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moved to the second grade composition of junior high school

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Touched! It seems that these two words are waiting for us. Years have been lingering, and we are still waiting to be touched, but an accident made me realize ...

In fact, the touch has been covering us all the time, and we will always be with us. But we do n’t have a pair of eyes, a pair of wisdom eyes. "Walking on the mountain road, the old cow who came home is my companion ..."Humming the small song in the mountains, walking on the brisk path, walking on the path home is happy, light, and even more enjoyable. An obscure cleaner on the side of the road holding a broom on the roadOn the "floating", although the sun was gentle and kind in March, but the brother Feng went crazy, the cleaner couldn't help but cough a few times, "Hula la" the cleaners swept the area in a blink of an eye, and took the broom for a moment.I ran to a distant place, stepping through the cleansing that was exchanged with the sweat of a cleaner. I really did n’t feel it. Think of my past, I just sent the garbage to the ground in order to compare with the road, even if the nutshell box and I were alreadyZero-distance contact, now I think that I was really "human" at that time, only because of my own "one-hand mistake" caused an inevitable big mistake. Looking down, I seemed to see a mirror-like clean groundVice screen. At that timeIt may be pride to come, but now it looks like "a heart is like a knife", how sad is it, how shameful it is. Tears of indignation flow down, I do n’t know if it is moved tears, or tears of remorse,I do n’t even know it myself. Is this what I dreamed of moving? Silent, silent, this is the moving character?

No, no, moved is a good child, strangers say that moved is an eccentric, indifferent little naughty boy; a close friend says that moved is a generous, warm and kind heart. Friends, you? What do you think moving is like?Where?