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I grew up in seventh grade composition

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The more people grow up, the more troublesome they are! ”I deeply realized that. I think of the carefree happiness when I was a child, and I really want to have a space-time shuttle to go back to the past.

When I was young, how happy my silver bell-like laughter was, "Giggle! Giggle!" There is no competition, no boring study, no painful homework, transcripts. There are mothers every dayOf care, Dad Fun. Every day I am happy and happy.

When I was young, I often went to our place called "Yixin Garden" to play. I was happy to jump and jump! Every time I went to Yixin Garden, there was a new discovery: "The ants are moving!" "ButterflyStop on the water! "" Yu'er turned her head! "Mom and Dad will laugh a lot, and I am happy for my own innocent fun.

When I was a kid, my question was so childlike: "Mom, why do butterflies and dragonflies only fly in the sky and don't run on the ground? It hurts me so much that I can't catch them!" "Dad, why are fish only in the water?"Going inside, no longer crawling on the ground? If the fish crawls on the ground, we can eat grilled fish every meal! "" Uncle, why should we water the tree? Why don't you have a tree height? "" Aunt, why are you so?Thin, but my mother is so fat? "These cute and naive questions often make everyone embarrassed and want to laugh.

Now, I'm growing up. When I come home every day, I can't delay the slightest time, I can only write homework, write and write, there is no end. How I look forward to a carefree life as a child!

Now, I'm growing up. Every day when I go to the classroom, I hear the sound of climbing comparisons: good learning comparisons, good sports comparison, sports, good music comparison music ... I really don't understand: climbing ratios are so funWhen I entered the first place, the students were not happy for me, but looked at me with jealous eyes; when my grades were not satisfactory, I was not encouraged by the students, but cold words. IHow I look forward to a carefree life as a child!

Now, I have grown up. I have forgotten Yixin Garden, but I also go to see it occasionally, from which I experience a lot of fun.

The passage of time, I grew up slowly, the pressure I need to bear is more and more, and I hope I can remove all obstacles and go on happily!

"Waiting for school, waiting for tomorrow, waiting for the game's childhood ..." I often hummed this "Childhood" and walked slowly on the path. I grew up year after year. But it followedThe more troubles I have come. The next semester is sixth grade, and I will be promoted to junior high school next year. During this year, I have to work harder than other students. Because other students participate in one way or another.Cram school, and I, because our family's economic conditions are not so good, can only study at home.

In this year, I must redouble my efforts! Get good grades! Go to a good junior high school and good class! In the future, I have to face bravely and must overcome it. I want to replace trouble with happinessHappy and happy to follow my life path!