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My grandpa junior high school composition

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my grandpa初中二年级 作文

I opened the gate of memory. An old man with silver hair and a slight camel back, his hands behind his back, his eyes narrowed, and a smiling old man with a smile on his mouth appeared in my mind. My grandpa wrote 800 words.

As a child, my grandfather always sat on the chair of the hall with his bamboo cigarette holder. When he saw my hands, he immediately lowered the cigarette holder and held me up with his rough, dark hands, letting me sitHe stuck me on his thigh with his hard "black". Every time I tried to escape from his "magic palm", he shouted in an angry look: "Stop and don't run. "Chased me all over the yard.

Grandpa has my love and hate "black", and a paradise for me.

Grandpa has a "Huaguo Mountain". He goes to the mountains every morning to look after his "babies". But he never wants to take me with him. One morning, I woke up early. Looking at Grandpa in bedI tiptoed to my bed and helped me cover the quilt. I saw his careful look, like a "big bear", and couldn't help laughing. Grandpa asked me, "Why don't you sleep well?"Under his questioning, I had to tell the truth: "Grandpa, I want to go to your 'Huaguoshan' with you, 800 words composition" 800 words of my grandpa composition ". Grandpa looked up at the ceiling from his mouth for a while"Okay." I popped open the quilt, dressed, and set off with Grandpa to Huaguo Mountain. I was stunned when I came to the foot of the mountain. The road on the mountain was extremely small, and the sides were full of thorns.Grandpa looked at me with a surprised smile and said, "Can't you go?" I looked at Grandpa's smirk, and I replied unhappyly, "Going." When we reached the mountainside, I was sweating so much that I really walkedNo more motion, I cried wow, grandpa had no choice but to pick upDifficult to move on to the hilltop. Brow of the hill, that first ray of morning sun shines on the body feel warm, look beside my grandfather, I feel very happy, and the park with my grandfather's memories.

I grow up slowly, my grandfather is getting older, my learning tasks are getting heavier, and my chances of meeting my grandfather are getting less and less. I ’ll go to Huaguo Mountain with my grandfather.It ’s getting less and less. As I grow up, my head ’s thinking has changed. I also feel that my grandpa ’s ideas are old-fashioned, and sometimes I feel a bit of feudal taste. Therefore, sometimes I have disputes with my grandpa, and now I want toI think I was wrong. I should think differently and avoid disputes.

Although my grandpa is an ordinary grandpa, in my heart he is the brightest star and his status in my heart is extremely high. Grandpa, I love you.