One Exposure Ten Han Idiom Story

In the Warring States Period, there was a man named Mencius. Everyone called him Mencius. Mencius was good at making arguments by analogy.

At that time, some people accused Mencius of not doing his best to help King Qi. Mencius explained, "For example, there are some lively plants in the world. If you leave it in the sun for ten days, then you can freeze it in a cold placeFor ten days, even the most powerful plants will die. I have few chances to see King Qi. Even if I have given him some good influence and help, as soon as I leave, some people who are different from what I advocate, andBring him a lot of bad influence. How can I make King Qi ’s mind and quality better? "

This idiom comes from "Mencius"-"On the Confession"

One storm and ten cold: metaphor has no perseverance in doing things.

Another note: the pronunciation of "One Storm and Ten Cold" is yi pu shi han. "One Storm and Ten Cold" is a fixed idiom. The "storm" in "One Storm and Ten Cold" is also fixed."The word.

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