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Computer Storm seventh grade composition

Time: 2020-01-26 Recommended visit : Junior middle school composition

Everyone has their own favorite things. However, what you like is not necessarily good, and good things are not necessarily cute.

I was always looking forward to having a computer at home when I was in fifth grade! Went to the first grade of middle school, Dad I said that I needed a study, so I bought a computer. It was from the time the computer entered my home that I was hooked on it. I wrote down some of the things that happened in my life and my own thoughts.. The computer became my enthusiastic listener and my obscure supporter behind me.

After the Sunday dinner on May Day, I turned on the computer as usual, I just turned it on Diary After writing, my mother left my brother to me. There was no way but to let my brother play with me. He watched me play on the computer and he also wanted a computer addiction in fact, he wanted to press the keyboard on the computer, I refused, his tears suddenly fell from his eyes. Helplessly, I thought he should be fine with a few clicks. So I hugged him and pressed a few times. Today's press is not necessary.Now, I can't connect when I'm connected to the Internet. I tried it several times and it didn't work. I was so anxious like an ant on a hot pot. I tried to repair the computer and said my brother. Brother's tears fell again. Grandpa saw his brotherAfter crying, he blamed me and said, "Your brother is still young. Why do you bully him so much?" "He broke the computer." I justified. I thought my grandpa would say my brother! I didn't expect him to blame me, I had no choice but to dumb to eat Huang Lianyou-bitter words. Hey! No way, go to find your dad! It happened that my parents were playing mahjong at the neighbor's house. I said a few times in a row, my dad never said a word., Annoyed the mother playing mahjong aside. She: Who makes youI ca n’t take time with my younger brother so much, so quickly, go back first and let your dad fix it. ”I had a hint of coolness and grievance in my heart. Soon after I got home, my father might not be able to let go.Let's come back and do it a bit. After three, five, and two, it was fixed in a little while. I have a kind of admiration for my father about this.

After this incident, I learned a lesson and never let my younger brother touch things easily. I also reduced the time of surfing the Internet.

Everyone should not be too much on what they like, only moderate it. Otherwise it will cause some harm!