idiom's idiom story

idiom name: the teacher of a word

Idiom Pinyin: yī zì zhī shī

idiom usage: object; refers to a teacher who corrects a word.

Practicality: Commonly used

Emotional color: neutral words

idiom structure: partial

Idiom Age: Modern Times

Idiom explanation: Teacher who corrects a word.

idiom source: Qing Zhangye's "Book with Zhou Boxuan": "Zhang Chuya takes Xiao Chucai as his teacher."

Idiom sentence: Liu Sifen's "White Gate Liu · Qiulu Dangerous City" Chapter 11: "Brother Liu is really a teacher of the word student, he has taught!"

idiom's idiom story

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the poet Zheng Gu returned to his hometown of Yichun, Jiangxi. He was a literary friend and often interacted with some literati.

idiom that starts with a word

one person has gone for a long time and has been snaked for a year and snaked for a year

including one word idiom

Don't take one for the other, they must live together and share a cup of money

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