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[Required] 4 semester work plans for class teacher

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Life is like a gap in the white horse, we have ushered in a new working phase, at this time should we make a good job Work plan Well? But do you know how to write it well? Here are 4 semester work plans for class teachers, for reference only. Welcome to read.

Class Teacher's Semester Work Plan 1

I. Class Situation Analysis

The second 2 class has a total of 50 students, including 21 girls. Among them, 4 students have been transferred this semester. Most students can abide by the school's rules and regulations, but the students' self-control ability is still poor, and their behavior and emotionBoth are unstable and have poor persistence. Both classroom and inter-disciplinary discipline need to be strengthened. And some students have not developed good study habits, will not study, and their grades need to be further improved. In order to create a class full of vitality and vitalityCollectively, to better shape the hearts of children and allow them to develop in an all-round way, the class teacher plan is specially formulated as follows :

Work focus and goals: regular training of students, develop good behavioral habits, learning habits, create a good class atmosphere, make students civilized and disciplined, learn to tolerate, learn to cooperate with others, and actively participate in learning, Become qualified primary school students for the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor.

II. Main work and specific measures :

I, regular education

In order to form a rigorous class atmosphere, enable students to establish a sense of discipline, cultivate their sense of responsibility and collective honor, and the spirit of ownership, and enhance their ability to manage themselves. I decided to start from the following points :

1. Establish a one-day routine for students, and cultivate students' good study and living habits.

Education is to help people develop good habits. Good habits are an endless enjoyment of wealth. In order to cultivate good behavior habits of students, I will use class time and morning meetings to let students learn the "Primary School Code" and "primary school Birthday Often Code of Conduct, and let students know what is right and what is wrong in the daily learning process. In accordance with the age characteristics of students, carry out activities such as civilized language and civilized behavior. Through learning and educating students to do small things around themBegin to develop behaviors such as civilization, politeness, love of teachers, love of learning, and mutual love, and establish the awareness of everyone competing for qualified primary school students. Strengthen the management of the student team, including queueing for exercises, queueing up, downstairs, queueing for school, Lining up to assemble, etc. to cultivate students' good study habits, including preparation before class, concentrated listening in class, and completing assignments consciously, etc.

2.Discipline between classes

During the class is a time for students to rest easily. Good class discipline will bring a lively and relaxed atmosphere to the entire campus. However, colorful class activities are a magic weapon to resolve disciplinary disorder. I will aim atThe age characteristics of students, using the method of joint participation of teachers and students, carry out activities such as "rope skipping, playing games, patting the ball", so that students are both healthy and educated, but also enhance the relationship between teachers and students, and expand the space for communication.

I will set up a “Little Supervisory Post” in the class, which will be responsible for supervising and inspecting the daily behavior of students, and keep a good record of class work. Students will be summed up by the day before school every day.Students who perform well are praised, and students who do not perform well are given timely guidance, guidance, and education. In addition, the weekly class civilization star is awarded every week, and the little red star is awarded to encourage students to make progress together.

3. Make reasonable use of flag-raising ceremonies and major festivals to strengthen students' moral education. This semester uses Teacher's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival , National Day, Chung Yeung Festival, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and other major events, hold some meaningful theme team meetings, carefully design each theme team meeting, so that students understand in specific scenarios and real activitiesRespect the teacher, understand the truth of being a person, and cultivate his patriotism. At the same time, let students learn to cooperate and learn to live in various activities and labor.

4. Give full play to the role of education positions in various activities, enhance students' sense of honor, so that students have other people and groups in their hearts. For example: you can use the reading corner of the class, the evaluation of the civilization star of the class, and other competitions.Activities to educate students.

II Health

Paying attention to hygiene is very important. As the saying goes, illness comes from the mouth. Packing good hygiene can not only make you healthy, but also form good living habits, and create a good learning environment.

1. Personal hygiene: tidy clothing, good "three-time", clear table and boxes, good things, and two operations.

2. Class sanitation: daily, mid-night, and late-night assignments for daily cleaning, establishment of sanitary supervision posts, inspection and supervision. Classmates or groups who take the initiative to clean up in a timely manner, reward them. At the same time, beautify the environment with flowers and plants andEducation that cares for the environment and plants.

