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4 annual work summary of the class

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The time is always so fast, in a blink of an eye, the year goes away without a sound. In the past year or so, we have worked hard and got a little gain. If you still feel confused, then II think you need to stop for a while and make a summary of your past work. But when you pick up the pen, you don't know what to write. The following is the class year Work Summary 4 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Class Annual Work Summary 1

This semester I served as the first-grade language, character teaching and class teacher. At the beginning of the semester, I felt that my class students were energetic. They had thoughts, feelings, and self-expression. As a class manager, I wanted to useLove touches the hearts of children. So in class management, I like to teach friends with children, educate them with my true love, and infect them.

I. "No noise" Good class style naturally formed.

"Being a good teacher", "Words, deeds and educating people" has been my working principle for many years. In the practice of teaching and educating people, teacher love is like a spring rain of "moisture and quietness".Navigation lights to cultivate students' sound personality This is a teacher's responsibility to students, and this responsibility is the core of teacher's love.

At the beginning of the semester, the men ’s toilet in the school was blocked by several urinals and the urine was overflowing. Several male students in my class accidentally slipped when they went to the toilet and their urine was splashing. Many students covered their noses.I do n’t want to come near, or even get a pot of water for them. Seeing all this, I feel very uncomfortable. So I personally helped them to take off their coats and brought in water to help them clean. After the students saw all this, No longer cover your nose.

"Runwu is silent" allows students' thoughts to change benignly under the influence of my words and deeds, and under the influence of teacher love, and a good working style naturally forms.

Second, broadcast a care, receive a ray of sunshine.

As the saying goes, "Mother is not ugly," I always treat the students in my class as my own children, and care for and care for everyone. Children who like to be smart and obedient are natural. But for those who are intelligent,Specially caring children with poor personality conditions, I think this is the greatness of motherhood in human nature.

I have a female classmate in my class Family Poor conditions, lonely personality, and not actively answering questions in class. Homework can't be completed on time, and learning can't keep up, no one plays with her. Looking at this 7-year-old girl's face does not have thatInnocent and smiling, always sitting alone in the back corner of the classroom, my heart was stabbed. I quietly found a few female classmates, explained the reason, and called them when she was playing. I also took the initiative to talk to her.I found that she didn't have a notebook, so I organized and ordered her unused notebook and gave it to her. Even if she couldn't recognize what the homework was written, I wrote her a word of encouragement and gave her a smile.Since the semester, she has changed, she has a smile on her face and a cheerful personality.

Similar to such children, their hearts need us to take care of them. At this time, I always use this "mother love" to illuminate the students' hearts, so that the students in our class can help each other and let our classThe collective always maintains a spirit of solidarity.

Three, true love and true love dye a harmonious blue sky

Working hard to be a friend of students, this is my job pursuit. During learning, I work with students to explore and create a democratic and harmonious learning atmosphere; in the game, be their playmates, play with them, and have fun togetherLaugh; Become a close friend in their lives and talk to each other about their thoughts. Let my friendship accompany their lives and studies every day.

After the new curriculum reform, my Chinese class has made students a better master of learning, so that students face the teaching materials and teachers, and dare to express their views and opinions. Remember that in the writing class, I was in the fan class.When writing "Jing", I wrote the stroke order of "忄" as "dot, vertical, and dot", and the student proposed at the time that it should be "dot, vertical, and dot", and I corrected it immediately after checking it on the spot.When did it change again? But I didn't excuse myself, but I thanked my classmates for reminding the teacher that I still have to continue learning. In the teaching, I and the students always live in such a harmonious and cooperative learning atmosphere, and the classroom atmosphere is active., Students frequently question, classmates pass on each other's talents, and students learn to cooperate and learn.

