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Growing troubles 800 words of junior high school composition

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"There are too many unknown guesses for youth, what is the worry of growing up?" That relaxed and cheerful melody echoed in my ears. But how can there be so easy in the song in reality? Anther is still inseparable from me.

"Hey--" Accompanied by the bell of the class, the students sighed with grievances. Yes, when the teacher's "Army Order" came, I always saw the familiar faces around me instantly covered by dark clouds, and my ears alwaysIt's "a lot of homework!" "Tomorrow will dictate the words again." Waiting louder than a cry of bitterness. Why am I not one of them?

No, I finally had to wait until the bell for school rang. I hurriedly stuffed the books into the schoolbag rudely, and slowly walked out of the classroom. Under the heavy pressure of the heavy schoolbag, my steps, my mood were allIt is extremely heavy. The root of the matter is the "Relief grocery store": On Monday, I "bored hard" to borrow this long-awaited book from my classmates, and I had to temporarily suspend it amidst the mountain of homework. FinallyUntil Thursday, I planned to take advantage of the free time without writing brushes, and enjoyed this book and enjoyed it. Helplessly, the plan could not keep up with the changes. There are so many homework tonight, my plan is going to dwindle again, and I am naturally happy.stand up!

During the PE class, the teacher announced a bad news: "This semester we will continue to train for endurance running ..." I could not help lamenting. With the teacher ’s order, the students ran evenly, but the situation was not optimistic.After half a lap, I gradually felt that my physical strength was not enough, and the speed slowed down. After one lap, I clearly distanced myself from the army and could not catch up. I only felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, and my feet were heavy as lead.; A lap and a half, the cold air stabbed my throat, I had no energy at all, so I had to stop and look at the end in despair; in the last 50 meters, I mobilized the strength of my whole body and rushed towards the end.Fifty seconds. "Suddenly, like a flat ball, I collapsed on the lawn." Ah, I failed. "

However, blind resentment can't do anything. Serious reflection, if I can calm down and finish my homework in a hurry, why can't I spend half an hour studying? If I can persist and keep running,How can you never pass the passing line? With a little effort, these problems can be solved.

Thinking of this, I can't help but raise my mouth, yeah, there are many possibilities for youth. What are these growing troubles?