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Beautiful moment seventh grade composition

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"Forget it, let's go to sleep on that bed, I will sleep on this one." Good friend Li Mengyun said, her mouth temporarily put my tangled heart down, but a sense of guilt rose to my heart.

I was happy in a day's trip, but when I arrived at the hotel, I was entangled. The first bed has ants. This is not a problem for me, a timid child, but it can't make a good friend.Sleep in that bed. Li Mengyun, who just came in, saw my entanglement and glanced at the bed again, so there was the scene just now. I looked at her, how firm her eyes were, full of rightThe care of friends, and me?

A touch of sunset came through the window. Under the sunlight, Li Mengyun's expression when he was taking care of his friends was more sacred. I admit that it was the most beautiful moment, and it was more firm. I continued this friendship..

What should I do! An idea comforts my guilty heart. "Meng Yun, so, how about we squeeze a bed together tonight?" I wonder if it was my funny expression or my eyesSincerely, she added a smile to me and said, "Yes." I was affirmed, and I gave up most of the bed like a treasure.

Outside the window, a pair of butterflies flew around. In the yellow halo sunset, the pollen on the wings flickered, interpreting a precious friendship in such a beautiful landscape.

Looking at the smile you have dared to give to your good friend is a beautiful moment.

I often fantasize that if time flies, we will still sit hand in hand in the sunset and enjoy the scent of birds and flowers, listen to the babble of the creek, feel the soft breeze of the face, smell all kinds of flowers, and hear again what you paid for your friendsWords. Yes, I am intoxicated at such a beautiful moment.