The idiom story of the dog tail continued mink

After the death of Emperor Jinwu Sima Yan, his uncle Zhao Wang Sima Lun had great ambitions. He took advantage of Jin Huidi Sima to take office and when the country was not stable enough, he planned a conspiracy with his men and usurped the throne.After becoming an emperor, Smalun even slammed his officials, allowing his relatives, friends, and even servants and servants at home to become chief officials or his close officials. At the time, the close officials used precious marten.The tail is used as a decoration for the hat, but there are too many officials in Sima Lunfeng, and so many mink tails cannot be found, so a similar dog tail has to be used instead.

Because there are too many officials who have been blocked by Sima Lun, and these officials neither have real talents nor work for the people. They know that they are oppressing the people and are acting in a way that makes the people feel very resentful. proverb Satirically: "There is not enough marten, dog tail continues."

"The expedient measure" is an idiom from "Hou Han · Wang Yun Chuan", refer to "Hou Han · Dong Zhuo Chuan."

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, warlord Dong Zhuo led the army into Luoyang, abolished the Emperor Han Shao, and established another 9-year-old Emperor Han Xian. He seized power and power. Dong Zhuo had a ministry named Lu Bu, who was proficient in martial arts., Killing courtiers and people arbitrarily, causing public resentment.

Situ Wang Yun saw that Dong Zhuo was getting worse. He secretly convened several ministers several times to discuss and kill Dong Zhuo, and decided to use Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhuo. In April 192, Emperor Han Xian recovered from his illness and stayed in Weiyang Hall.Members of the General Assembly. Dong Zhuo ordered Lu Bu to lead the guards. At this time, Wang Yun's ambush suddenly rushed towards Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo got down from the carriage and shouted, "Where is Lu Bu?" Lu Bu screamed angrily: "The emperor ordered the emperorKill you, the rebel! "Just after the shout, Yi Zhu stabs Dong Zhuo to death.

After Dong Zhuo was killed, Wang Yun believed that the major trouble had been eliminated and the world was peaceful, so he did not adopt workarounds based on events and circumstances the original text was "not expedient", so many subordinates gradually alienated him.Soon, Dong Zhuo's old ministries Guo Yan and Li Yan invaded Chang'an at this time Emperor Han Xian had moved west to Chang'an to kill Wang Yun and drive away Lu Bu. Later, Guo Yan and Li Yan fought for power again, and fired up with each other. Guanzhong area appearedWarlord melee situation.

Later, people used the idiom "convenience" to refer to a temporary workaround to deal with a situation.

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