Unknown idiom story

Idiom explanation :

Ding: means the simplest word. Describe that you do n’t even know a word.

idiom source: "Old Tang Book Zhang Hongjing Biography": "Nothing is happening today, Ru generation won two stone bows, it is better to know a T."

Traditional Chinese Idioms: Ignorant

Chinese Idioms: MBSD

Idioms: ㄇ ㄨ ˋ ㄅ ㄨ ˋ ㄕ ˊ ㄉ 一 ㄥ

Common level: Common idioms

Number of Idioms: Four-character Idioms

Emotional color: derogatory idiom

Idiom usage: I don't know the subject-predicate form; it is used as a predicate or attributive; it doesn't recognize a word.

idiom structure: subject-predicate idiom

Idiom Age: Ancient Idioms

Idiom: Pronunciation, cannot be pronounced as "shì".

Analysis of idioms: I do n’t know anything about Dingzi and “there is no point in ink”; both describe no culture. But I do n’t know how to say “Do n’t know the word”; “Nothing in the chest” means “No knowledge.”

synonym: no point in the chest, no knowing

Antonyms: Learn to get rich in five cars, full of economy

Example of idioms: I would like to ask if your mother is going to marry you to an unrecognizable vulgar merchant, or a middle-aged bureaucrat, or a son-in-law, do you have difficulty giving birth and resist? Ba Jin's Family 25

English translation: not know a single word

Japanese translation: 目 め に 一 丁字 い っ い な い. あ き め く ら で あ る

Russian translation: асолютно негрáмотный

Other translations: <德> nicht das einfachste Schriftzeichen kennen

idiom riddle: illiterate; stranger; twelve years in the company, unknown Mulan is a girl; admitting the wrong person

Idiom story :

Youzhou Jiedushi in the Tang Dynasty led Zhang Hongjing ’s generals Wei Yong and Zhang Zonghou to drink together. At that time, there was peace in the world, there was no war at the border, and these soldiers had nothing to do. They said, "If you go to Taiping today, martial arts is not as good as writing, you canIt ’s better to know a word than a bow full of two stones. ”Because“ ge ”and“ ding ”evolved close to each other

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