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Spring composition written in the first grade of junior high school

Time: 2020-01-26 Recommended visit : Junior middle school composition

Spring breeze brings the fragrance of earth to wake up the sleeping earth, and the flowers of Zhengyan Douyan unfold and make people feel that the spring is lovely.

Wake up in the morning. There is still a bit of chill. When I came to the window, everything outside seemed a bit hazy. There were still some dew on the pot at home.Then, the grass secretly emerged from the land, tender, green. The wind was quiet, the grass was soft, this piece, that cluster, dotted the wet land. Many wildflowers also woke up,Seeing them stretched, they began to scramble to open.

Sign of Spring.

At dusk, the rain in spring came down without warning. The rain seemed to take a thorough bath on the ground. It got worse, but stopped after a while. There was still rain on the tree.With a slight bounce, the raindrops jumped onto another leaf, which was very playful. In the impact of the heavy rain, the flowers did not bow their heads, as if they were more upright than before. The soil became more moist and exudes more intenseSmell. I walk, admire, feel, intoxicated.

The charm of spring.

Spring night is very charming and beautiful. Looking up at the deep blue sky, the slight rain falling on the face is very comfortable. The moon is like a naughty child, looming in the air, andWe played hide-and-seek. On the ground, the lights were brilliant, and the stars and the moon in the sky contrasted with each other.

Spring night.

Spring is the season for the revival of all things. In the spring, the birds are fragrant and the flowers are full of vitality. No wonder many poets and writers will praise spring, and painters will paint spring with their pens.

The year's plan lies in spring! Let's sow the seeds of hope and keep working hard!