During the activity, I put down the teacher's shelf and went deep among them, making them think of me as a big friend who played with them. The teacher loves this ivy that is always entwined between me and the students. A female classmate in the classRecently, I was always smitten in class. I reminded him many times after class that she took the initiative to follow me and came to my office. I smiled and asked him: "Is there anything I can do to help the teacher?" It turned out that her brother had a diseaseHe was hospitalized. After listening to his words, I quickly comforted her and said, "Nothing will happen, let us bless your brother with love!"

I use my emotions to ignite the emotions of students. Let teacher love, mother love, and friendship be a stream, trickle into the students' heart, and shape a group of people with love and good quality to achieve the ultimate goal of education-Human cultivation.

Love is the life of education, it is the catalyst, lubricant and binder of education. Quality education places higher requirements on every educator, that is, we must love students comprehensively. "All for students, forEverything for students, for all students. "This requires every teacher to have a heart of love, to cultivate the heart with their hearts, so that every child will get the love they deserve. Let the buds of blooming flowers in our true love, true love, Thrive under true education.

Class Annual Work Summary 2

Information Engineering Class 112 officially applied for the honorary title of Advanced Class in the academic year of 2000X to 2000X.

In the past year, our information 112 class under the leadership of the Youth League branch and the class committee, with the active efforts of 30 students in the class, in the construction of the class system, ideological construction, class style study style, collective activities, etc.All areas have achieved excellent results. The report is as follows, and I hope to inspect and approve it.

In terms of class system construction, we fully promote democratic centralism, and have formulated class election systems, class decision-making systems, class financial systems, class conference systems, and class duty systems. We strive to be institutionalized and standardized in class work.It is scientific and scientific, condensing the entire information class 112 into a united and progressive group. The class committee strives for each student to understand the work in the class, on the one hand, it can help the class committee to do a good job, and on the other hand, it can train everyone to serve the class.The sense of responsibility and ownership of the collective service, while improving the cohesion of our class. The class has always maintained a positive attitude towards development.

Thought is a banner. We have two main ways in ideological construction: one is to hold a ideological work conference. The other is that student cadres of class committees and youth leagues must work with everyone to understand the dynamics of thoughts and do a good job of thinking of students in a timely manner.Work and report the situation to the counselor and teacher at any time, so as to strive to maintain a high degree of consistency with national policies in terms of ideology. The students actively care about national affairs and actively request to join the party. Twenty-two people in the class submitted applications to join the party.A total of four groups of fifteen people participated in the school's party school training and graduated with excellent results. In two years, two people in our class have been developed into CCP party members.

In class style construction, we have developed a class training: "Praise the collective, appreciate the individual. Be cautious and serious." While developing the spirit of collectivism, give full play to the individual talents of each classmate and show each classmateIn the past year, my classmates have achieved excellent results in learning, cultural and sports competitions, social work and other aspects, and a large number of advanced figures have emerged. For example, a classmate of our class in a school mathematics competitionWon the third prize, and the two won first and third prizes in the physics competition. With the active leadership of the class cadres, our class has formed a good atmosphere of unity, progress, enthusiasm and innovation. The entire class is harmonious and the students are closeBrothers and sisters. The group also organized several group outings so that students can have more contacts while studying and enhance everyone's friendship.

In the construction of style of study, after experiencing the perplexity of entering university, students began to engage in intense university studies in a targeted, scientific, and effective manner. Self-positioning, self-selection, self-cultivation, and self-discipline ability are allThere has been a great improvement. Everyone has teamed up for self-study, discussing problems, encouraging each other, and often exchanging learning experiences. It is a common practice. During the two-year study life, most of the students have made gratifying progress. All the students haveFrom the predicament of not being able to learn and not adapting to the new learning model when I first entered the school, I adapted to the university's unique learning style.

While doing a good job of class construction, we have not neglected to carry out extracurricular activities. Enrich the students' amateur life and open up their horizons. Class cadres regularly convened and organized the class to carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities. During the activity, the students were very motivatedHigh, the response is also very enthusiastic. For example, we regularly organize some dormitory basketball competitions, table tennis friendly matches, and sometimes invite students from outside classes to carry out class friendly matches, and strive to allow all students to participate in class activities. This seriesThe activities played a great role in enhancing the cohesion of the class. In the future, we will continue to do a good job of these activities to further enhance the sense of collectivism and class concentricity of the students.

