work, I have learned a lot of truth and accumulated some experience that I have never had before. At the same time, I also understand the difference between procurement and excellent procurement.I understand that the most basic quality of a procurement is to maintain loyalty to the company on the basis of good professional ethics; without personal prejudice, and considering all factors, from the best valueProcurement; adhere to integrity as the basis of work and behavior; avoid all suppliers that may endanger business transactions, and other businessI have always been working hard to improve my knowledge of the operating procedures of procurement work; adopting and adhering to good business principles in transactions, I believe I have done this.

Here I want to say that as a purchase, it is not just a phone call, as usual, just run the market to ask the price. For example, the stainless steel railing on the roof of Zone 3 last holiday, I ran to the market to askPrice. In the end I was afraid of mistakes and still check online. Because the purchasing department does not have a computer, I check here with the money worker. Sometimes the money worker needs a computer. I went to the Internet cafe to check, and Mr. Xu also knew this. He also agreedNext year, the purchasing department applies for a computer. Here, I also apply for personal business cards from the company's leaders; in the future purchases, I have good contacts and contacts with suppliers. This is only one of them, and it is the most basic.As a reminder, in 20xx, we adjusted our mentality and concepts in a timely manner, not only changed the wrong consciousness of the past-there was not much connection between procurement and sales, and we took full advantage of the supplier's network relationship to actively sell while purchasing. Our procurement departments are actively cooperating!, Everything is based on the company's interests, we assist. Purchasing and sales are inseparable! Because we are a whole, we sing the same song, and go the same wayRoad, Ben was one and the same goal!

In the procurement process, I must not only consider the price factor, but also maximize the cost savings to achieve a better shopping experience; I also need to understand the operation of each link in the supply chain, and clarify the different characteristics, functions and roles of procurement in each link.Significance. As long as we can reduce costs, no matter what link, we will seriously study and discuss methods. I really thank General Manager Li Hui for his advice on purchasing methods. It is his strict requirements that made us have to do everything possible to reduce costs.It is also under his wise leadership. Of course, we must ensure the company's capital turnover without affecting the sales. Minimize the company's additional pickup costs. Indirectly reduce costs. Here I also want to say to all staff of the companyVoice: "Thank you!" Thanks for their care for me. Thanks to President Xu and company leaders for their trust in me.

In order to better reflect the principles of openness, transparency, fair competition, and fairness in procurement, the Procurement Office has established a procurement “review expert database”, “commodity price information database”, and “supplier information database” to implement procurement review experts and procurement supply.The system of separated business management has met the requirements for random selection of judges and suppliers in the Three Databases, increasing the transparency of the selection of judges and suppliers; the commodity price information database is based on timeliness and is based on the supplier's real-time quotes.Market development trends and quotes. According to the overall thinking of the county's procurement expert management system construction, it is based on the information management system, system construction is guaranteed, the expert team is the core of the procurement expert management system, the procurement review expert database implements dynamic management, and the number of expertsWith the expansion of the procurement scale and the needs of the procurement business, the specialty is continuously enriched and improved in use.

Year-end Work Summary for Procurement 4

I have been working in Guizhou Yuanhe Tiancheng Energy Group for more than three months. In more than three months, a new company, a new atmosphere, a new culture, a new concept. Give me a lot of learning opportunities and growthSpace allows me to get more new energy, so I would like to thank the company for giving me this opportunity and the guidance and support of company leaders, and the strong cooperation of colleagues in the department.

Back office work is a comprehensive coordination and comprehensive service work, which has the role of coordinating left, right, and internal and external links. The back office position is light and heavy, and it must complete daily tasks such as affairs management, document processing, comprehensive situation, filling in reports, and drafting documents.The programmatic work must complete the work assigned by the leader, and provide suggestions for the leader, actively play the role of staff assistant, and assist the leader in all aspects of work. A qualified office must have a strong sense of enterprise, a high sense of responsibility andPractical and pragmatic attitude, with high political quality and professional ability, familiar with business and back-office work, and broader knowledge and administrative ability.

The work is summarized as follows :

I. Work strictly in accordance with the procedures of the procurement system. Actively track the procurement of materials in all links before, during, and after purchase. Feedback to the superior leadership as soon as possible if there is a problem.

II. Work on controlling costs and purchasing the most cost-effective products. Pay close attention to the purchaser's inquiry and price comparison based on a full understanding of market information, and focus on communication skills and negotiation strategies.

III. Strengthen the management and coordination of suppliers. Introduce relevant leaders or purchasers to each visiting supplier to ensure that each supplier can leave a good impression on the company. I also see that weIn the process of cooperating with suppliers, the purchasers are fair and scrupulous in order to prevent malpractices. In the end, they choose the best supplier strategic partnership for the company.

