Article for self-identification of art graduates

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I am a freshman in the 2009 art major of XXX Normal University Graduation Birth. I firmly believe that in the summer of enthusiasm and vitality, because "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", I can use great courage and confidence to face challenges that may be far greater than imagined. Because challenges exist,I believe in my strength, and soon after graduation, here is my appraisal of these four years.

In terms of ideology, I have excellent quality and ideological progress, and I firmly believe in the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, courtesy, and modesty. I love the motherland and the people; I support the party's line, principles, and policies, and submitted to the party in the freshman year application He joined the Communist Party of China in his junior year and has always demanded himself strictly as a party and is an active member.

During my studies, I learned the history of Chinese and foreign fine arts, an introduction to fine arts, pedagogy, psychology, the basic skills of vocational teachers, and the application of basic fine arts skills. I have won two first-class scholarships and one majorSecond-class scholarship. The national computer has passed the second level, and is proficient in office automation. Passed the national English test.

In work, in such a highly competitive society, not only must we have a good grasp of professional knowledge, but also be more in line with society and the times. Therefore, besides studying, I pay attention to the balanced development of knowledge and ability. I have served as a counselorThe position of assistant and vice chairman and monitor of the Student Union, has also worked in the Student Association's Outreach Department. During his time as a Student Union cadre, he assisted teachers and ministers to successfully organize many activities.A variety of activities, such as dinners, art exhibitions, etc., the class has a strong learning atmosphere, and the classmates are like sisters. The class in which they are located is rated as the outstanding class collective of the school. Freshmen and sophomores dance in the school, and have participated in the school's art performance many times.And won the second prize of the school dance competition, excellent performance award. During the summer vacation, I served as a substitute teacher in the painting class. Four years of college not only allowed me to learn a lot of knowledge but also to get a full exercise, and to have a strong organizational and coordination ability, Interpersonal coordination and language skills have also been enhanced.

in Social Practice On, I can quickly adapt to the working environment, be familiar with the business, and continuously learn in actual work, constantly improve myself, and be enthusiastic about work. Finally, I emphasize that I have a strong sense of teamwork, and I can communicate well with comradesCommunication and cooperation.

As a student of fine arts, I believe that I can not only draw beautiful pictures on paper, but also I can make beautiful pictures in life.

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