Self-identification of fresh graduates of universities

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1,毕业 raw自我鉴定 Main content :

I Ideological and moral qualities :

1. Understanding and understanding of the party's leadership and party line, guidelines, policies, etc., participating in various ideological and political education activities and political performance organized by the school;

2, the performance of complying with various laws and regulations of the country and schools;

3. Participate in collective activities, unite students, take the initiative to serve everyone;

4.Participate Social Practice and the status of various beneficial activities organized by the school;

5. Participation in ideological and moral training courses such as political theory and situation policy.

II Professional quality :

1, the performance of learning attitude and learning consciousness;

2, academic performance and mastery of professional knowledge;

3. Performance of scientific research activities and innovation ability.

3 Physical and mental quality :

1. Participation in various sports activities organized by schools, colleges, departments and classes;

2. Results of physical education class, sports expertise, sports standards;

3. Physical health;

4, mental health level.

4 Professional ability :

1. According to the needs of society, make a more comprehensive basic estimate of your ability;

2, own expertise and characteristics.

5 The main shortcomings and future efforts.

II. Specific requirements :

1. Graduates who write a good self-appraisal should first listen carefully to the opinions of the teacher and classmates. The teacher has a better understanding of the students' academics and morals.Self-assessment; Secondly, self-assessment must be realistic. In the principle of seeking truth from facts, the results must be sufficient, and the shortcomings must be accurately identified. The summary assessment should be made appropriately to facilitate the employer to understand the graduates more comprehensively and objectively, so as to be targeted.To train and help graduates work better.

2. Prior to the issuance of the graduate registration form, all faculties and departments should convene a mobilization meeting to effectively strengthen the guidance of the graduates' self-assessment and the writing of the appraisal opinions of the head teacher tutor, so as to be serious, accurate, and honest.Clearly, the expression must be accurate, fill in with a pen or writing brush. The number of graduate self-identification words must not be less than 800.

3. Graduate registration forms that are not filled in as required cannot be archived, personal files will not be sent.

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