idiom story dripping through stone

Idiom explanation :

Dripping water can pierce the stone. Although the metaphor is small in strength; as long as you persist, you can do the hard things. Also known as "water piercing stone."

idiom source :

Song Luo Da Jing "Helin Yulu One Money Cuts Officials": "One money a day, thousands of dollars a day, rope sawn wood broken, water dripping through stones."

Simplified Chinese Idioms: DSCS

Idioms: ㄉ 一 ㄉ ㄨ ㄕ ˊ

Common level: Common idioms

Number of Idioms: Four-character Idioms

Emotional color: neutral idiom

Idiom usage: dripping through the stone and adverbial style; used as predicate and adverbial; metaphor persistence is victory.

Idiom Structure: Linked Idioms

Idiom Age: Ancient Idioms

Idiom identification: wear, can not write "string".

synonym: iron pestle grinding needle

Antonyms: halfway through, just try it out

idiom example: students should have the spirit of dripping water and stone in their daily learning.

English translation: drops of water wears holes in stone

Japanese translation: 垂 垂 あ ま た れ が 石 い し を 穿 う が つ

Russian translation: кáпля по кáпле и кáмень олит

Other translations: <拉> Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo. <德> steter Tropfen hǒhlt den Stein <法> à force de patience on arrive à tout

Idiom riddle: a stone cave under the eaves

Idiom story :

Chongyang County in the Song Dynasty made Zhang Guiya a clean official, and the iron surface was unselfish. At one time, the treasurer who managed the iron depot at the county level stole a penny from the money store. Zhang Guiya believed that the quantity was small but serious in nature and must be severely punished. TheThe official refused to accept it, Zhang Guiya sentenced him to death and wrote in the verdict: "One money a day, a thousand days a thousand; the rope sawn wood is broken, and water drips through the stone."

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