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I love my first-year junior high school composition

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Birds have a warm home, fishes have a happy home, flowers have a beautiful home, I have a warm home ... Life has its own home. Home is the harbor of the soul, lifeThe station is the destination of feelings, the continuation of the soul. The home shelters us from the wind and rain, and gives us endless strength. Throughout our lives, our company will stay with us forever.

What is home? Home is a difficult family relationship, a warm collective, a world full of love, a topic that is always warm and touching-here, parents use their loving umbrella to support their childrenIn the clear sky, children give their parents a cup of fragrant tea with filial piety; here, there is a strong sense of teachers and students, friendship between partners, and even in the magical animal world, a scene of touching stories.

What is home? Home is the station of life. When you are confused, you learn about street lights. In your life, there will always be times when you are tired or lost. The trivialities of life and the troubles of learning will make you breathless.; The temptation of money and excessive material requirements will make you lose your way. At this time, your home is like an elder, letting you get lost.

What is home? Home is a part of our life, a long and wonderful life episode. He bears everything for us. When our heart is traumatized, we do not have to be sad, because home has become our lifelongPartner, our confidant.

What is home? Home is a sheltered harbor. The harmony of home, the tranquility of home, the comfort of home ... home, is an understanding, dedication, care, and holy tolerance and acceptance of harmony. Mr. Zhou Guoping once wrote in an articleIt was written: Home is a boat with dear in rafting; home is a harbour, a warm harbour where life drifts and rests; home is a shore, the beginning and end of our life.