3 Safety aspects

Safe work is the soul of school work and the most important point in the work of a class teacher. The lower grades have a lively academic life and often go to play everywhere. Therefore, for lower grade children, it is more important to pay attention to their safety.In addition to educating students on the necessary safety knowledge such as traffic safety, anti-theft, fire prevention, health and safety, and survival self-rescue, this semester also organizes students' class activities and uses the lunch break reasonably to avoid safety accidentsoccur.

4 Legal Education

Through picture exhibitions, educational videos, and theme class team meetings, etc., to enable students to understand some legal knowledge and cultivate students' good habits of discipline and law.

5 Conversion work for problem students

Because "problem students" often have a gap with their teachers, and there is resistance or rebellion, you must pay attention to skills. I think the following points are important :

First, fully respect and care for students, and can not harm students 'self-esteem and self-confidence, because only sincere love for students can inspire them, make them feel extremely warm, and ignite students' pursuit of excellence and excellence.Fire of hope.

Secondly, we must pay attention to the art of praise and criticism. It is important to be tolerant but not indulgent, strict but not harsh, and children with poor learning ability often do not see their own advantages and strengths, are easily inferior, and are isolated and closed.Self. This requires us to be good at catching their bright spots, so that students can experience a sense of joyful success and respect, thereby generating a source of motivation.

Third, we must create a good environment and atmosphere for children with poor learning abilities. We can coordinate with the class teachers and some outstanding students in the class to give them more care and guidance, help them to overcome themselves, break through themselves, and reshape themselves.At the same time, gain parental understanding, trust, and support, and build a strong backing.

6 Training of class cadres

Class management alone is not enough for class management. Class cadres are little assistants in class management. This semester I will adopt the day shift system for class cadres one class cadre is responsible for the management of class discipline every day to let childrenThe potential of people is fully tapped, and people with personality are trained so that children learn to learn, learn to live, learn to cooperate and learn to manage.

7 Contact with parents

Parents are the children's first teachers, and they play a vital role in the growth of their children. This semester I still focus on regular contact and communication with parents. Based on the test results, we should strengthen the schoolMulti-party contacts with students' parents, and explore ways to solve problems with parents through various forms and channels. Usually, feedback the performance of students in school in various aspects to parents, and communicate with parents in a timely manner, so that parents can understand the situation of children in schoolIf you know something, please ask the parents to help encourage or help the students to do their ideological work. At the same time, ask the parents to understand the student ’s performance at home, find out the problem in time, and take the right medicine.

eight other aspects

Class management should also pay attention to individual development, tap the potential of various talents and students in various activities, so that each student in the class can get further development in a certain aspect. Therefore, continue to carry out in the classVarious activities, such as: Stars of civilization selection, various calligraphers, little singers, book lovers and other evaluation activities. Let each child dare to face everyone to show themselves, fully exercise themselves, and improve students' self-confidence. In addition,, Make full use of the moral positions in the class board, and strengthen education.

Three and week work arrangements

Do a good job in the routine education and holiday collection of indoor and outdoor sanitation at the beginning of the week

2 weeks holiday Summary of activities The theme activity of "Thank you teachers!"

3 weeks behavior habit training learn to sing patriotic songs

4 weeks patriotism theme pedagogy singing patriotism songs

5 weeks old, child-friendly education safety education

6 weeks oral calculation test behavior habits, learning habits training

7 weeks traffic safety education

8 weeks, 9 and 9 Chongyang theme education, health education

Teaching quality test and analysis assignment evaluation in 9 cycles

10-week winter safety education writing contest

11-week behavior habit training to strengthen education integrity education

12 weeks small writing contest

13 weeks anti-theft fire safety education legal education

Themed activities of “Self-protection, Self-care, Self-improvement” will be launched in 14 weeks

15-week survival self-rescue knowledge education behavior habits training

16 weeks to help each other

17 Weeks Book Review Competition

18 weeks to launch the "New Year, New Starting Point" theme activity.

Review work done in 19 weeks

20 week review exam

Class Teacher's Semester Work Plan 2

The new semester has begun. According to the unified requirements of the school and the actual situation of the class, the following head teacher's work plan is specially formulated.

