idiom story of iron pestle grinding needle

Iron pestle grinding needle

Allusion :

Li Bai, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, did not like studying when he was a kid, and often skipped school and went to the street to hang out.

One day, Li Bai did not go to school again, and strolled east and west on the street, unknowingly outside the city. Warm sunshine, cheerful birds, and flowers swaying in the wind made Li Bai sigh, "So goodWeather, how boring it is to read in the house all day? "

Walking, at the door of a thatched cottage, there is an old woman with white hair, who is grinding a thick iron-like pestle. Li Bai walked over, "Old woman, what are you doing?"

"I will grind this iron pestle into an embroidery needle." The old woman looked up, smiled at Li Bai, and then lowered her head to continue grinding.

"Embroidery Needle?" Li Bai asked again, "Is it an embroidery needle for sewing clothes?"

"Of course!"

"But when the iron pestle is so thick, when can it be ground into fine needles?"

The old lady asked Li Bai: "Dripping water can wear stones, Yugong can move mountains, why can't the iron pestle be ground into an embroidery needle?"

"But, how old are you?"

"As long as I work harder than others, there is nothing I can't do."

Li Bai's remarks made Li Bai feel ashamed, so she didn't escape school after returning. Everyday study also worked very hard, and finally became a poet of immortality.

Interpretation :

No matter what you do, as long as you have perseverance, you will be successful, and you will be able to live up to your intentions. Our children, if they can be serious, hard-working, and persevering in school, there must be no problem with good results.

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