In the past year, 30 classmates in our class worked together to achieve the above results. Of course, we also encountered some difficulties, but we firmly believe that with our active efforts, we mustWe will overcome all the difficulties, make great achievements, and take it to the next level. If we win the honor of excellent class, everyone will be more confident, full of enthusiasm, and move towards the goal of updating!



Class Annual Work Summary 3

In the autumn of September, we from different regions and different nationalities came to Red City Baise, gathered at Baise College, and entered a lovely Chinese 14 2 class with a warm heart. One year at universityIn our study and life, we work together and struggle together. We have enjoyed the joy of success and the sadness after failure. In this warm collective, we experience happiness and the feeling of home.


After three years of hard work in high school, everyone has the same feeling, and I hope that my college life is easy and colorful. So we joined various societies, student unions, etc. to enrich ourselves and exercise ourselves. ButAt the same time, we have not forgotten our mission-learning. Learning is an eternal topic in our student days, and we strive to make ourselves learn every homework and master every method. We participate in various activities and cultivate ourselves.The basis of skills.

We live with enthusiasm, and study makes us more fulfilling. With the hard work, hard work, and mutual help of the whole class in the university for a year, the academic performance has improved a lot compared with before.Still excellent rate, both are far ahead in the Chinese department.

our grades

1 computer grade exam outstanding results :

42 students in our class passed the computer-level exam, and the passing rate was 96%. Among them, 17 students were outstanding, and the excellent rate was 38%.

2 English level :

Wang Jiyuan and Lu Jielan, with their own hard work and solid English skills, successfully passed the college English exam as a freshman. In the final assessment, 12 of our class scored 80 in the English single subject.People, the excellent rate is 27%.

3 professional grades :

For us majoring in Chinese language and literature, the Chinese language and literature course is undoubtedly our core course. After one year of mutual help and hard work from everyone, in the end, the passing rate of the professional course in our class was 96%.

4 comprehensive results :

In the final exam, our class passed 95%.


At the same time that the class has achieved significant progress, a number of outstanding talents have also emerged. Through their own efforts, they have demonstrated their talents in different aspects. Student Lili Yang is a student of the Chinese Department for her classmates.The service spirit, usually not afraid of hard work, not afraid of tiredness, did a good job of all the tasks assigned in the department, this year was successfully elected as the deputy committee of the Chinese Department branch; Si Shibao classmates worked hard during the freshman year, actively participatedA variety of cultural and sports activities, the performance is also among the best in the department, this year was successfully elected as our department's student union and won the national inspirational scholarship; Yan Binhang students usually work actively and innovative, helpful, and served as a member of the cultural and sports department in the student union of the college, received praise from superiors;Ou Qijin loves writing. She is currently the editor of the journalists' group and the editor of She has worked in "Southern Morning Post", "Youjiang Daily", "Beihai Daily", "Baise College News", "Guangxi News Network" and other newspapers., Magazines, websites published a number of literary and artistic works and newsletters. Liang Hemin loves fine arts, has calligraphy and painting expertise, becauseHe has been active and talented, and was elected as the president of the Academy of Fine Arts; Deng Yongjian, Chen Jing, Chen Qinyong, Deng Meina, Chen Wanting and many other students served as ministers in our department's Youth League Committee, the Students' Union, the "Landscape" editorial department, and the Academy reporter team, Deputy Minister, Editor, Journalist, etc.

Extracurricular Activities

The youthful years are full of enthusiasm, boundless enthusiasm, the young we have unlimited dreams, and the spirits are flying! We are carrying the same magnificent dreams, we are pulsing the impulse and power of youth, and this is the dream of many people in Baise College.Find your own place in the school, realize your own value, reshape your personality, and forge your own destiny!

