50 idioms about plants

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Introduction: Idioms are a major feature of traditional Chinese culture, and they are a bright pearl in Chinese culture. Each idiom represents a story or allusion, and some idioms are a miniature sentence. So idioms related to plants,What do you know? The following editor compiled 50 idioms about plants, welcome to refer!

1. The full moon flower is good: the flowers are blooming and the moon is full. The metaphor is perfect and perfect. It is mostly used to congratulate people on their wedding.

2. Red bean acacia: red bean: plant name, also known as acacia, ancient people often used the symbol Love . Metaphorical Acacia.

3. Cutting the thorns and thorns: Splitting the bushy and spiny wild plants. The metaphor clears obstacles and overcomes difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship or on the way forward.

4. Hundred Flowers Blooming: Describes flowers blooming and colorful. It is a metaphor for the free development of art in various forms and styles. It also describes the prosperity of the art world.

5. Iron tree blooming: Iron tree: also known as cycad, evergreen tree, infrequently blooming. Metaphorical things are very rare or extremely difficult to achieve.

6, bloom everywhere: metaphorical things are emerging everywhere or developing in general.

7, horses to see flowers: horses: to run on horses. Riding on the run to see flowers immediately. Originally described things as wishful, happy state of mind. Multi-finger to observe roughly.

8. Apricot blossom spring rain: The scene of apricot blossom rain drizzling all over the spring.

9. Walking around: metaphor bragging and talking big.

10. Moving flowers and trees: grafting branches or shoots of one kind of flower and tree on another kind of flower and tree. The metaphor uses secret means to change people or things to deceive others.

11, Yinhua Yongliu: Hesitant to yinfeng get the moon.

12. Embroidered pillows: metaphor for people who have appearances but no academic ability.

13. Step by step lotus: the original description of women's light gait. Later metaphors have gradually become better.

14. Silver fire tree: metaphor for brilliant fireworks or lights.

15. Out of the mountain grass: Out of the mountain: coming out of the mountain; grass: plants. Metaphor hermit comes out to be an official.

16. Withered wood in spring: every: meet. The withered tree meets spring and resumes its vitality. Metaphorically, the dying patient or thing regains its vitality.

17. Five flowers tied up: first use a rope to cover the neck, and then back to the back of the two arms tied back.

18. Various: Originally referred to five elements and eight gates. This is an ancient battle with two tactics that have changed a lot. The metaphor is varied or varied.

19, warm spring fragrance: describe the beautiful scenery in spring.

20, Yuexihuachao: Moonlight night, flowering morning. Describe the beautiful scenery.

21, Fenghuaxueyue: Originally refers to the natural sceneries often described in old poetry. Post-metaphorical poetry and poems with scarce and empty materials. Also refers to love.

22. A single flower: a flower that blooms alone. In contrast to "a hundred flowers blooming together", often metaphors lack a variety of artistic works of different forms and styles.

23, Taohuatan Water: Metaphorical friendship is deep.

24, Jade soft flower is soft: Describes a woman's delicate and weak, like a flower like jade.

25. Cardamom years: tempeh: perennial herb, metaphor for virgin. Refers to women when they are thirteen or four.

26. Before the moon flower: This refers to the environment for recreation and rest. The latter refers to the places where love is loved.

27. Dizzy ears: dizzy eyes and dry ears. Describe the feeling when drinking slightly drunk.

28. Dizziness: Dizzy hair and dazzled eyes.

29. Branches and leaves are lush: Branches and leaves are lush.

30, green bamboo yellow flower: refers to the situation in front of you.

31. Seeing flowers in the fog: The original description was that the old eyesight was poor, and things were blurred, but the metaphor was that it was not true.

32, withered poplar: 稊: tender shoots of the plant. Withered poplars have sprouts again. The old saying old man marries a young wife.

33. Closed Moon Shame Flower: Describe the beautiful appearance of a woman.

34, dazzling: dazzling: chaotic. Looking at complex and complicated things and feeling confused. It is also metaphorical that things are complicated and cannot be distinguished.

35, flowers in the pen: metaphorical talents think Junyi, writing poetry is excellent.

36. Posting plum blossoms: Please postman to send plum blossoms. Metaphor to express your feelings of love to distant friends.

37. The sky is falling wildly: It is said that Emperor Liang Wu had a monk preaching the scriptures, which moved the heavens, and the flowers came down from the sky. Describe the words are colorful and very pleasant.

38. Flowers bloom: all kinds of flowers and trees compete to open beautiful flowers.

39, rotten wood flowers: refers to the transformation from dryness to glory, metaphorical things are reborn.

40. Pulling up the tree and searching the roots: The metaphor is pursued to the end and thoroughly investigated.

41. Because a tree is a house: a tree-framed house. A metaphor refers to a reclusive village.

42. Huarongyue appearance: a flowery appearance. Describe a woman's beauty.

43. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind is not endless: the tree wants to calm down, but the wind keeps blowing. The original metaphor is that things cannot be aspirational. Now it is also metaphor that class struggle does not shift people's will.

44, pumice sinking wood: metaphor is right and wrong.

45, Qiong Zhiyu leaves: Qiong: Meiyu. Feudal era called the royal descendants.

46, Fire tree silver flower: Fire tree: Red tree, refers to the tree full of lights; Silver flower: Silver-white flower, refers to the lights are bright. Describe the brilliant night scene of colorful lanterns or fireworks.

47. Refers to the tree as the last name: Taoist legend, Lao Tzu was born under the Li tree, because Li was the last name.

48. Plants and trees are dead: they die like plants and trees, and the world doesn't know. By saying that people have no achievements in their lives.

49. Iron Tree Kaihua: The metaphor is very rare or extremely difficult to achieve. Iron trees are native to the tropics and do not often bloom. Tropical, infrequent flowering. Hua, often "flowers."

50, Qihua Yushu: The ancients refer to the flowers and trees in the fairy scene, and also describe the scenery in frost and snow.