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Class I Table Tennis Event Planning Book 1

I. Activity background :

With the beginning of sophomore life, some of our classmates have not stepped out of the laziness of the summer vacation. Some students have significantly increased their weight and are increasingly unwilling to exercise. Many students have been unconnected for nearly two months.After a summer vacation, the physical fitness of most of the students has fallen to a certain extent compared with before. Therefore, hosting a table tennis match is in line with the trend of college life.

二 、 Event Theme :

Enhance physical fitness and restore classmate friendship.

3. Activity purpose :

Exercising the body and enhancing one's own quality is a mission that each of our college students must complete. Playing table tennis can help us to accomplish this mission well. It can be our body's exercise andIt can vent our bad mood in the happy game, and also cultivate the friendship between the students. The most important thing is that we can adapt to the sophomore study life as soon as possible and get out of the laziness of the summer vacation.

four, activity time :

15: 00-17: 00 PM, XX, XX, XX, 20XX

V. Activity Location :

Table tennis court in the second living area

VI. Event organizer:

The first organizer: Guo Longzhen; the main organizer: Nie Haichao

VII. Activity object :

All students in class XX

eight, activity process :

1 The class will discuss the game system to be implemented in advance, and determine a few groups in advance, and prepare the corresponding equipment.

2 The list and number of participants will be counted by the cultural and sports committee for the next group drawing ceremony.

3 The contestants draw lots to determine the list of personnel in each group, and assign a referee to each group.

4 Organize members to book the required venue two days in advance to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

5 Before the competition, there are learning members and life members to provide a bottle of Master ’s mineral water to each participant.

6 During the game, the squad leader and the organizing committee member are responsible for handling some unexpected events to ensure the normal progress of the game.

7 First, there will be a group match. At this time, one referee will be required on each table. In the top four games, two referees will be scored on each table.

8 After the competition, the top four will be selected, namely the champion, runner-up, runner-up and outstanding players, and they will be awarded with certificates and prizes and photos taken.

9 In the end, the winners and runners-up delivered their award speeches, and the class took pictures as a souvenir.

IX. Activity budget :

Mineral water, table tennis, table tennis rackets, prizes, certificates of merit, totaling about 80 yuan.

Class ping-pong game planning book two

I. Purpose

Enrich your extra-curricular life, promote communication between you, enhance friendship and mutual cooperation, and strengthen class cohesion.

two, event time

XX / XX / XX, 20XX

三 、 Event location

Table tennis court

IV. Participants

Class 148 of class xx

   Five, competition process

I Competition Mode

1. The form is determined as men's singles, women's singles, men's groups, women's groups, men's and women's free combination doubles mixed doubles.

Among them, the men's team and the women's team send two classmates for each dormitory to represent the dormitory in doubles matches.

2, the game uses a round-robin system.

II Competition Process

☆ Single singles event: Singles match takes three sets of two wins 11 goals in each set, 11 points are scored. The match passes multiple rounds of elimination to determine the final crown and runner-up.

☆ Doubles events: Singles matches take three wins and two wins 11 goals in each set, 11 points are recorded. Doubles require each dormitory to send at least two players as players, and the final winner will be determined by elimination.

☆ Men's and women's free combination doubles: Any male and female classmates can freely combine into a team, play doubles matches, and determine the final best free combination award through multiple rounds of elimination.

Sixth, staffing

Referee: Li Songlin; Chen Yingzhuang

Record: Liu Tingting; Tian Yadong

Supervision: Class Committee

Seven, event prize settings

Singles Championship :

Single runner-up :

Team Championship :

Best Free Combination Award :

Active participation award :

   eight, budget

1. Table tennis for game supplies: 4 * 1.5 = 6 yuan

2. Mineral water: 8 yuan

3, prize cost: XX yuan

nine, organizer

1. The first organizer: Zheng Junyao; the main organizers: Li Songlin, Liu Tingting, Tian Yadong, Han Chenge, Xu Bo. The part farthest from the end line. When the athlete serves, it is the responsibility of the referee or deputy referee to see if heServe in accordance with legal service rules.

