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January Middle School Students' Winter Holidays

Time: 2020-01-23 Recommended visit : Junior Middle School Diary

this year Winter Holiday A lot of interesting things happened, but the most interesting thing was to go to Confucius Temple.

I remember that day, I wrote my winter homework early and asked my mother to take me to Confucius Temple. My mother agreed, and I happily danced. So I brought change and took the bus with my mother, somehowI feel the Confucius Temple, ah! It ’s so crowded, and my mother and I managed to squeeze into the crowd. I did n’t know how to scare it. All the lanterns for the Lantern Festival were on the market.There are peacock lights, rabbit lights, airplane lights, lotus lights, and some gadgets.

Suddenly, I found that there was a stall surrounded by many people. I drilled like a loach, and saw that the stall owner was holding a fat, chubby round pig, and slammed hard on the ground, only to hear a bang.When the pig fell to the table, it became a pool of mud all at once. I thought to myself: hey, such a cute pig was suddenly broken.

But it did n’t take long for the piglet to return to its original shape. It slowly retracted from the ground, and God returned to the original piglet's appearance flexibly. It looks as if the pig is making faces at me. Hey, see if I amIt's amazing, I'm changeable, if you like, take me home.

I am very curious, ideal: Is it really changeable? So, I picked it up and squeezed it, soft and very comfortable, pinching this and that bulging, pinching that and bulging, it was really interesting,So I asked my mother to buy one.

At this time, I saw another person buying a sponge bunny in the distance. I stepped forward and saw that person holding a wooden chopsticks. A rope was tied to the chopsticks.Little white rabbit, the seller sells it and releases it, the white rabbit will scurry around, it's very fun!

Ah! Confucius Temple is really fun.