IV. Gradually strengthen the management of material and equipment price information. Each time the materials and equipment plan and inquiry price are verified and registered, the integrity of the information and materials is maintained, the information is entered into the computer in time, and the procurement and supply department materials,Equipment information library for future reference and comparison.

V. Improving personal business quality and sense of responsibility. Although it is only the logistics staff of this department, I still don't forget to improve my business quality and sense of responsibility. When necessary, I can go online to learn more about the procurement processes and regulations of major coal mine companies, and continue toCommissioned self-worth.

VI. In 2 ** 1 years of work, I have an open mind to learn the work and management experience from department leaders and colleagues, learn from good work methods, work hard to learn business theoretical knowledge, and continuously improve my business quality and management level.Further strengthen the professionalism, enhance the sense of responsibility, and raise the standard for completing the work. At the same time, I will selectively adopt the methods proposed by other departments of the company to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and continue to boldly try to extract the essence and modify the disadvantages. For the companyIn the new year's work, we will take a new step to a new level and contribute our strength.

(一) 、 Completion of work

1. Timely and accurately register the daily purchase list, and actively ask the purchaser if there is a sales list that needs to be registered every morning. If so, ask the purchaser to make the list transfer, and register the ledger in time after signing;Return the purchaser with cash in a timely manner, and store the rest according to the ore classification in the designated location to facilitate registration and receipt when the warehouse receipt arrives. The work has been registered in a timely manner, and the quantity, amount and model specifications are accurate.

2. Ensure the high quality and good prices of purchased materials, gradually improve the material price catalog, register the purchase time, purchase quantity, and purchase amount, so that the price reference can be used in the future purchase process.

3. Financial account registration and payment verification and registration. When the inbound order is transmitted, it is necessary to timely complete the transfer and registration of the financial account, follow up with the purchaser's request for payment, and complete the registration process after verification. Assist the purchaser.Reconcile current accounts and verify current accounts with suppliers.

1 When checking transactions with suppliers, the internal account must be correct

2 The supplier's balance should be known first. If the other party's balance is less than ours, we cannot disclose our balance to the other party, or simply take the other party's account as the basis. We should first check our accountWhether there are a large number of returns, breakages and expenses in the transaction, ask the other party whether they have settled the account, if not, it indicates that the difference is even greater. One possibility is that the variety of goods reflected in our account does not completely belong to the other party, and the other mayThe other party's goods are promotional items, and our company hasn't accounted for it. You should check with the other party to adjust the account in time.

3 If the other party's balance is greater than ours, we should find out the difference between the incoming goods and the return, and propose a solution to withhold the expenses, copy the fee bill or open a receipt to let the other party charge the account, return andDamage is allowed for replenishment and less tax billing

4 After reconciling with the supplier, the reconciliation letter should be filled in. The reconciliation letter should clearly state the amount of arrears with the supplier until the reconciliation date, of which the invoiced amount has not been invoiced.The amount and the details of the unbilled invoices to avoid reconciliations in the near future. In addition, the amount of arrears confirmed should be in line with the system

China Finance, Business Correspondence. It is clear to check accounts and keep company secrets

4. At work: unite colleagues, be able to properly handle the relationship with leading colleagues, maintain communication, give full play to the role of the post, carefully complete various work tasks, and assist the business department's work needs.

5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders in a timely and accurate manner.

II Insufficient work :

1. The work is chaotic, and the engineering methods and methods need to be improved to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

2. The communication between the departments failed to achieve the desired effect; causing some disconnection in the work.

3, work plan for next year

1. Do a good job in supplier management: actively communicate with each supplier, improve the supplier's quality control capabilities and contract execution capabilities, and maintain long-term stability in quality and delivery.

2. Strongly cooperate with the buyer, so that the buyer can timely and accurately carry out the procurement of materials at a low price.

3. Stabilize existing suppliers, develop and cultivate potential suppliers.

4. Complete the registration of the ledger in a timely and accurate manner, and be 100% accurate.

5. Reconcile with the supplier finances on time to ensure that the accounts are clear and correct.

VII. Suggestions and opinions on the company

Increase valuable training opportunities and improve the professional level of employees.

eight, concluding remarks

I am honored to be working in a dynamic and fast-growing enterprise. I have to constantly remind myself that if I do n’t learn, I will be eliminated. This is the law that will never change. The company's development, personal growth, departmentIt is necessary to take a new level of work to learn more advanced knowledge and concepts. This is the inevitable necessity for a company to survive for a long time, and it is also necessary for us to be able to stand on the society.

I would like to work hard to achieve the company's 2 ** 2 years goal under the correct leadership of the procurement and supply department, and realize the value of my personal and team.

Year-end Work Summary for Procurement 5

Another year has passed, and time has always passed in silence. I really appreciate the company for giving me the opportunity to hone myself, and I also thank the company for its long-term trust and cultivation!

