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Summer vacation junior high school composition

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Hope for the stars, hope for the moon, the summer vacation has finally arrived. After countless nights of prayer and torment, I finally look forward to the summer vacation. I am so excited that I have no sleep all night.

The next day, it is time to go to school to get the report card. Before leaving, Dad He spoke to me with great care: "Han Han, you will be in the third grade of junior high school after this summer vacation. You should make good use of this summer vacation, fight again, and take a key high school, you can be considered worthy." 唉, This summer vacation should be dominated by learning again.

When I came to school, my classmates were talking cheerfully about their summer vacation. I hid unhappyly, looking at the bright red number one on the transcript. Tears were about to fall. I was unhappy at the same table.Come and ask me: "What's wrong, are you still not satisfied with the first exam?" "Not dissatisfied, but this summer vacation will be deprived of learning again, and I'm sad." "Well, I can't help but I have to silently wishYou are. "We were speechless for a long time.

When I got home, I saw a thick stack of books on my desk. I opened it and it was a famous Chinese and foreign book. Fortunately, I had read most of it. Just as I was secretly glad, my father called me.To help, I saw, my mother, Dad was holding a stack of books more than the table, came over. I understand that it was all for me, it seems that this summer vacation really works hard.

After working hard for many days and nights, my mother came up with a bag and drew the next sentence and the bag, "Prepare the books for the third grade of junior high school." I left. So I continued my life, Still studying hard behind closed doors, they will occasionally come to care about me, but there are more fathers, what may be the mother!

Finally, one day, I could n’t support it. There were too many books. I just sat quietly and wanted to have a wonderful summer vacation in the first grade of junior high school and the second grade of junior high school. That day, I was sitting there, thinking quietly.Always thinking.

Finally, I can be liberated. It ’s great to step out of the room and breathe fresh air. The sun outside is so bright and the breeze is so gentle. They all move my heartstrings. And my classmates, I do n’t know about youHow's it going, isn't it fulfilling your wishes and plans? Then bless you, and have a great summer vacation.

This summer vacation, I feel very fulfilling. I feel that I can swim in the sea of ​​books, it is a very happy thing. In reading, I did not feel that my parents were asking too much, after all, they did it for me, and read soMany books benefit me, and I want to thank them.

In short, I am very happy this summer vacation, I have learned too much, including the good intentions of my parents.

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