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[Number Idiom] one idiom two idioms Three Idioms four idioms five idioms Six idioms Seven Idioms eight idioms nine idioms ten idioms hundred idioms Thousands of idioms 10,000 idioms 100 million idioms Number of idioms

【成语结构】 idiom of ABCC AABC Idiom AABB's idiom ABAC Idiom ABBC idiom ABCB idiom ABCA Idiom idiom of ABAB ABCD的成语

【成语长度】 Three-character idiom 四字成语 Five Character Idioms six-character idiom Seven characters idiom eight character idiom Nine-character Idioms Cross Idiom 11-character idiom 12-character idiom

[Zodiac Idioms] idiom of the rabbit Dragon's Idiom Idiom of the snake horse idiom Sheep's Idiom idiom of the monkey idiom of chicken idiom of dog idiom of pig tiger's idiom Idiom of cattle Idiom of a rat

[Four Seasons Idiom] Spring Idiom summer idiom autumn idiom Winter Idiom

[climatic idiom] cold idiom Warm idiom Hot idiom Arid Idiom Flood Idiom idiom of heavy rain Idiom of ice hot idiom cold idiom idiom of fire Fog Idiom idiom of water Wind Idiom Idiom of Rain electric idiom Ray's Idiom Snow Idiom weather idiom

[ Animal Idioms Idiom of the Wolf bear's idiom idiom of cat idiom of deer idiom of fish idiom of the monkey idiom of goose Idiom of Elephant Duck's Idiom idiom of chicken Panther's Idiom Donkey Idiom An idiom of an ant Idiom of the snake Turtle's idiom idiom of the ape Feng's Idiom idiom of a bird Idiom of Crane Idiom of the Eagle Bee's Idiom Crow's Idiom

[ Plant Idiom flower idiom idiom of the tree Plum Blossom Idiom Peach Blossom Idiom idiom of chrysanthemum Xiao Cao's Idiom

[idiom describing the mood] happy idiom excited idiom Happy Idiom laughing idiom crying idiom Angry Idiom Sad Idiom Sad Idiom crying idiom idiom Angry idiom The idiom of tears frightened idiom Idiom of fear

[idioms from famous books] The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Journey to the West Water Margin Dream of Red Mansion Book of Songs Lao Tzu Zhuangzi Mencius Three Kingdoms left Awakening Tale Historical Records

[idioms from celebrities] Li Bai Du Fu Mozi Han Yu Sima Qian Li Shangyin

Thirty-six counts Hidden sky and sea Wei Wei rescue Zhao Killing with a knife Eat to Work Robbery while on fire Sound hits the west out of nothing Undercover Chen Cang Watching fire from the other side hidden knife in smile Li Daitao Zombie Hand in hand Grass and Snake borrowing soul into soul Tiaohu Lishan To escape from reason Throwing bricks to attract jade Capturing a Thief bottom of the kettle Mixed water and fish Jin Chan Shelling close the door to catch a thief Distant Offensive False Road Cutting Stealing Beams and Changing Columns referring to Sanghuai Pseudosexuality is not epilepsy Upper House Lift Blooming on the tree mainly anti-customers beauty plan empty city plan Counter Bitter meat count serial meter Go for it

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Encyclopedia of Idioms Introduction

idiom It is a part of stereotyped phrases or short sentences formed by long-term use and refinement in Chinese Chinese language vocabulary. It is a major feature of traditional Chinese culture. Many parts of idioms have been inherited from ancient times.They are often different from modern Chinese. Each idiom represents a story or allusion. The meaning of the idiom is intensive and its structure is tight. Generally, the word order cannot be arbitrarily changed, and it is applied as a whole in the sentence.
Idioms are mostly four characters, there are also three-character idioms and more, and some idioms are even divided into two parts, separated by commas.
common idioms are there ABCC , AABC , AABB , ABAC , ABBC , ABCB and other structural forms. Compiled by this site Encyclopedia of Idioms收录一万余条成语 ,方便大家查找成 ,有描写四季的成语、气候的成语、十二生肖成语 、动物成语、数字成语、植物成语等等。
每个成语都带有详细的解释 ,是大家学习成语的好助手。欢迎大家利用我们的 idiom dictionary Enquire.