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Welcome to the third year junior high school composition

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[Introduction] Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are rotating back and forth, and it is the season of silver clothes; flowers bloom and change, and fireworks are blooming to celebrate New Year's Day. Warm wishes to you, and I wish you every happiness and peace in the future! Below isXiaobian organized to welcome New Year's Day third grade of junior high school作文 , welcome to read for reference!

[Article 1] Happy New Year's Day Junior Middle School Composition

In the morning of New Year's Day, I said to my mother, "Mom, let's have a dumpling competition!" Mom said, "Okay!" Dad Being a referee with my brother, a group of mom and cousin, a group of grandma and me. The referee said, "Be ready, start!" Everyone is busy.

Look! Mom ’s group, they are very serious about packing, because the dumplings they make are like regular ones, so we all call her "King of Dumplings." Look at our group again, how clear the division of labor is.Grandma rolls the noodles, I make dumplings, and the stuffing we make is a little bit too thick. In the end, we finished packing a few, ah! Only 60 or so? We are almost madfainted.

Less than half an hour, we stopped, we are done. Then look at the dumplings of the mother and their group, there are traditional long dumplings, round dumplings, and I also created sun dumplings, New Year's Day dumplings, crab dumplings, variousAll kinds, beautiful.

The dumplings are finally out of the pan, and the meat is fragrant. The referees picked up the chopsticks and ate them. The smell of dumplings permeated the home. "It's delicious, it's delicious!" The referees said.

Finally, Dad said, "Today's winners are the mother group and grandma group!" "Yeah!" We cried excitedly. This is really a happy New Year's Day.

[Part 2] Happy New Year's Day Junior Middle School Composition

On December 31, our school held a New Year's Day party, so I came to the school happily.

When I arrived in the class, there were not many students, so we ate the snacks we brought by the table. In order to eat the snacks we didn't have, we all switched to eat, everyone talked and laughed, very happy.

The classmates are here, let ’s play the inkjet together. Because I brought the ribbon, so I sprayed it for a while, and the ribbon stopped them around. In order to avenge me, they sprayed me with flowers, they also said"How about? Give up!" Because the jar was too small, the spray was finished soon. I said, "It should be you who confessed." I said and sprayed, and they had to run away. I think it is really a paintball fight.Teacher Guan came and we started making dumplings. Zhang Jiashan said, "In order to make the dumplings more delicious, you put some sugar in the dumplings." I was glad to hear that, because I brought a lot of sugar, I put a sugarWe put them in dumplings. We made various shapes. Some dumplings resemble spring rolls and some like flying saucers. As a result, after we wrapped a plate, we put the dumplings in boiling water. The dumplings were put in water, like small ones.A small submarine. The first dish of dumplings was eaten by us, just as we were eaten by a torpedo. The second dish of dumplings was eaten by us, and other teachers came.We all gave them dumplings, thank them for theirGuide and encourage, and wish them a happy New Year.

In the sound of music, we are happy to end this party. This party is really fun.

[Part Three] Happy New Year's Day Junior Middle School Composition

Speaking of New Year's Day, everyone is familiar. Only one day in a year is the happiest!

The loud firecrackers sound the bell of the new year!

The new year is here! Everyone wears new clothes, changes new shoes, dresses themselves up, and goes to dinner with their parents. Fragrant ribs, hot rice, shiny lobster, colorAbundant stir-fry ... directly called Liuliha! I like to eat this big dinner! Haha, what makes me so happy? Ah, it's time to send red envelopes! In a blink of an eye, the red envelopes are bulging.In front of me, so happy!

After dinner, we brought a variety of fireworks, happily flying into the sky, large fireworks, as bright as real flowers; loud firecrackers, deafening! Beautiful!

Back home, we can't wait to turn on the TV and see the new year " Chinese New Year What's new at the Gala Party? Funny sketches, beautiful dances, beautiful songs ... let me be deeply intoxicated. Time passed so fast, my mother told me it was 11.50Then I remembered that at 12 o'clock in the evening and 0am in the morning, it was the best time to put fireworks and firecrackers! We carried a large box of fireworks and "rushed". The first firecracker sounded! The firecracker sound "a"Ten, Ten, Ten" "Everyone set off fireworks! The sky was full of fireworks. Although the smoke was so loud that we coughed, we couldn't care so much when we saw this beautiful fireworks!

The sound of firecrackers is getting smaller, gradually, gradually, disappearing in our ears. Recalling the exciting scene just now, there is a little loss in the small heart.

In the morning, when I woke up, last night, it seemed like a dream, a beautiful dream! New Year's Day, I love you! Bring us so many joys and beautiful memories!