Mother seventh grade composition 800 words

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She is not tall, an ordinary rural woman. Her dark and thick hair has gradually turned white; wrinkles have quietly climbed up to her forehead; the original pair of large and bright eyes have also faded; She gets up to work hard for me every morning, but never complains. This is my mother.

She is a hardworking, stern and kind mother.

In daily life, she is diligent and diligent. Every morning, she opens her sleepy eyes. The first thing she sees is always her busy figure. She is busy cooking and cooking for a while.The livestock at home. Her life seems to have a regularity. Like an alarm clock, she does her daily tasks regularly and seems to be indifferent to herself. Even so hard, God has not arranged her vacation.

My mother not only cared for and took good care of me in her life, she also took great care of my studies.

I remember that weekend, I sat at my writing desk to do my homework, and my mother was guiding me. Although she was not very educated, she still tried her best and had the same kind of teaching. I was already absent-minded.I want my mother to go out to work quickly, because I borrowed the homework already completed by my classmates, and I plan to copy the classmates.

A while later, my mother stood up and went out. I asked, "Mom, where are you going?" "I go out, don't be naughty at home, and don't play TV ideas, which channel is TV now?I know better than anyone. "I replied impatiently:" I know, you go quickly, I want to write homework with peace of mind. "Then, my mother went out, and then I took out my classmate's homework and copied it.I do n’t know when my mother was standing behind me. I was frightened, my heart beat faster, and I felt like my heart was about to come out. My mother stared at me with a blue face, picked up my homework, and threw it out of the door.Hurry up and say, "Mom, don't do this, I dare not." "I and you Dad Work hard to make money for you to go to school, is this what you get? "I stood sobbing and said," Mom, I'm sorry, I will never copy again. "

At this time, the room was exceptionally quiet, and even the ticking of the clocks could be heard. After a long time, my mother said to me with tears: "Children, I don't like to scold you, we have worked so hard for so many years,What is it for? Isn't it just for you to study well and grow up? We are for you, how old you are, it ’s time to be sensible, and it ’s time to share our sorrows. ”I did n’t speak, just asideNodded his head. "Well, let's do my homework!" I went back to my seat, packed my classmate's homework in a schoolbag, and wrote my homework carefully.

Although my mother treats me harshly, she treats others kindly and kindly.

Whenever some are wearing ragged clothes, Family Difficult people come to the village to "make a show", and the mother always helps them. She often tells me that helping others does not care about the amount of money, but it is in the heart, and the heart is enough. There is a famous saying that is good "Sending goose feathers for thousands of miles, courtesy is light and affectionate. "Ah, for this, I am deeply affected by my mother. Whenever I encounter such a thing, I will give my strength without hesitation.

This is my mother, my greatest mother.