Chinese 07 2 classmates, because of their common choices, common dreams, and common expectations, gathered together in the Hundred Yards to write the most beautiful piece of music in their lives and jointly create the most splendid time in their lives.Experience the golden age that belongs to us and never look back! Here we have wept, weary, confused, failed; but here too, we have laughed, we were happy, we have been determined, we have succeeded! YouthfulThe years are like rushing water, hurriedly walking, never going back, but we have worked hard to create, feel, listen, we have no regrets, we are unforgettable.

1 Mid-Autumn Festival, meet at "Chengbi Lake"

Classmates, in order to pursue their dreams, stay away from home and loved ones, and set foot on the train alone. We are no longer strong as tears as parents for the first time. However, the old saying is good,"Especially the traditional Chinese reunion festival-when the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, students will suddenly feel a strong homesickness. Only at this time, we realize that we are young and full of energy, and we want to escape from the old, To the new and strange world, we would miss the people of our hometown, the scenery of the hometown, the feelings of the hometown.

In view of this, the Youth League Committee was again "stupid" and planned the "Golden Mid-Autumn Festival, Meet in Chengbi" event. The Youth League Committee actively planned and carried out a series of activities in Chengbi Lake Scenic Area. All the students in the class participated in it. No parents,Loved ones are by our side, but we all have fun.

2 learning and entertainment, both English party

In order to promote communication between students, enhance the collective cohesion of the class, and allow students to learn and entertain, the class has held a unique “No Winter Comes Again” English Literature and Art Party. Teacher Liang Dongli and Teacher Wang Yalan attended the party.The students got together and presented their carefully prepared programs. The class committee also designed and organized a lot of interesting interactive games. Coupled with the host ’s ridicule, the whole party was fun and exciting. Teacher Liang Dongli gave the partyHighly rated, she said: "In addition to learning the knowledge in the class, college students also need to exercise their abilities. Students should learn to be confident, self-improving, and brave to the stage."

3 "Autumn Thoughts" debate contest, lip ** tongue sword show 2 style

Not only must the pen be hard to learn Chinese, but also the slippery tongue. During the "Qiu Si" sponsored by our department, my class actively planned and elected Yan Binhang, Wu Shi, Tang Qiongfang, and Tang Yi to form the "Jingming Team" representativeIn this class, they disregarded everyone ’s expectations. They passed five levels in the "battlefield" and cut six generals, and finally won the third place.

4 "Officials" we do our utmost responsibility, the team members report on the job

"I am an account manager. As a" Finance Minister "for a year, I am very careful. Things are not expensive and not bought, and the expenses are not justified. ..." The life commissioner said humorously in his report. WeHeld two sessions of the report, which was highly praised by the Chinese Department. Huang Peng gave a guidance speech at the report meeting of my class, and he affirmed the work performance of the class cadres of my class.With the joint efforts of the team members, our class has become a dynamic and cohesive class body.It was also pointed out that the systematic and open reporting of duties by class cadres to classmates was a sign of innovation. I hope that the classmates will continue to strive for greater progress.

5 Changyou Red City with good scenery, full meal and beautiful goose city

Baise is a recognized tourist city. It is extremely rich in both human and natural landscapes. As a young college student, how can you be unpredictable in the face of a great country like the motherland?What about “small mountain”? As a class layer and backbone, how can the Youth League Committee not want to use such sports as collective mountaineering to enhance the cohesion and tough will of the class?

In light of the above considerations, the class committee of my class successfully organized three such activities, one to the Chengbi Campus, one to the Monument, and one to the Chengbi Lake Scenic Area. These three activities have achieved great success. ClassThe Youth League Committee inquired and planned a lot, and wanted to save every penny for the students and maximize the utility of the currency, so that everyone can have fun without having to bear a lot of economic pressure."Housekeeper", of course, the students in the class are happy to "sit and enjoy" and actively participate in group activities. In the activity, we help each other and take care of each other. Boys take the initiative to backpack for girls and take things. Girls also work hard.Keep up with the footsteps of the boys, insist on climbing to the top of the mountain, and enjoy the infinite scenery on the top of the mountain. While the team members play well, they strive to ensure the safety of each classmate. Several team members are distributed in various parts of the long mountaineering team, Keep in mind that no classmates are left behind, or go the more dangerous path.

