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The seventh grade composition: looking for

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Gently extract a photo from the book, reach out and slowly wipe the dust from it, sweeping my eyes from everyone in the photo for countless times, looking for the copy that is deep in my heartBeautiful, looking for, that dream-like memory ...

I stared at it for a long time, and I smiled happily and helplessly, because the beauty sealed in this photo has passed and passed away in the flowing water of time. Regardless of how I go, how I want to grab the tail of the memory, it allIt has been transformed into a drop of colored waterdrops, and our past is gone without a trace.

Maybe I ’m too stupid and stubborn. I naively thought that we were as intimate as before, saying nothing, but the reality separated us. It was n’t until the spring tour met the old classmates I thought about day and night.I understand that there is already a sad thick barrier between us. Our excitement is only at the moment when we suddenly met, we hugged each other and called each other's names affectionately, but when I wanted to say a few wordsIn the old days, we discovered that everything has changed. Although we look familiar, we actually only know the former counterparts. As for their current situation, they almost know nothing about it. I want to raise a topic, butAfter thinking about it for a long time, I did n’t think about it. Even when I said goodbye, I saw her mingling with other new classmates. I did n’t pay attention to my existence at all. The sentence said goodbye to my throat.Helplessly watched her go away. Leaving the endless sourness.

Looking at her back, I was searching, desperately looking for her in my memory, but I was always in a trance, it seemed that I couldn't find the original feeling and the friendship at that time. Xu was her, Or we have all changed ...

I once again brushed over every bright smiley face in that photo, my heart was sour. How I do not want our memories, our beauty, to be buried together with time. I hope that the persistent I can really findThat part of our happiness!

Comment : Looking for memories is looking for your original heart, looking for the original emotion and beauty. These are the best companions in the lush years! The little author follows us together and wants to catch the tail of the memory, but,Time goes by, everything is changing, we can only remember by memories!

The shortcoming of the article is that we always have too much to say about the present, but if there are past examples for comparison, it seems that the expression of the article's emotions will be more complete and more helpful!

The search process will be very long, I hope you work hard, keep memories, continue to find those who have been, and can enjoy the present ...

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