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I am not a poor third-grade junior high school composition

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What is the difference between good students and poor students? Good students—good learning; poor students—poor learning. Is n’t that the only difference? Probably not! The following is the editor's introduction to everyone. I am not a poor student junior high school third grade作文 , welcome everyone to refer to.

I ’m not a poor junior middle school composition 1

There are various assumptions in Daqian World.

Some people say: "If I were a billionaire, then ..."

Some people say: "If I am a doctor or a master, then ..."

But, I only have a little extravagance-I am not a poor student!

If I am not a poor student, I will not sit in the "poor" area of ​​the first row, and will not be specially "care" by the teacher.

If I am not a poor student, when I study hard, I will not be doubted whether it is a fake and a serious one, or whether I will show it to the teacher.

If I am not a poor student and I walk with good classmates, I do n’t need inferiority complex; I do n’t need to bow my head while walking on the street ...

If I am not a poor student ...

In my heart, if I were not a poor student, I would be a happy free-flying bird without worrying about others ’suspicions, fearing the teacher ’s eyes, or facing the parents’ wry smiles.

Thousands of thoughts, I finally understand a lot ...

In fact, there is no need to assume anything, there is no absolute balance in the world.

In fact, there is no need to assume anything at all, the road cannot be straight, and I will never be timid.

I will embark on a new journey of life-raise my head and chest, and do my utmost to do my best.

I am not a poor junior middle school composition 2

Today, I followed a few classmates to recite. Suddenly, the teacher grabbed me with one hand. Haw said a lot of crookedly. But the general meaning is: "I didn't even recite a text, she arranged it allIt ’s been three weeks! ”I explained to my teacher:“ I ’m because the three classmates you sent me to recite with me, but I have been washing my ears to let them recite to me, so I ca n’t recite it when time is tight! ”But she ignored it and didn't pay attention, just grabbed my collar and asked me to call my mother's phone. I asked again and again, but she didn't give me face, she just pulled my hand and pressed the phonenumber.

I was so angry that I could n’t do it, and turned away the teacher with one hand. The teacher frightened me and said, “If you do n’t dial again, I ca n’t be mad at you! Do n’t let me drag you into the principal like Bo XinRoom! "Boxin is the best friend of my elementary school. Although he was a little poor in learning, he treated me like a brother. I was angry when I heard the teacher's words. I shouted at the teacher:" What's wrong with Boxin? "What's wrong with him? Why do you always say him! "The students in the audience shuddered and said quietly," What's wrong with Mo Zhou? He dared to talk to the teacher like this.Cast the net! "

Later, the teacher dragged me to the principal's office. I cried and cried my mother's phone. Although reluctantly, the teacher's words really scared me. After calling the phone, I shouted: "I ’m not a poor student at all. "

I am not a poor junior middle school composition 3

I don't want to be a "bad student"


Please do n’t get me wrong, “poor students” do n’t just refer to those students whose academic performance is not very good. Hey, to be honest, my academic performance is also very poor, but it ’s not just poor learning.It ’s hard to tell, just look at the following :

One of the reasons for "poor students"

On the way to school that day, I was attracted by the "hot" snack bar. When I walked in, the people inside were crowded together like usual to buy things, so they were busy. "Uncle, may I askHow much does this cost? "I asked for a long time, and picked up a bag of colorful candy that looked delicious." Oh, that five cents, how many bags? "" One bag is enough, "I paid the money.I left. Of course, I ate the sugar as soon as I went outside. After opening the bag, I threw it down to the ground and ate the sugar. "You are so bad!" A beautiful little sister came to me.After picking up the sugar paper, he said to me: "You shouldn't throw the sugar paper on the ground casually, you should throw it in the paper basket, you are so bad!" I said reluctantly after listening: "Huh, what's your business?"Things? "Then he walked away angrily.

Am I really that bad, what's wrong with me?

The second reason for "poor students"

Due to the criticism of the teacher a few days ago, I took a heavy step with anger and went back home step by step. My brother asked me: "Sister, what's wrong, my face is not right!" ISay: "Go to the side, it's your business, don't bother me if I can't, hate it!" My brother's face changed after he heard it, and he shouted, "Hey! How are you doing?Take me as a punching bag, what do you mean? "His words sounded like" hundred ~~ hum ~~ "in my ear like thousands of flies. I pressed his voice and shouted:" TroubleNot annoying, go away! "" You are so bad! "The brother walked away angrily after he finished speaking.

Am I really that bad, what's wrong with me?

Hey, now you know the real meaning of "poor student"!

It doesn't talk about morals, it doesn't make sense, there is no quality, no politeness, grumpy and very annoying.

Hey, I don't want to be a "bad student."