I. Guiding ideology

Guided by the school's overall work plan, with the goal of in-depth development of quality education and innovative education, centering on the school's theme education activities, improving students' ideological and scientific and cultural qualities, focusing on patriotic education, and focusing on student behaviorCultivate as the main content, pay attention to cultivate and improve the basic morals of students. Take each class well, standardize the daily management of the class, carry out rich and meaningful young pioneer activities, implement practical and effective student mental health education. Efforts to explore the class workNew features.

II. Analysis of the current situation of students in this class

There are 38 students in the fifth grade, including 20 boys and 18 girls. The students come from the surrounding villages, and there are great differences in personality and learning habits. The specific situation is analyzed as follows :

1. Moral aspects

Students in this class love school and class collectives, are united and motivated, have a good mind, observe discipline, respect teachers, and love work. They can regulate their words and deeds in accordance with the "Primary School Code." However, due to various reasons, some students still existSelf-centeredness and weak discipline can be transformed through collective education.

2 Learning

This class of students loves learning and has good study habits. They concentrate on listening to lectures, speak positively, and have beautiful homework. Individual students have poor learning habits, and they cannot concentrate on listening in class. Individual counseling and special attention are required. OverallFor example, the learning level of the students in the class is relatively neat, but it is easy to be impetuous, and it needs to be cultivated in a serious and solid manner.

3, physical fitness

Most of the students in this class have good physical fitness and are keen on sports. A few students are weak and prone to infectious diseases such as colds. Students usually have less physical exercise and need to strengthen physical exercise.

4.Class formation

The students in the class are from the countryside. The parents are farmers. The parents can support the teacher's work, but do not pay attention to it Family Education, I hope to actively cooperate with teachers to educate children.

5.Class characteristics

This class of students loves learning and discipline. Men are lively, active, and expressive; girls are quiet, cute, and do not like publicity. In general, the characteristics of the class are relatively stable, but stable and lively.

III. Routine management measures

1. In terms of learning, in order to make students develop a good atmosphere of chasing after you, and at the same time, according to the age characteristics of fifth grade students, the following measures are formulated :

1 Establish a sound evaluation system, set up a comprehensive quantitative evaluation column in the class, and call it "I'm the best!". Students can score extra points at any time when they have performed well in each area, and every time a student gets 20 points, they canChange the moon. With the increase in the number of safflowers, it shows that students have improved significantly in all aspects. In this way, the overall performance of students in a semester can be seen at a glance. In addition, the class will also regularly select "excellent groups", rightEach group's study, discipline, and health are evaluated to encourage students to work together and cultivate a sense of collective honor.

2 Establish a "study group" for this class, with four students in front and back as a group, and choose the group leader. The four students in the "study group" need to help each other, work together and work together to achieveAchieving good results, this method cultivates the spirit of unity and cooperation among students, and is also an effective way to transform the underachievers. The leader of the four-person group is not a tenure system, but a competitive job. Whoever has more medals will serve as the leader.Once you surpass the team leader, you can replace it, which also cultivates students' sense of competition.

2. In terms of civilized behavior, in order to further standardize the student's behavior, let students' daily behavior also participate in the evaluation, the specific method is as follows :

1 Students who perform well in school, in class, between classes, two exercises, after school, etc., and bad deduction cards are recorded by the leader of each group.

2 Regularly educate students on "ten moral behaviors."

3 Using the evaluation of "Excellent Group" requires each member of the group to standardize their behaviors and work together to become an "Excellent Group".

3. After four years of training in health, students can clean up, but they are not careful and careful. To this end, I will take the following measures :

1 Further training of the health team leader, instructing them on how to divide labor and responsibilities to others, enhance team awareness, and play an exemplary role.

2 The health committee members and the small environmental guards each day have a clear division of labor, clean up the inside and outside of the classroom, warn students with poor health habits, and keep records. Report any problems to the teacher in a timely manner.

3 Using the time of morning exercises, the health committee will check the personal hygiene.

4 Comprehensive performance in various aspects, combined with the records of health commissioners, select "health pacesetters" once a week.

four, moral education work measures

Efforts in moral education must be consistent with the school education department. To this end, I have formulated the following measures :

1. Improve the education environment of the class, and post the school slogan of “unity, diligence, pragmatism, and innovation” in the class. Put the curriculum, student seating chart, environmental guard on duty table, work schedule on the wall. UseThe poster column shows the students' personality and landscaping, and the evaluation column is used to encourage students to improve.

