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Composition of junior high school seen in the Spring Festival

Time: 2020-01-07 Recommended visit : Junior High School Festival Composition

Part One : translate1171 Seeing Junior High School translate1172

The first grade of the first junior high school is our national traditional festival-the Spring Festival. There are many customs around the Spring Festival, New Year's Eve The New Year ’s Eve dinner is the most important. A large family is reunited and happy and lively tasting wine and food, which is happy. New Year ’s dinner, we northerners like to eat dumplings, indicating good luck in the coming year;Southerners like to eat glutinous rice balls, which symbolizes a family reunion.

I heard from adults that before, during the New Year, you can eat good things that you ca n’t normally eat, so people always look forward to the New Year every day. Now, we eat every day like the New Year, and now we hope to be busy for a year,The family can get together.

This year, our family ’s New Year ’s Eve dinner is eaten in the restaurant. The family is happy together! The adults gave me many blessings and lucky money. I also wish the elders good health and good luck! Everyone eatsDrinking, drinking, talking, laughing ... Our family's New Year's Eve dinner is full of deep affection.

Part 2: Composition of Junior High School Seen in the Spring Festival

Today is the Spring Festival, the first grade of the Chinese New Year. In the morning, the sun gradually rises, the sun disperses the mist, and the sky is blue and blue.

me and Dad 、 Mum went out to play, as soon as we went out, we saw that the street was very lively, the smell of firecrackers was rippling in the air, people were wearing new clothes for the festival, and all were happy. For our children, the New Year is moreHappy. I have red and yellow, green and green balloons in my hand, and I keep smiling.

Our family came to Gupeng Square. The crowds of people at Gupeng Square in the festival are decorated with lights, red and green. There are a bunch of colorful balloons and banners floating everywhere; the sound of gongs and drums is like a burst, and people are dancing long dragons., Twisting Yangge, really a sea of ​​joy, we are immersed in the festive atmosphere of this festival.