Until now, when I look at the photos at that time, everyone is happy to remember the situation at that time, and laughter seems to be ringing in my ears. The stone steps of the monument make it difficult, but the students help each other.At that moment, the sublimation was infinite; the flowing water of Chengbi River was so beautiful that people lingered.

Class Annual Work Summary 4

One semester of work is coming to an end. This semester, with the joint efforts of three teachers in my class, according to the teaching and research plan and arrangement in the park, combined with the class plan, various tasks have been carried out well. Looking back,An intense semester, every little bit, records all the laughter, all the joys, and all the hard work that is dedicated to us since this semester of class 1. Let us regain every walkIn a trip, count all the colorful. In the process of studying and living in this semester, children have made great progress in various aspects, and there are still some shortcomings. The following is a summary of the work of my class this semester.

I. Results achieved this semester :

I Education and Teaching :

We have formulated a series of themed activities based on the spirit of "Dagang" and the development goals of the large class and the actual situation of the children in this class, such as "Where I grew up" and "I can play". Through many conversationsThe activities improved the children's self-awareness, developed their creativity, and made the theme activities very meaningful. Then the children's discussion shifted to the bridge, and we carried out the theme activities of "Various Bridges".My class's theme wall is full of children's works. There are various pictures, legends, stories and other information about the bridge that children find from home. There are bridges painted by children, folded bridges, and paper boxes.Bridges, hand-written bridge characters, many different styles, free movement after meals, children take these as topics they talk about, and they also pay attention to many secrets of bridges, such as the problem of strong bridge surfaces. We create our own for childrenThe opportunity for hands-on experiments allows children to find the secret of the bridge through repeated experiments, and cultivates children's interest in science from multiple angles and sides.

The main activity in education and teaching is the main line. We have also actively carried out activities in the district corner. In the math district, we have strengthened the practice of decomposing and composing the numbers of children. Various chess learning, sorting, reasoning, and observation training. LanguageThe district guides children's literacy teaching and consolidates pinyin teaching, and uses pre-dinner activities to cultivate children's habit of reading Tang poetry. Up to now, 98% of children in my class can go to the front to perform alone.

English teaching is infiltrated into children's activities, such as the colors that children have learned, the names of objects, and the names of animals, which guides children to use them frequently in other activities. Through the celebration of New Year's Day activities, children's English songs and stories are strengthened.And arranged simple dance movements based on English songs to improve children's performance desire and rap interest, and also encouraged children to practice English.

Children's outdoor activities are an important part of children's physical fitness. Our class develops a variety of activities on the basis of ensuring children's outdoor activities. There are competitive games, group people, wood people, hole drilling, and other collective games. ImproveChildren's physical coordination ability. According to different children's abilities, this part of the child is organized for individual guidance during free activities, and strives to improve the ability of each child to resist disease.

II Conservation

As a squad leader, I attach great importance to cooperation and communication between staff members. I think that a good job in a class is not the credit of one person, but the result of the joint work of three people. Especially in the aspect of life care, it is necessary to ensure education.Combining. It is necessary to communicate frequently, not only at the class meeting, but also to communicate with the childcare teacher or another teacher in time when the class is usually handed over. The childcare teacher in my class does everything to clean and disinfect everything.Work, caring for the child, and caring for the frail child are meticulous. Our two teachers also helped her to do her childcare work because we have a high sense of responsibility, so no safety accidents occurred this semester.