2. Cultivate the sense of responsibility of class cadres and students, and call on them to actively help the less advanced students. The class teacher is based on the principle of “grasping both ends and bringing the middle”, and does not ignore the middle school students, so that they also receive the attention of the teachers and are motivated.Motivation, and thus become a good student.

3 The class teacher should "learn high as a teacher, and his body is a model." He should always be a model for students, and he should give priority to teaching.

V. Student Safety Education

1. Students are often taught to walk softly and slowly, not to chase in the hallway. Tell the students the correct position to go up and down the stairs, and do not crowd.

2. Carry out safety education for students, strengthen safety awareness and self-prevention awareness, and self-protection ability in learning and life to ensure the normal development of learning tasks and students' safe work in school.

Six, home visits, visits

Due to the small number of students in the fifth grade class, I plan to conduct home visits to the whole class this semester, using mornings on weekends or after school hours. During home visits, I will report to the parents on the student ’s performance at school, praise the child ’s merits, and be polite.Talk about your child's shortcomings and give reasonable suggestions. I will warmly welcome parents' visits.

In short, I hope that through the joint efforts of myself and the whole class of students, we can form a good class atmosphere in the entire class, so that each student can develop healthily, lively, lively, and comprehensively, and strive to be an advanced class collective.

Head teacher's semester work plan 3

I. Guiding ideology :

To comprehensively implement the school's new semester work plan as a starting point, to focus on student development, to continue to learn and implement the "two outlines" as an educational carrier, in the spirit of "high standards, strict requirements, dedication, and practical results", Do all the work of the class teacher.

II. Key work :

1. Continue to focus on class culture construction as the focus of the semester. My class proposed the construction of class culture in the first half of the semester slogan : Establishing ambitions, raising the atmosphere, Xi Daya, and becoming a big device, have been basically accepted and recognized by the majority of students and their parents, this semester we will continue to start with the construction of class culture, and truly implement the "two outlines" in the construction of class cultureEducation, forging high-quality personality of eight students in the city. Work will start from two aspects :

①Further improve the class management system-grow in class rules: we take a group as a learning team, select a team leader and class committee to form a day monitor, and take turns to manage the day-to-day work of the class, and record the class's self-study in the middle of the day., Class, lunch, self-study, labor, homework assignments, etc., to achieve my "home" and management, require students to unite and help each other, and establish the idea of ​​everyone competing for glory for the class. Learning committee, labor committee, class leader willThe class situation is fed back to the class teacher one day, and the students of the class really manage themselves, learn to control themselves, and the class teacher controls and manages.

②Study of class style-first, create class brand and personal brand subject. I require all students in class one 7 of high school to establish their personal goals in the unified semester and the exam in this semester and study hard.On the basis of the original individual, everyone has a prepared battle, and everyone has a breakthrough. The second is to strive for proctor-free activities. Re-examine students who have applied for proctor-free candidates, continue to encourage and inspect more student applicationsExempted candidates. Specific grasp: exam-style education, operation standard education.

2. Continue to use the "Shanghai Eighth Middle School Student Handbook" as a starting point, starting from paying close attention to students' behavioral norms, talking and behavior, and ideological quality, with emphasis on regularly dressing, personal hygiene, and behavior of all studentsInspection, allowing each student to consciously regulate their behavior and become a truly qualified city eight student.

3. Continue to use the creation of a strong learning atmosphere in the class as a starting point to gain an in-depth understanding of the student's ideological situation, and analyze the specific situation with most students in the class, to solve their problems in a timely manner, fill in the gaps, and improve the overall performance of most students in the class.Results of each subject. Specific grasp: signing of the Convention on Integrity will last one semester.

4. Cooperate with the student cadres to complete the school's moral education department and the specific tasks required by the school league committee, and every effort will be made to reflect its actual educational value and strive to create a three-star class in the school.

Class Teacher's Semester Work Plan 4

In this semester, our preschool is already in its second semester, so with a certain amount of experience, we must make persistent efforts and find the opportunity to continue to find and explore, which is a great challenge for us. WeI will definitely put myself into work with a positive and serious attitude and get better results.