2. Legal counterattack: After the opponent serves or counterattacks, the player must hit the ball to directly pass or bypass the net device, or touch the net device before touching the opponent's table.

3, the order of the game :

1 In singles, the serve is legally served first, then the receiver responds legally, and then the two alternate legally.

2 In doubles, the serve is legally served first, then the returner is legally counterattacked, then the returnee ’s partner is legally countered, and then the returnee ’s partner is legally counterattacked. After that, the athletes are legally rotated in this order.fight back.

4, Re-Serve. Re-Serve shall be awarded if the following situations occur :

1 If the ball from the server touches the net device when it passes or bypasses the net device, it becomes a legal serve or is blocked by the receiving player or his partner.

2 If the receiving player or companion is not ready, the ball is issued: and neither the receiving player nor his companion attempted to hit the ball.

3 The athlete failed to serve legally because of interference that the athlete cannot control.Fight back legally or follow the rules.

Class ping pong game planning book three

I. Activity purpose and background :

Class students now have a lot of practical life and work. The daily practical content is full. Under such a huge workload, compared with last semester, students obviously feel more strenuous. Therefore, we must be busy.In the study and practice life, carry out more activities to relax the learning pressure of the students. Only in this way can we learn better in a good environment and gain more. At the same time, a lot of class activities can strengthen studentsFriendship between us, this class table tennis tournament is specially organized.

II. Activity theme :

Strengthen physical fitness, enhance friendship, and promote sports spirit.

   III. Activity Object :

All students in xx agricultural product class

four, activity time :

XX / XX / XX, 20XX

V. Activity Location :

Activity room on the third floor of the training center of Maiquer Food Company

Six, activity process :

Ⅰ. Preparatory preparation: The person in charge should go to the activity room to negotiate with the administrator one or two days before the scheduled time for the event, and prepare the table tennis rackets required for the event. Table tennis can be purchased uniformly with class fees.In addition, you need to prepare seven or eight small gifts, such as jewelry, for prizes.

2 、 Personnel arrangement: The person in charge can randomly divide the students participating in the activity into five groups with similar numbers. One or two students can be assigned as the head referee and five persons can be used as scorekeepers.. In addition, two students need to be arranged for security work, and five students are responsible for logistics work.

3, related to the event: the person in charge should bring the water dispenser and drinking water to the event site before the event starts. In addition, some band-aids must be prepared for minor skin abrasions during the event.

4. Interaction and communication link: half an hour before the official start of the event is free communication time. This link can allow less-skilled students to master some skills and introduce students to a unified understanding of the competition rules.

5. The event officially started. Relevant persons in charge should remind students to always pay attention to safety. In case of accidental injuries to students, they should be taken to the nearest hospital immediately.

6. After the game, the members of the winning group will be awarded prizes to announce the end of the event. The students in charge of logistics work stay to clean up the venue, and the other students leave in an orderly manner.

  VII. Specific activity content :

According to the arrangement before the event, the participating students will be divided into five groups with similar numbers. This activity will be conducted in groups. The five groups will have round-robin matches, that is, one between each two groups.Games. Each team consists of five teams and one-on-one singles from each of the two groups. The game between each two students is a three-game two-win seven-ball system.One point is added to the group. In this cycle, the group with the highest points wins. If two groups have the same points, the group with the most winners wins.

eight, activity budget :

Table tennis rackets: 40 yuan; two boxes of table tennis: 18 yuan; one bucket of drinking water: 5 yuan; four band-aids: 2 yuan; prizes: 15 yuan. Total: about 80 yuan.

   IX. Remarks :

1. Friendship first, competition second. Pay attention to the image of the maintenance class in the company, do not dispute between students, and do not litter.

2. The referees will be jointly held by the students during the match. In case of disputes, the referee will decide.

3.In view of the company's busy staff, the original planned table tennis friendly match between staff and students was changed to in-class activities.

4. For your convenience, this event is only for singles competitions, but you should ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate.

5. Be sure to pay attention to your personal safety during the event. Do n’t hit the ball too much, so as not to hit other classmates, or even throw your racket off your hands, causing serious consequences. At the same time, the stadium has a large crowd and the table tennis table is close to the stadium gate, So also pay attention to property safety.

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