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Excellent composition in junior high school: Cherish life

Time: 2020-01-25 Recommended visit : Excellent composition in junior high school

What is the most precious thing in the world? Some say it's time, some say it's health, and some say it's wealth ... and I think the most precious thing in the world is nothing more than life, because everyone, every animalEvery plant has only one life in its life. It is a stubborn little grass in the corner, which has given me the inspiration for cherishing life.

It was a sultry summer. At noon, the winds were strong and the thunderstorms were mixed. I like to see the scenery in the rain. I sat at the window and admired the rainy scenery. Suddenly, I saw a grass that was blown by the windIt has to be erratic, and it has been tortured numerous times by the wind and rain, but it is fighting tenaciously. The wind and rain of the rage seems to be saying, "Xiao Cao, you are too helpless. Who are you my opponent? Haha.? LittleThe grass was not intimidated, and it still resisted. It lasted for more than two hours. The wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the grass lay down exhausted. I sighed for the grass, but at the same time it was deeply affected by it.Shocked and moved by this strong and unyielding spirit. The next day, when the first rays of sunlight hit the grass, the grass bravely raised its head again and straightened its waist, as if saying, "Gale and rain, don't underestimate me, hum! "

I am happy for Xiao Cao. With her strong vitality and indomitable spirit, I have overcome the fierce wind and rain. Each of us should face difficulties and frustrations on the road of life like Xiao Cao.Dare to fight for the ultimate victory.

Life is more secure with cherish; Life is longer with cherish; Life is more brilliant with cherish! Classmates, let us each cherish life!