Trust 500 words in junior high school composition

Time: 2020-01-24 Recommended visit : Junior middle school composition

In daily life, I have heard and encountered many moving things. Like I have heard that black people and Fan Fan went to Ward 93 to care and help children with cancer. I have also heard that inDuring the floods in 1988, many public welfare groups went to help with the disaster. However, what moved me the most in my life was that I once had a quarrel with a friend, and another friend repaired our feelings in the middle.

This incident happened one day when I had a quarrel with a very good friend of mine, because I felt that he was very unfair during the exam, so the quarrel was very serious, but another friend of ours was among usUnderstand the situation, and help us explain the ideas in each other ’s heart, let us understand that there is a misunderstanding between us, I misunderstood him, I do not see the truth of the matter, so we are reconciledAlready.

After this incident, I was very touched, because the friend we shared would not particularly support anyone, would n’t stand by, or be more provocative, making our friendship more broken, but heIt explains our misunderstanding in the middle, because he thinks that our friendship is not easy, and it is not easy for everyone to be good friends together, so I still remember this thing until now.

Although this matter has passed a long time, I still remember his goodness to me in my heart, and from this matter, I got a lot of inspiration. I understand that when we quarrel with good friends, we must first understand ourIs there a misunderstanding between us and solve it well, because everyone can recognize fate, so we must cherish this rare fate.