It is well known that the purchasing department is the logistical guarantee of the company's business, and it is the most important link that affects the company's entire sales interests. Therefore, I am grateful to the company and leaders for trusting me and placing me in such an important position.With the direct attention and support of the leaders of the company, through one year's procurement work, I have learned a lot of truth and accumulated some experience that I have never had before. I understand that the most basic quality of a procurement is to have goodOn the basis of professional ethics, we must maintain loyalty to the company; without personal prejudice, and considering all factors, purchase from the supplier that provides the best value; adhere to integrity as the basis of work and behavior; avoid all possibleSuppliers that endanger commercial transactions, and others with whom they do business; constantly strive to improve their knowledge of the procurement process; adopt and adhere to good business practices in transactions, etc.

Here I would like to say that as a purchase, it is not as simple as making a phone call, signing a contract, and sending a goods, as this is just one of them. It is also the most basic. Reminders from leadersIn 20xx, I adjusted my mentality and concepts in time. Our purchasing department actively cooperates with everything related to sales! Everything is mainly sales, and we assist. Purchasing and sales are inseparable! Because we are a whole and sing wellIt's the same song, it's the same path, it's the same goal!

In the procurement process, I must not only consider the price factor, but also maximize the cost savings to achieve a better shopping experience; I also need to understand the operation of each link in the supply chain, and clarify the different characteristics, functions and roles of procurement in each link.Significance. As long as we can reduce costs, no matter what link, we will seriously study and discuss methods. Thank you very much for the general manager, who advised us on the procurement method. It is his strict requirements that made us have to do everything possible to reduce costs.Under his wise leadership, I follow the principle of a small number of times when shipping, and of course I need to make the best use of the supplier's credit period to ensure the company's capital turnover without affecting sales. In terms of shipping methods,Try to deliver goods to the door to reduce the company's additional pickup costs. In terms of payment, indirectly reduce costs. Here I also want to say to everyone in the company: "Thank you! Thank you for passing the market price information toMe, let me know what to do when negotiating with the supplier, which successfully reduced the inventory cost.In addition, at the end of each month, because far greater than the output VAT input tax, the company in order to reduce unnecessary tax, I have actively bombarded value-added tax to customers.

20xx is a year of progress. With the cooperation of various departments of the company and the efforts of the purchasing department, our company has established a very good cooperative relationship with suppliers. Some have directly shipped to our company and started friendly business.Contacts! In terms of introducing new varieties, we continuously collect information from multiple aspects, communicate with other departments in time, and quickly stock up. For new varieties, the purchasing department will provide business personnel with a list of new varieties for their reference and learning..

In the past few years, I have better understood the priority of total cost and the importance of flexible use of various purchasing techniques. Be sensitive to the factors affecting prices, and be able to do early warning and precautionary measures in a timely manner.One end ". An excellent purchase must have strong communication and coordination skills and procurement experience. I know that there is still a long way to go before an excellent purchase, because the purchase experience is based on long-term continuous accumulation of experience and self-inspired.A technology that can only be mastered after reaching proficiency, it is very difficult to achieve this, but I will study harder, continuously accumulate rich purchasing experience, and keep up with the development of the company!

At present, the competitiveness of various industries and companies in the society, and the competition between them can be summarized as a comparison of the business philosophy of the decision-making layer. The thinking of continuous innovation can keep the company permanently active. According to the latest thinking of the company's managementThe company's new generation of suppliers should also be based on true strategic partnerships, even when they look at it as their own company's department. Because the company's cost core competitiveness reflects the most important support from all the company's suppliersThe supplier ’s different policies for each customer, especially the policies given to our competitors, will directly affect the level of our core cost competitiveness. Therefore, the supplier management department must consider how to make the supplier alwaysIn the end, as always, we are given the optimal policy, and can also standardize their internal management, and even help them to regulate rather than blindly investigate some of the small losses caused by such and other problems. Even if it is really the loss that needs to be investigated or the largeThe best treatment results should be made through willing negotiation between the two parties to make the supplier willing,Service received orally compensation requirements we can work out of.

Encourage qualified suppliers who are currently contributing to our company, so in the first half of the work, our department will better provide a good cooperation environment for all suppliers of the company, so that suppliers can truly and wholeheartedlyMingjing service, abandoning the short-term interests of both parties, and seeking common long-term healthy development. At the same time, we hope that all departments of the company will come up with new and surprisingly come up with ways to continuously reduce costs and improve efficiency, and continue to boldly try to extract the essence and modificationDisadvantages. Turn the impossible and defective good plan into an operable and defect-free good plan.

Finally, thank all the leaders and colleagues in the company. My progress today is inseparable from everyone's help and support. It is their collaboration and support that made me successful.

In short, in 20xx I will continue to study and work hard with a grateful heart. I will use all my passion and wisdom to create differences and make my career full of vitality and vitality!

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