Fearful Idiom Story

Source "The Analects of Confucius · Zihan"

The afterlife is awesome, I do n’t know who is coming!

Paraphrasing praises the juvenile for their clever efforts and bright future.

Story When Confucius was traveling, he met three children, two of them were playing, and the other child was standing next to him. Confucius felt strange, so he asked the standing child why he didn't play with everyone. The child answered very seriously: Fierce fighting can hurt people's lives, and pulling and playing can hurt people's bodies; take a step back and say that tearing clothes is not good. So I do n’t want to play with them. What ’s wrong with this?Strange? After a few moments, the child piled a mud into a castle and sat in it for a long time. He did not give way to Confucius who was about to leave. Confucius couldn't help but ask again, 'Why are you sitting inside?Do n’t evade the car? I only heard that the car is going around the city, I have never heard of the castle but also the car! The child said. Confucius was very surprised. It was amazing that such a small child could speak so much, so he praisedSay: You are so young, you know a lot of things: the child replied: I heard people say that when a fish is born, it will swim in three days, a rabbit is born, and it will run in the field in three days.born toYou can walk with the mare in three days. These are natural things. What size is it at all? Confucius can't help but sigh, he said, "Okay, I just know that young people are amazing!"

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