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New semester plan writing for junior high school

Time: 2020-01-25 Recommended visit : second grade essay composition

After the final exam results of the last semester, it seems that my grades have changed to some extent, and my study attitude needs to continue to improve. To this end, I have made a new semester plan to encourage myself :

1. Develop a good habit of insisting on early reading every morning, the morning reading time should be 15 minutes a day

2. Use some free time to read extra-curricular books, collect more celebrity masterpieces, and strengthen Composition horizontal

3. Complete the homework on time and on time every day, and the accuracy rate of daily work can be improved

4. Read an ancient poem before going to bed, or review and preview lessons

5. Occasionally find some extra-curricular reading questions to strengthen training

I believe that I am no worse than others. I can prove that I am excellent. For my future and my grades, I will persistently complete each of the above tasks. Please also ask the teacher to assist me in supervising.