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Grade 2 composition of junior high school students

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Nothing is more precious than life. This allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world, let us taste the taste of autumn, let us listen to beautiful notes, let us feel the sweet and bitter life, and let us know that strength is the starting point of victory, and happiness isOur most precious source. But is life stubborn or fragile? Once I was doing my homework, when it was just right, suddenly a small mosquito kept flying around me, making me impatientBut I could n’t catch it by hand, so I just covered it with a book while it was resting. Ha, I finally caught you. Take the book away, alas, why not move it?This little bug has passed away because of my book. What is the situation? I was still alive just now. I was pressed gently by my book and it became like this. Is life really so vulnerable?

But, once, my grandmother planted a small sapling, and suddenly it rained at night. I thought: What about the small tree? I looked at the small tree through the window, and I was surprised that the small sapling was rained.I fell down again and again, but Xiaoshu just refused to lose, and straightened up again and again, I really admire Xiaoshu, my life is really tenacious.

But, whenever I see the pale faces of those who are sick on TV, people who have been in a car accident are either seriously injured or have been ineffective and their lives are fragile.

The cold wind is swaying, who is at the end of life, Gu Ying pity?