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Welcome three essays in the third grade of New Year's junior high school

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Time is like a river that never stops, flowing hurriedly and quietly through the people. The following is the happy new year brought to you by the editor junior high school third grade作文 Three articles, please refer to them.

Happy New Year's Day Junior High School Composition 1

On the morning of New Year's Day, I said to my mother: "Mom, let's have a dumpling contest!" Mom said: "Okay!" Dad Just with my brother as a referee, mother and cousin as a group, and my grandmother as a group. The referee said: "Get ready, start!" Everyone is busy.

Look! Mom ’s group, they take it very seriously, because they make dumplings like regular ones, so we all call her "king of dumplings." Look at our group again, how clear is the division of labor?! Grandma rolls the noodles, I make dumplings, and we have a little stuffing, that is, the skin is too thick. In the end, we finished making a count, ah! Only more than sixty? We are almost angryfainted.

In less than half an hour, we all stopped, we are done. Let's take a look at the dumplings of the mother and their group, there are traditional long dumplings, round dumplings, and I also created the sun dumplings, New Year's Day dumplings, crab dumplings ... eachAll kinds of beautiful.

The dumplings finally came out of the pan, and the smell of meat came out. The referees all picked up the chopsticks and ate them. The smell of dumplings filled the house. "It's delicious, so delicious!" The referees said.

Finally, my father said: "Today's winner is the mother group and the grandmother group!" "Yeah!" We cried excitedly. This is a happy New Year's Day.

Happy New Year's Day Junior High School Composition 2

Today is the New Year ’s Day, and the students have to come to the school early. As soon as they enter the classroom, they can see the four characters “Celebrate New Year ’s Day” located in the center of the blackboard. The table in the classroom is laid out in a U shape, The table is filled with delicious and delicious, and there are also a few roses that are waiting to be placed, which makes our classroom more beautiful and more atmosphere.

"Now the party is officially started!" The host said. There are those who play the guitar, those who play the cello and violin, those who talk about the crosstalk, those who play the clapper, and those who sing. It really has everything. But it made me impressedThe most profound thing is to play the lute program. "Below, Peng Yuexin plays the lute for everyone." Peng Yuexin walked to the middle of the classroom and sat down to play quietly. When she played a song, thatIt sounds like a hundred birds are contending, the song is really crisp and beautiful. She seems to blend into it when she plays.

Her music is smooth and beautiful, and my body and mind are intoxicated. After a while, Peng Yuexin's performance is finished. Ah! Listening to this song, the troubles and worries in my mind are allAfter being thrown out of Jiu Xiaoyun, listening to a piece of music, I seemed to have received countless spiritual food. It was really tireless to listen to. After our Banmei performance finished a show, the small audience under the stage echoed a warm applause.I played, Peng Yihang actually read my name as Zhao Xin, the following students said: "wrong, it is Zhao Jia, not Zhao Xin", Peng Yihang embarrassedly said: "wrong, the following is ZhaoA performs magic for us. "I played, but my heart was pounding, and I thought," Don't act badly. "

I did n’t expect it to be a successful one. The students were dumbfounded. Afterwards, everyone was eager to try and wanted to give it a try. It ’s a pity that they all broke down. The program was almost coming to an end. Our girls sang a song “Invisible Wings” togetherThere was warm applause from the crowd. Afterwards, the boys cheered again and sang several songs for us. It can be said that they shouted their throats dumb. We improvised and even the teacher could not restrain himself from participating. After a while, Principal Guo came in, We sang after the salute. Principal Guo listened with interest beside him, not bored at all.

We are very happy! Finally, the New Year's greetings, Long Tingwei walked to the podium and gave a team salute to Teacher Chen, saying: "Wish Teacher Chen a Happy New Year!" He arched his hands to his classmates and bent down to worshipYears. Unconsciously 2 hours passed and the party was over! After the New Year ’s Day, we still have a lot of ideas. Although we ca n’t decorate it well, our lively singing and the friendship of our classmates cannot be compared with other classes.of!

Happy New Year's Day Junior High School Composition 3

"On this day of quitting the old and the new, our class will hold this literary and art meeting, with our singing and dancing, with our enthusiasm and passion, to express our joy and convey our vision for the new year!"This is our class is holding the "welcome the New Year, celebrate the New Year's Day" literary and art party, we use happiness to embrace the New Year!

"Haha, haha" A burst of happy laughter came from our class. At this moment, Wang Ziming and Liu Zhihuang are playing the sketch "Divorce". "You stinky lady, old and love playing mahjong, andEvery time I lose two hundred and five, I think you are a two hundred five. "Liu Zhihuang pointed at Wang Ziming and said vividly. This move made the classmates laugh." You ... Why do you say that I am two hundred and five? "Wang Ziming asked."You don't have two hundred and fifty, that day let you buy vinegar, you buy sesame oil, that time let you go to Xian clothes, you use salt as Xian clothes powder." Liu Zhihuang counted. These two clever ghosts, usually love usLaughs, it ’s more humorous to play a sketch today.

Unexpectedly, the serious teacher Liu also performed a show "Kick Feather Keys". Teacher Liu started to kick, "One, two, three, four, five ..." The feather keys suddenly flicked up and down.The son "ran away" very far, Teacher Liu lifted his foot without hurrying, the key came back, and as the key was about to land, she tapped again, and the key flew again, LiuThe teacher ’s brisk body followed the rhythm of the keys, like dancing, which dazzled us. Teacher Liu kicked 159 and his child-like smile appeared on his face.

The next activity is more exciting. The rule of the game is: "Crossing the One-Bridge Bridge": Two students are in a group, and one of them is considered as a loser. When the game starts, the atmosphere in the class reaches the extreme, and the students next to itKeep shouting and cheering, it seems that they are even more nervous than the students in the competition. My team is the first to be Tang Qiong and I. Because I am very anxious and did not find a solution, both of them fell down. They carefully looked at how others wereYes, oh, two people have to hug, unity is strength! So I went up and tried again, and it succeeded. At the same time, I also understood that cooperation is a win-win situation!

What makes me even happier is that I was the host of this literary festival. Although it was the first time, it was recognized by the teachers and classmates. Usually, when watching TV, the host of the show, Wang Yan, Li Xiang, etc.I envy, and now "dreams come true"!

The activity continues, the students are immersed in a sea of ​​joy ...