In this kindergarten class, some of our children have attended large classes last semester, and their overall foundation is better; another part of the children are transferred from other kindergartens, and their relative basis is worse than other children, which means thatThe teaching progress needs to be adjusted some time ago. In this semester, how to make children better learn new knowledge and develop good study habits is the first task of our class. Therefore, I developed a combination of the situation of this classClass plan for this semester :

I. Class situation analysis;

This semester, there are 28 children in the class, including 26 old students and 2 freshmen. The children in the class are lively and uplifting. The class children have strong language skills and like to perform.Strength, not asking for help in the toilet, talking loudly, etc.

II. Key points and measures for the development of children's abilities this term :

1. Cultivate children's good study habits.

Preschool is the last year of children's study life in kindergarten, and then they will enter primary school. How to make children adapt to primary school and lay the foundation for primary school learning? One of the main conditions is to cultivate children's good study habits..

a: Reach a consensus with parents to let parents understand the importance of good learning habits. We plan to contact parents more and often discuss with parents about some of the poor factors of children, such as how to cultivate children's good learning habits, how to make childrenEat more, etc.

b: Cultivate children's ability to read books and the habit of reading books. Teach children to know 2 words every day. Only with the vocabulary and ability to recognize characters can children develop their interest in reading.

3. Cultivate children's curiosity and curiosity

Curiosity is a common feature of young children, but the children in our class are no longer only interested in the surface of things. They like to ask questions, not only "what is this", but also "why?"The problem is very wide, showing a strong curiosity and cognitive interest. In order to further improve the child's curiosity and curiosity, I designed some intellectual activities and interest activities related to children in the activities.

4. Improve children's collective consciousness and collective honor.

After entering preschool, children's collective consciousness has developed rapidly. They often take pride in being big brothers and sisters, and often cheer and jump for the victory of their class collectively. Collectivism is a positive andStrong moral power, he has a great influence on the development of children's personality, sociality and moral quality. Therefore, the cultivation of collective consciousness has also become one of the focus of education and training this semester.

a: Carry out many forms of competitive activities. Play games between classes and between groups, so that young children can realize from victory and defeat that the importance of solidarity and assistance, mutual help and mutual progressSex. With this spirit, we can win.

b: Cultivate children's cooperative behavior. Cooperation is a basic social skill and a necessary ability for a person to adapt to society. Cooperative behavior is gradually increased with the increase of the age of young children. When cultivating children's cooperative behaviorFirst, teach children to master the skills of cooperation and learn to deal with problems when they cooperate. The children in the class already have a sense of cooperation, but lack the skills of cooperation. The level of cooperation is poor, and they often break up., We will discuss with the children and discuss how to carry out cooperation activities; how to solve the problems in cooperation? We will also add cooperative games, so that children can better learn to cooperate with peers.

III. Conservation work

The children in this class have been trained in kindergarten for two years, and some good habits have been formed. However, some children have poor independence due to the spoils of their families. Therefore, we plan to strengthen the cultivation of independence and self-care ability in this semester.:

a: Learn to do your own things and manage your own items.

b: learn to take care of yourself, will dress and undress according to climate change or your needs.

c: I will ask your adult for help if I encounter difficulties.

d: Learn safety awareness such as self-protection

four, class management

1. Classes meet once a week, work together and work together to build a good class atmosphere.

2. Class meetings are held every Friday to communicate and solve problems in a timely manner.

3. Teachers study hard and actively absorb new educational ideas.

4. Parents work, parents are our kindergarten partners, only after doing the parent work well can we better conduct teaching activities and receive better education results.

In short, in this semester, I want every child to work together and work together to do a good job of our class, create a good learning environment for children, and lay a firm foundation for the first grade!

V. Parent Work :

1. Establish a home contact column at the beginning of the school to introduce parents to the weekly plan, monthly education support points and notifications, etc.

2. Hold a parent meeting to introduce parents to the age characteristics of middle-school children and the teaching content of this term with the parents.

3. Actively communicate with parents about their children's performance in the garden and at home, and discuss good ways to educate their children.

4. Invite some parents to participate in the management of children ’s autumn travel, so that parents understand the work of teachers, and at the same time ensure the safety of children's activities. In addition, some parents are invited to participate in the New Year's Day children's welcome celebration.

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