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See flower composition again in ninth grade

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See blossoming again in ninth grade translate1171

Several peach trees in the distance are in bloom, and the enchanting spot is on the winding branches, smiling brightly in the wind.

Yangchun, who coined the word? A single "yang" character describes the color of spring, the flavor of spring, and the taste of spring.

I hold the camera and I want to take a picture of the blossoming peach blossoms on the river bank.

The peach blossoms trembling in the breeze, blooming next to the water, using water as a mirror and sky as makeup.

I am glad to take the most beautiful one.

However, when I raised the camera, I found that I couldn't take it.

Because, in the field on the other side, there are large canola flowers in full bloom.

The slopes and fields are really overshadowing.

They are desperately, desperately blooming, the warm golden yellow is piercing my eyes.

They broke into my world so abruptly, I can hear them laughing, laughing, heads up! No one can have such a captivating power.

I always have the feeling of being overwhelmed by this dazzling golden color.

It's not the dried yellow sand color, nor the shiny gold nugget color, but the painter's bright and lively strokes full of garcinia cambogia and spring.

Under the dazzling sea of ​​flowers, cover their cyan leaves and stems.

This makes them tightly connected to the brown ground.

Bees drill from one flower to another, from one piece of flower to another.

Rapeseed flowers are not easy to look at alone. If separated, they are only a thin plant, but once connected into a piece, no one can resist their huge life group.

A brown-black bird jumped from the sky and stirred the warm air of this altar.

However, I can still see that on this land covered with golden flowers, a few seedlings of camphor are faintly emerging, enjoying a blue sky surrounded by Huang Chengcheng's flowers.

The wind is blowing, mixed with the smell of rapeseed.

It's not a delicate fragrance or fragrance, but it's really oily and reminiscent of the taste of vegetable oil.

When the flower is thanked, it will scab; when the seeds are seeded, you can squeeze the oil; when you squeeze the oil, it will return to the soil ...

I have never seen the rape blossoms wither, it seems that one day I woke up and found that all rape blossoms were gone, and long pods were born.

Only occasionally a clever little rapeseed playing by the roadside is still struggling to get a little golden in the dirt and smoke.

It said: "Goodbye!" I didn't hear it, and I would never hear it again.

"Unintentionally struggling for spring, Ren Qunfang is jealous.

”People appreciate the high-clean quality of plum blossoms, and degrade all those flowers that compete in the spring into vulgar flowers.

"Peach is another spring.

”Peach blossoms are gentle and beautiful, and it's not too much to fight for spring.

But I don't know how long the rape has endured the seeds, how many deliberate stampings they endured in a dwarf seedling, how despised eyes they endured when they just bloomed! How can they not fight for spring?Arrogant, they only have fiery lives, and in this season they are open to the fullest and open desperately.

Their color is always the same as the sun.

I raise the camera, the camera is golden.

It's another year when it blooms, it's another year ...