The idiom story of Anbu as a car

[idiom story] During the Warring States Period, Qi State had a master named Yan Shu. Qi Xuanwang admired his name and summoned him to the palace. Yan Shu casually walked into the palace and came to the stairs in front of the hall to see Xuan WangWaiting for him to see him, he stopped and stopped walking. When Xuan Wang saw it strangely, he called and said, "Yan Shu, come over!" Unexpectedly, Yan Shu still did not move, and called Xuan Wang and said, "Lord, come over!When King Xuan heard it, he was very upset. The ministers on the left and the right saw that Yan Shumu had no monarch and said madly, "The king is the monarch, you are a subject. The king can call you over, and you can call the king over. What can I do?"Yan Shu said: "If I come to the King, I envy his power; if the King comes, it shows that he is a corporal sage. Rather than let me envy the king, it is better to let Corporal Dayu Lixian be better." Qi Xuanwang was annoyed and said"In the end is the king noble, or the noble?" Yan Shu said without thinking, "Of course the noble is noble, the king is not noble!" Xuan Wang said, "Are you saying this on a basis?"Saying, "Of course. FromWhen the former Qin State attacked Qi State, King Qin once issued an order: Who dares to chop firewood within 50 steps of the tomb of Gao Shiliu in the next quarter? Let's kill it! He also gave an order: Who can cut QiHis head was named Wanhouhou, and the bounty dried up. From this, it seems that the head of a living monarch is not even as good as the grave of a dead scholar. "Qi Xuanwang was speechless and unhappy. MinisterWe are busy to make a siege: "Yan Shu, come here! Yan Shu, come here! Our king has a country of thousand times a thousand war books. Who dares not to admit it from north to west? Whatever the king wants, there is no disappointment."Yes, you scholars are despicable!" Yan Shu retorted, "You are not right! In the days of Dayu, there were as many vassals as possible. Why is this? Because he respected the scholars. In the Shangtang era, the vassals hadThere are as many as three thousand. Today, only twenty-four are called solitary. From this point of view, it is the key to gain or lose the scholars. From ancient times to the present, no one can be known in the world for being impractical.So the uncle should be ashamed of not consulting people often, Ashamed not to learn from people in low status. "Xuan Wang heard this, only then felt that he was wrong, and said," I'm asking for nothing. After listening to your high opinion, I knew the villain's behavior. HopeYou accept me as your student, and you will live with me in the future. I guarantee that you will have meat and food, and you will have to ride a car when you go out. Your wife and children will be all dressed up. "Yan Shu said thankfully," Jade,It was originally produced in the mountains and would be destroyed if it was processed by a craftsman. Although it is still valuable, it loses its original appearance. A scholar lives in a backcountry, and if he is selected, he will enjoy Lilu; not that he cannot be noble, but he is foreignThe style and inner world will be destroyed. Therefore, I would rather hope that the king will let me go back, eat dinner every day, and smell like meat, and walk slowly and securely, which is enough to be a car ride. It is not more expensive than living in peace.Poor. Silent and inactive, pure self-defense, and enjoyment. It is your King who ordered me to speak, and I Yan Shu who is loyal to the declaration. "Yan Shu said, and worshiped Xuan Wang for two weeks before leaving.

idiom source "Warring States Policy Qi Qi Fourth" said: "Shu wishing to return, supper to be a flesh, An Bu to be a car, innocence to be a noble, Qing Jingzhen is to take care of himself."

Interpretation of Idioms indicates walking slowly, taking a car

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