3 Parent work

At the beginning of school, although there are new students and transfer students in our class, we still welcome parents with enthusiasm, treat every child's parents seriously, and understand some aspects of children from the parents. It is mainly to understand parents more eagerlyThe problem we are solving, that is, we are facing a very headache. Guide children in a targeted way, solve the worries of parents, and raise the awareness of our park. After the children officially enter the park, we are very concerned about Hu Xin ’s emotional changes in the kindergarten.When parents pick up their children, they communicate the situation of the children in the garden and at home. Through the observation of half a month to one month, the children did not cry for one day when they entered the garden. In the middle of this, the children came to the garden every day and were happy, without any emotions.During the activities of the open day, Hu Xin's mother told me with a smile: "Now he loves the kindergarten in particular, I finally landed on this stone. I did not expect to change to this kindergarten."Parents' satisfaction is recognition of our work.

As the saying goes, “It ’s difficult to adjust people ’s mouths.” I think it ’s more appropriate for parents to work. Sometimes parents ask us to take care of them, sometimes we take the initiative to find parents to reflect their children ’s life and activities in kindergarten, please parents to cooperate in education.According to the characteristics of my class parents, we often use the rest time to visit homes, a total of 24; monthly publication of a home education garden, a total of 5 publications; monthly communication with parents, a home contact book, a total of 2 times;Through the hard work of the three teachers and sincerity, the two “Parent Satisfaction Evaluation” activities held in the kindergarten have been supported and fully affirmed by our parents. The satisfaction rate has reached over 95%.We are greatly encouraged!

4 Environmental Creation

In kindergarten education, environmental education is essential. At the beginning of the new semester, teachers in our class created an environment suitable for the theme activities based on the content of the theme activities, and set up a "language corner, math corner, art corner, and operation corner., Performance corner, structure corner. "In order to enable the multi-faceted development of young children's abilities, teachers in our class are constantly enriching activity materials in the activity area. Especially the math corner has decomposition and composition of operating toys. Use parent resources, and childrenOn Saturdays and Sundays, make old toys for Liffey and place them in the classroom to make them as easy and accessible as possible for children.

Five Class Management

I more advocate a cooperative atmosphere of democracy and solidarity. Occasionally, during the semester, when the opinions of the teachers in the class are not unified, a small contradiction occurs. I should play the role of a reconciliation agent, communicate with you more, and explain the misunderstanding.Strive for no contradiction. But everyone in the class cherishes the items and keeps them together. In general, the two teachers are very supportive of my work and can complete the surprise task on time. I thank them very much for their cooperation.Enabled me to finish class management smoothly.

II. Defects and measures in the semester :

The shortcomings of regional activities in my class :

1, the activity time of children cannot be guaranteed.

2. The materials for regional activities are not very rich, and there are still some shortages in quantity.

3. Teachers do n’t have enough time and energy to devote themselves to regional activities, and their guidance for children in regional activities is not enough.

Measures: Develop specific regional activity time in the second half of the semester and strictly observe it. Make materials for regional activities according to monthly goals, pay attention to the amount of materials when making. When children are playing, strengthen specific guidance. For example:Explain the activity materials for training observation skills, and guide children to explore how to play the materials by asking questions.

The shortcomings of parents' work in my class :

We think that we have done our best to the work of parents, but there are still some reflections from parents, which shows that our work is not detailed and there are still shortcomings :

1. The problem of eating for young children, especially the problem of dinner. Parents report that they are not full.

2. The problem of homework arrangement requires homework and homework.

Measures: We can do targeted analysis and take corresponding measures for children ’s eating problems. We can also use the home contact book to communicate with individual children ’s eating problems and parents. For the problem of homework assignment,I want to find some examples about the disadvantages of kindergarten homework assignments to the benefit of individual parents, so that they can really understand the difference between kindergarten education and primary education.

I believe that as long as we have a persistent childlike heart, we will continue to work hard to improve our class collectively, and always put our children first. We will definitely take our work to the next semester and hope that tomorrow willbetter!